Fitness Studio Review: Ride, Rock and Party at The Ride House

Continuing my spin tour of Dallas and I’ve fallen in love with these high energy, intense cardio classes. The high I get after a great ride is the best, so when lead instructor Jasmine reached out to me to visit The Ride House, I was stoked! Owner Parker Williams moved to Dallas from California almost 2 years ago to open his dream spin studio. With years of spin experience under his belt, he finally opened The Ride House in mid-February and promises to deliver the “ultimate  sensory indoor cycling experience” to every fitness and spin junkie out there.

Dallasfitness-ridehouse_0570The Studio: The studio is beautiful with a tasteful black and green theme. Definitely has a feminine feel to it. The studio is immaculate and there’s a friggin chandelier!! When you enter, the front desk is immediately to your right. As you walk into the studio, you’ll see a large open space aka Studio B, where members can stretch pre- and post class. Non-spin classes such as core workouts, deep stretch and TRCX classes will also be offered in the space too. As you continue through the  studio, the space opens up toward the back. You’ll see plenty of lockers, changing rooms, bathrooms and Studio A where you’ll take your ride.

Check in at the front desk.

Check in at the front desk.

Studio B where stretching and non-spin classes take place.

Studio B where stretching and non-spin classes take place.

Locker area

Locker area

The Instructor(s): Jasmine is the lead instructor and she is really great. Her cues are perfect and she does a great job guiding the class and push you. She also has amazing hair!! Like what the hell. How do you still have that Herbal Essence-esque swoosh on a bike?! If I tried that, my neck would probably give out. She also really gets into the ride and she looks like she’s having fun. Great playlist too. I also had the pleasure of taking Allen’s class. His style is different and doesn’t move to the next sequence as quickly as Jasmines. For certain movements, we stayed on them a lot longer than I’m used to. For me, personally, I’m used to a faster pace and craved that. However, my friend loved it because it gave her a chance to really perfect her form and work on getting on rhythm on the bike. His mic wasn’t super clear and made it difficult to hear his instruction.

Jasmine is the Ride House's lead instructor. She is a fireball!

Jasmine is the Ride House’s lead instructor. She is a fireball!

There aren’t many instructors right now. Maybe 4-5 in total, with Jasmine and Allen being the main instructors. The Ride House is still looking to add a few more to their team.

Dallasfitness-ridehouse_0573 Dallasfitness-ridehouse_0594

The Class: The 45 minute rhythm-base ride is a combination of high and low resistance intervals, weights, upper body movements to up beat music. Jasmine dubs the House Ride a “party on a bike.” There’s a large focus on rhythm and keeping to a beat. In addition to a killer playlist, the class also incorporates timed light effects to give you the full “sensory ride experience.” There is a great variety of effects that make the ride engaging, entertaining, and makes you almost forget you are getting a workout. The majority of riders are women, although I do see a good number of men for each class I’ve attended. The staff is very friendly and will set you up on the bike and get you clipped in. You’ll also grab weights that’ll go on the back of the bike.

Dallasfitness-ridehouse_0576Loved: I’m a huge fan of hip hop and they incorporate a good amount into the playlists. Allen’s playlist is seriously on point. My 6am jam session with him was awesome. The location is also great. I’ve made it out of bed for two 6am classes and love that I can shower and then head to a nearby restaurant like Cafe Express or Eatzi’s for a quick breakfast. For me personally, it’s just such a convenient location and a wonderful way to start my day. Tollway is right there and makes for a straight shot t to work.


I also love that the studio is going to offer more than just spin classes. This summer, they will eventually offer different types of rides. I think this is so unique and no other spin studios offer this. Right now, you have a choice between the signature house ride (has intervals, weights, out of the saddle movements like tap backs, push ups, tricep presses, etc) and the performance ride which is designed to mimic traditional spin classes with intervals and resistance. There’s no upper body segment to the performance ride and is supposed to mirror a road experience. I’m told it appeals to training triathletes. Eventually, the class offerings will expand to offer express 30 minutes rides, Ride 101 for beginners, master classes, themed rides, and a 3D ride which integrates on-bike exercises with off-the-bike workouts. You can read more about that here.


Feedback: There are way too many bikes in the studio. I’d definitely suggest getting rid of a few bikes and allow more space in between bikes and students. I’m only 5 ft at 105 lbs and I felt cramped. Even next to my equally tiny friends, I was bumping elbows constantly, which is really distracting from the whole experience. Not quite the sensory experience I’d want. It also causes me to shift my form and probably do some of the out of saddle movements incorrectly. This was also feedback I’ve heard from my guy friends who’ve attended a class and those blokes are not tiny Asian women. I also wish there was more than one shower per bathroom.

Difficulty Level: I think this class can be a little intimidating for newbies because it’s so rhythm focus and it’s 45 minutes of cardio. The instructors do call out “left, right, left, right” and I know that can be a little scary, but realize no one’s watching you. I never remember which foot is the right foot either and I’m pretty sure I’m off beat half the time. However, they do tell you to choose rhythm before resistance and offer great cues to get you on the beat. Regardless, it’s  an amazing workout whether you stay the full 45 mins or max out at 20 mins. The staff is very supportive and encouraging.

FYI/Costs/Parking: The studio is a little hidden in the Lover’s Pavillon. It’s on the right side of Cafe Express. Parking is plentiful, as you can park anywhere in the large lot. For newbies, your first two rides are on The House. After that, drop in classes are $25. Shoes are an additional fee of $3. There is a water fountain to fill your water bottles. Towel service is complimentary. Also, leave your phones in your lockers. No phones are allowed in the studio.  They also prefer you didn’t leave during the stretching portion at the end of class. The Ride House also offers other complimentary perks such as hair ties, ear plugs, seat covers, gum, and eucalyptus towels to cool off with after a ride. It’s heaven so make sure to grab one after your class!

Cool eucalyptus towels

Cool eucalyptus towels

The Takeaway: I really love the concept of a hybrid spin studio. Spin classes are pretty intense and to eventually offer core workouts and deep stretch classes is great complement.  The studio opened in mid-February and still needs to add a few more instructors to their team to be able to offer everything. When The Ride House is operating at full force, they will definitely stand out.

In order to review The Ride House, Deep Fried Fit attended 3 complimentary classes. All opinions expressed are her own.


    1. Author

      There has to be an incentive right?? Let me know how you like it 🙂

  1. That studio looks chic…it would definitely want to make me work out more being in a lovely environment. LOL. And if the hip hop is on point, im interested. Get me movin!!!!

  2. Such a gorgeous studio! So good to know that they plan on adding more class types! I’m really interested in the 3D ride – what a great idea!!

    xo, Christina

    1. Author

      Me too! I’m totally diggin the deep stretch post ride. I know I don’t get enough of it!

    1. Author

      It really is! I love the look. If you ever check it out, would love to hear about your ride 🙂

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