Maple and Motor: Best Burgers in Dallas?


Double patty makes this a 1 lb burger! Photo Credit: Danny Mai

You have your foodie aficionados that know where to get the best tacos, fried chicken, pastas, crab cakes, and so forth. But what about burgers? I think of that one episode from How I Met Your Mother when Marshall was trying to find the best burger in New York. I want to experience the sex-face that comes with biting into THE burger.

Maple and Motor is one of those hidden gems located in a sketchy area of Dallas and quietly promises awesomeness in the first bite. Honestly, it was a decent burger. Would I go back again, sure. But best burger in Dallas? Not even close….

photo 1

Fried egg on my burger 🙂

Perhaps it was the anticipation for the sex-face-burger-satisfaction or a high expectation for awesomeness, but there was something missing.

The boyfriend got the cheeseburger and added an extra patty making his meal a huge 1 lb burger. My cheeseburger came with the traditional add on: lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mustard, ketchup, and..wait for it…a fried egg!

Seriously, my burger was a big enough size, it was difficult to it eat.

The restaurant and the decor was not what I expected. When I think of ghetto burgers in the same line of ghetto tacos, I imagines a shack with questionable cleanliness that is able to produce the holy burger. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised. It really was a diamond in the rough situation.

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