Recap: Deep Fried Fitness Series at PGX

This weekend, I hosted a very special event at one of my favorite gyms, PerformanceGX. Everyone and anyone was invited to come and take one or two 30 minute strength and conditioning classes and stick around for all the goodies provided by some of my favorite sponsors.


So much time and preparation was put into making this event come to life and I really want to thank PGX owners Erik and Chris for everything they did to make it happen. This weekend, over 40 people braved the heat and spent their Saturday afternoon doing some serious work. Those workouts were challenging to say the least and everyone absolutely killed it! Owner and trainer Erik challenged everyone to complete 10 different  workouts in each 30 minute class. Each workout was done for a minute and half and really pushed everyone to their limits.


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dallasfitnessblogger-performancegxevent16 dallasfitnessblogger-performancegxevent13

We also had some incredible sponsors come out with complimentary samples of pre-workout and post-workout treatments for our guests.

Farzad Family owned GNC stores in Dallas hooked everyone up with pre- and post-workout samples and had tons of samples for everyone to take home too.


dallasfitnessblogger-performancegxevent12 dallasfitnessblogger-performancegxevent15

Dark Ops Fitness, a brand new supplement company based in Addison, also brought out their line of products and were excited to give everyone a boost throughout all the classes.



Cryoboost Allen also made a lovely appearance and provided mini sessions of their Normatech aka compression technology to help with post-workout recovery. Think mini-massage for your legs or hips after a primal class.


Dave Seal from Cryoboost offering mini Normatech sessions for a faster post-workout recovery.



Last, but absolutely not least, a special thanks to PowerICE for providing their much appreciated and delicious electrolyte popsicles. Everyone absolutely loved cooling off to these after each class.


Everyone is happily cooling down to these awesome PowerICE popsicles.

dallasfitnessblogger-performancegxevent20 dallasfitnessblogger-performancegxevent18

Personally, my favorite part about this event were the conversations I had with everyone I spoke with. One of my favorite things about being a fitness blogger is challenging people to get out of their comfort zones and try something new. Something as simple as taking a new class, visiting a new gym or studio, or even attending a class alone is a challenge and it was amazing to see so many rise to the occasion and try something new at PGX (and like it!). I hope everyone had a great time and I can’t wait to start planning the next one!


Coudn’t have done it without the amazing team at PGX. Thanks so much Erik and Chris for making this such a great experience. I know everyone loved the challenge.

Special thank you to my photographers and friends for coming. Shoutout to Danny and Phil for taking all the photos and making this event so fun.


    1. Author

      Thanks! Missed you there and it was a really challenging class, I’m sure you’d love it. There will always be a next event and I’ll definitely let you know. Thanks for the support 🙂

  1. This looks so epic! I would love to try! Lately, I’ve been kicking my self into shape with all of the studios on classpass. You’ve tried it right? amazing!

    1. Author

      Thank you and you definitely should!!! Oh yea… Classpass is awesome. Love all the variety 🙂

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