Michelob Ultra Ambassador Kick Off in NYC!

Finally getting to share my trip in New York with Michelob Ultra. I mentioned previously I just became one of eighteen ambassadors in the nation. Representing Dallas, it’s me and my partner in crime Karen Lao and we had a blast! This has been one of my proudest accomplishments and I can’t wait to see where this partnership takes me.

After inking our contracts earlier this year, we couldn’t wait for the kick-off party in May. All the ambassadors were flown into NYC for a few days to sweat, sip, and party.

New York is one of my favorite cities ever. I got in early on Wednesday, checked in, and was greeted warmly from my Michelob fam.

Since I had the whole day to myself, I spent it eating and walking around the city. I grabbed some food. My first stop was Chinatown (to be with my people! lol jk). I was craving soup/noodles and unfortunately was also battling an ill-timed cold. I went to Tasty Hand-pulled Noodle Inc. Super cheap. Definitely a hole in the wall. I wasn’t impressed sadly, but can’t always win. The dumplings were decent though!

After lunch, I took a stroll around SoHo and then grabbed dinner for the night. Saluggi’s has decent pizza and I happily devoured the WHOLE thing. All by myself. Proudly. Called it in an early night to rest up and be in tip top shape for the full day with Michelob the following day.

Now for the main purpose of the trip; getting to meet the other ambassadors and the Michelob/IMG marketing team. We started our morning with a Soulcycle class in TriBeCa. It was insane!! I’ve only experienced the soul classes in  Dallas and have always heard classes in New York and California are different.

It completely whooped my ass. The class was SO fast and had a lot more choreography than I’m used to. There were moves I wasn’t even familiar with. I felt like a complete newbie in the class and had a hard time staying on rhythm. Class was great, music was great, energy was amazing! I wish I was feeling 100% because I would totally go back to try it again.

So glad I got in a good sweat this morning and survived the class with my fellow ambassadors. It was the perfect start to the day.

Next, lunch would be at Maman where we go a chance to sit down, chit chat and hang with Michelob execs and the IMG PR team that’s been working with us. Lunch was light and the space was SO cute.

Later that night, we headed to the kick off party. It would be my second workout of the day! This party was open to the community and offered two different workouts plus bites and beer! My kind of party.

Since we were early, we had a blast taking photos and being complete goofs before the party started. The space was so fun and we couldn’t wait to see everyone. Michelob Ultra outfitted us in super cute branded apparel. We looked fabulous!

Everyone had a choice between an intense bootcamp/HIIT class and Mellie Cay’s all-level yoga flow on the rooftop. After that Soulcycle class, I think a nice flow would be perfect.

I’ve been a long time fan of Mellie Cay so it was awesome getting to meet her finally and take a class. Loved all the branded Michelob mats and water bottles. The view was awesome!

There’s so much in store this year, including other ambassador hosted events all over the nation. I can’t wait to attend a few myself. You can check out the Live ULTRA series of events that’ll be hosted by ambassadors like myself. There’s even one happening in July by yours truly!

Do you drink Michelob ULTRA? It’s definitely a beer I gravitate toward now more than ever.




  1. What a great time, love NYC. Great idea having fitness ambassadors meeting there-did you see the ‘Statue of Liberty’ ?

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