Wellness Spa Review: Spavia Day Spa in Plano

First, I’d like to say that I’m really excited to share my experience at Spavia because complete wellness has become very important to me during my fitness journey. Being incredibly active and at the same time mostly unaware of the damage I was doing, I’ve learned the hard way that my body needs much more care after my grueling workouts. It needs rest and TLC and I was definitely due for a sports massage.


Spavia Day Spa, a Denver based chain, opened its very first Texas location  in West Plano. Touting affordable membership and service prices for a luxury experience, I was really interested to see what they were all about. Before Spavia, I never really got massages. Groupons were always a hit or miss (and frankly you get what you pay for) or an hour can costs anywhere from $80 to $150. There weren’t many mid tier options  and a price point at $100+ has always been hard to factor into my monthly budget for fitness.

When Spavia owner Stephanie reached out to me, I was totally on board! Take me to paradise pleaseeee.


The Spa: The space is a good size and it’s located in nice shopping center off Tollway and Park, across from the Target. Definitely not a dinky one-room massage place with thin walls. While the outside aesthetics look generic, I was pleasantly surprised at every step of my experience once I walked in. The front desk sits in a bright room where you’ll check in and fill out some papers. What I loved most was the ability to customize my experience. That’s not something I’ve seen offered very often. In addition to being able to select the type of music I’d like to listen to while melting away into bliss, I also had a choice of lotion scents. I opted for the guava and ended up loving it so much, I purchased a bottle to take home.


Once I was checked in, I was lead toward the women’s bathroom where I would slip into a bathrobe for my massage. Each locker comes with a bathrobe, slippers, and a cute little treasure chest to stow away jewelry. Loved that little touch.

The way the experience is planned is almost like a journey. After I finished changing, I didn’t emerge from the bathroom. Instead, I went into the next room only accessible from the bathroom. This retreat room is where I could take a few minutes to relax with a cup of tea (of my choice) or water and a warm neck wrap before my massage therapist was ready for me.

Photo credit: Kileen from cutenlittle.com

Photo credit: Kileen from cutenlittle.com

The Massage: Darci is the sports massage specialist and she is really great. She’s been in the biz for over seven years and works with plenty of athletes. Prior to my massage, I had a really hard leg workout the day before and clocked in a 5K earlier that morning and after my session, I emerged feeling amazing. And sad. Sad that it was over. I had a much better range of motion and better mobility. I could feel it instantly in my legs and ankles. What I valued most was learning about the kinks in my body. What I need to work on, what areas are really tight. Before my massage, I was afraid sports massages would hurt or be uncomfortable, making it hard to relax. I have some really pesky knots I cannot get rid of! Anyway, one tip I learned is to definitely speak up. The therapist cannot read your mind, so tell them how you want it so they can customize their pressure and treatment to your needs. It’s supposed to hurt so good, not hurt like hell.

Photo cred: Kileen from cutenlittle.com

Photo cred: Kileen from cutenlittle.com

The Next Day: So here’s where I messed up. I felt amazing post massage, but I think because I put my body through hell with a killer workout and a run before, it had the reverse effect after the massage. The next day, my quads were so mean to me. Getting out of bed was miserable. Surprisingly it was only in my quads. My back and shoulders, arms felt fine and I noticed an amazing differenc ein my neck. Lesson learned! What is it about me and learning things the hard way?? Why?!?!

Amenities: Um, please check out their showers. As a courtesy, I showered before my massage, but I decided I needed to get the full experience and took another one. Ha. Showers are stocked with body wash, shampoo and conditioner. There are also towels if you need them. Water, tea, and the neck wraps are complimentary.

Services: In addition to massages, Spavia also offers wraps, scrubs, facials, skincare treatments, waxing, and lash extensions. If you’re curious about their wraps, my friend Kileen did a great write up about her wrap experience too.


FYI/Costs: Try to arrive 15 mins early to change and spend a few minutes decompressing before your massage. In regards to pricing, Spavia offers a membership program in addition to purchasing services as you go. Memberships start at $49 a month for a 60 min signature massage, so think Swedish massages. Sports massages and deep tissue fall under their mid-level premier membership of $65 a month. Each month you get one massage, facial or wrap, discounts off additional treatments, and discounts when purchasing massages for friends. Any unused spa treatment rolls over to the next month. To give a little perspective, a sports massage without the membership is $85.

Deep Fried Fit Promo: If you happen to visit Spavia for a massage or facial, mention my blog and get a complimentary sugar foot scrub upgrade! Also, with Mother’s Day coming up, Spavia is running a special a massage and facial combo for $99.

The lovely Spavia ladies!

The lovely Spavia ladies!

The Takeaway: Loved the experience and really enjoyed learning about my body. I’m so grateful Darci pointed out the issues I have in my Achilles tendon and was kind enough to give me some tips on how I can get my body back on track. I plan on making it a point to get in a session when I can and am seriously considering that membership package. Massages in a sense are an investment in your overall wellness and I want to make sure my body doesn’t give out on me anytime soon. 

In order to review Spavia, Deep Fried Fit received one complimentary 60 minute sports massage. All opinions expressed are her own.


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