Fitness Snack Box: Fit Snack and Taste Guru

I had a really fun opportunity to review two more snack box subscriptions and this time for Fit Snack and Taste Guru, both are under the same company.

Fit Snack is a monthly subscription of healthy snacks that is delivered directly to your door. I received two months worth and each box came with about 8-10 full size snacks and samples. There was a mix of healthy snacks and fitness-related products like whey protein and energy chews. The majority of the snacks were perfect for stashing in my purse or with my lunch. They definitely came in handy. I did not go hungry!!


Second Fit Snack Box

Second Fit Snack Box

What’s really cool is that in addition to hand selected snacks, Fit Snack also adds in Fit Snack branded products too. The Veggie Chips below were my favorite! They were green beans, purple sweet potato, squash, taro, carrot, and it was delicious! You don’t understand my sadness when they were gone…


Another favorite was the Fiona’s Mountain Blend trail mix. This was a very good size bag and came in handy at work. I loved the mix of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, cranberries, chocolate chips, peanuts, and almonds. I had a lot of late nights at work one week and these were a lifesaver.


A notable snack worth mentioning were the lentil chips and quinoa chips. I’ve never seen these before and really liked them. I imagine these would probably be available in a Central Market or Whole Foods, but really loved them. I think these are a good alternative as any to chips. I definitely crave salty snacks more than anything, so I’ll be on the lookout.


Both boxes had a good amount of snacks and I was really happy with most of it. I havent had a chance to make the pancake mix yet, but I liked that they threw that in there. The variety is pretty cool and it was great learning about new products.

In addition to Fit Snack, I also had the opportunity to try Taste Guru, a curated snack box of gluten-free goodies.


I don’t have any dietary restrictions, but do know a few people who elect to be gluten-free. I wasn’t as excited about this box as the Fit Snack box, but I really liked the Mamma Chia, the sea salt chips, and the brownie mix!

I asked my friend to whip up some brownies and they were better than expected. Moist, thick, and a gooey. This was a really fun addition to the box.


Wasn’t a huge fan of the jasmine green tea. It was pretty flavorless and I wouldn’t get this again. Even unsweetened, I wanted a little more.


Another interesting snack would be these coconut chips. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. The snack itself was kind of strange and that’s weird for me to say because I love coconut.


At the very least, I had a better idea of what gluten-free products would consist of if I wanted to go that route. Whether this is a lifestyle choice or a true allergy, at least there’s a box of gluten free goodies waiting for you.

Special Promo: If any of these boxes piqued your interest, just know that you’ll receive some cool swag.

If you decide to go for the Fit Snack Box, you’ll get a free gym bag.


Or, if you opt for the gluten-free Taste Guru goodie box, you’ll receive this grocery tote bag.


In order to review Fit Snack and Taste Guru, Deep Fried Fit receive a complimentary two month subscription. All opinions expressed are her own.


  1. I’d be hesitant to buy a subscription service to health food for exactly the reason you demonstrate. Sometimes it’s great and sometimes it’s just flavorless. Even worse, sometimes the items are flavorless and not adding anything nutritious. It’s just sort of bland stomach filler and you might as well just eat iceberg lettuce and save the premium prices.

  2. Hi Adam,

    I just wanted to let you know as the nutritionist for Fit Snack nutrition and taste are our top priority. We hand pick our items and give them a taste test before selecting them to be in our box. Hope that would make you feel better about subscribing to a box of healthy food.

    Lastly the cost of the box is half of what the items are worth, on the bright side you are saving money and trying some new treats!

    Happy snacking!

    Anita Muniz
    Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

    1. I need to cancel my membership and cannot find how to do it and the email is invalid! Won’t buy from them again!

      1. Author

        Oh no. I’m sorry to hear that. Have you emailed customer support to get them to fix it for you?

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