Last Chance to Get on the “Naked” Bike Path in Fair Park

Dallas_Naked Juice Bike Lanes_2

The Naked sponsored bike path at Fair Park.

For the month of April, Naked Juice decided to paint a five-mile bike path in Dallas near Fair Park with imagery of fresh fruits, vegetables, and Naked Juice bottles to encourage Dallas residents to get outside and be active. Instead of using a typical print ad, Naked Juice came up with an unexpected medium that directly aligns with its values and messaging. Sadly, the last day to ride the Naked Juice path is this Thursday, April 30th. I wish I had known about this sooner especially since the weather is forecasted to be awesome this Wednesday and Thursday. So if you can, go check it out!

The five-mile route in Dallas starts at Fair Park entrance on Parry Avenue, winds between the two Fair Park bike share stations and ends at the Fair Park entrance on Robert B. Cullum Boulevard. A second loop enters and exits on Fitzhugh Avenue, wrapping around the Gexa Pavilion.

Dallas_Naked Juice Bike Lanes_8

No worries if you don’t have a bike, you can rent one as part of the Fair Park Bike Share Program or simply just run/walk the trail.

The Naked Juice bike lane program also launched in Fort Lauderdale (April 15- May 4th) and will launch in Boston on July 1st and Portland on August 1st.

The trail will disappear May 1st.

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