Bulu Box Subscription for the Health Nuts

I’m a huge fan of online shopping. I love getting packages in the mail because it feels like Christmas! I could have a hard day at work or feel frustrated after an hour of Dallas traffic, but a bright package waiting for me at home always cheers me right up.


This Bulu Box was a complimentary gift from the fab PR people at Bulu (thanks Mariah!). Bulu is a subscription for health and fitness samples. Think protein mixes, energy bars, fat burning pills…

Being healthy isn’t cheap. I know I’m hesitant when it comes to purchasing supplements, vitamins, protein powder and all the other health/fitness associated products out there. I think Bulu is a great way to sample things. There were items in the box that I really liked (Peanut butter) and some that I didn’t (FunnBar. Not a fan.), but that’s truly the whole point right?

If this your kind of box, use my referral code: BULUGAN501 for 50% any subscription. Or if you just want to try one box, it’s $5. Easy peazy. Let me know what you think!

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