Athleta Frisco + Flybarre Event Recap

This weekend I hosted TWO events and it was so fun! Granted, I could use another weekend from my weekend, but they don’t call it a labor of love for nothin. Hosting events has really changed my perspective in this whole blogging world and it really does match up with my own personal goals as a blogger: sharing experiences. Now, I can actually take a class with new friends and I find that to be so meaningful. This was my first event with Athleta and I couldn’t be more excited for the partnership. Continuing the Flywheel theme, the free fitness classes would be the ever intense Flybarre class, which is more fast paced and really isolates and targets those muscles.



The event was hosted at the Athleta at Stonebriar Mall Sunday morning and I was so pleased with the turnout and being able to meet more of my readers in person. It’s such a cool feeling to actually say hi, shake hands, and then take a class together. Shout out to Jasmine, Linh, and Anita for showing up and to my friends Mabel and Hillary for making it. Special thanks to Andrea and Janna, my fellow blogger buddies, for coming to support me. You are amazing and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support.

The class was lead by one of my favorite Flywheel instructors, Cristin. She teaches both the Flywheel and Flybarre classes and always puts together a rockin playlist. Flybarre is no joke. The glute and hip sequences get me every singe time and I shake and burn like crazy.


After the fun workout, we all mingled for a bit and enjoyed refreshments, goodies, and chair massages from our partners. These cookies from Reverie Bakeshop were so good! You never would’ve known they were gluten free and/vegan. The brownies were snatched up so fast!


Also, Iconic Protein sampled their protein shakes and I was glad to grab a few to use for upcoming workouts. Perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle.



Last, but not least, Spavia Day Spa came by to offer chair massages. After the arms sequence, my super tight shoulders and neck needed some love,

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