My 2 Year Blogiversary + Giveaway

It’s amazing to think that I’ve been blogging for two years now. I started this blog in 2013, but didn’t officially start taking it more seriously until late 2014 around Thanksgiving. Toward the end of 2014, I wasn’t happy with my life or where my career was going at the time and I promised myself I would make a lot of changes. Shortly after, I landed a job I absolutely love with an amazing team of people and my blog has taken me on one hell of an adventure. I haven’t looked back since.


Blogging has launched me into an amazing world where I’ve met so many people. That’s probably one of my favorite parts of being in this blog/media world, how effortless it was to make connections and meet like-minded people outside of my personal network. It was just so cool.

Of course, being a serious blogger, I had to pay my dues. It’s a labor of love. I think it takes a certain passion to work all day, only to come home and want to write more. Because writing and story telling is something I love, it was “work” that I looked forward to everyday. It wasn’t until earlier this year did I begin to land sponsored opportunities, work with brands and start hosting events. It’s also pushed me to start a new blogger network called Dallas Fitness Ambassadors, a community just for local Dallas fitness bloggers.

Being so close to Thanksgiving, I wanted to share this post and acknowledge my accomplishments and to celebrate all of my big and little victories. During this journey, here are 10 things I learned along the way:

  1. This isn’t a hobby. The blog started off that way, a record of all the fun eats and fitness things I do in Dallas. But once I decided to take it more seriously, I realized other people would too. I love sharing experiences and hope someone would find it useful and/or at the very least, somewhat entertaining.
  2. Have the right intentions. I like to think I have a certain moral compass when it comes to blogging and the ethics involved in writing. I write for my readers and my audience with full honesty and disclosure. I blog because I want to share experiences with people and hopefully encourage people to step out of their comfort zones. Sticking to this mission statement has brought me so much joy and reminds me why I love writing for Deep Fried Fit every single day.
  3. I am in charge of my own destiny. A large part of the opportunities I obtain were a result of serious hustling. I learned to put myself out there as much as possible. Sometimes I’d get shot down, but for every win I got, it made the risk so much more gratifying. I had to learn to believe in myself and my value as a blogger.
  4. Learning to say no. That work life balance can be difficult to maintain. Being a blogger, I feel as though I am working 24/7. Writing late into the night, constantly on my phone and social media, and always attending events. It can definitely get overwhelming to look at my schedule and know I have all these events to attend and things to do. Learning to decline some opportunities and events is crucial in maintaining my sanity and to keep me from burning out.
  5. Don’t put too much pressure on myself. It can definitely get overwhelming to constantly produce content. Then life happens and I have to skip a week. I learned to let it go and that it’s ok. I try not to take myself too seriously. Ha.
  6. Stop and smell the roses. Strangely, one of my least favorite aspects of blogging is constantly being on social media or looking for photo opps to share on social media. I feel like it almost distracts me from the experience itself. Every now and then, I will just put the phone away and enjoy the experience. There’s something liberating in not feeling that I have to share every single moment of my life.
  7. I have a great support system from true friends. I have some amazingly supportive friends that believe in me and encourage me to keep going. Whether it’s simply asking how the blog is going, coming out to my events, or showing me some social love, those wonderful actions do not go unnoticed.
  8. I have an amazingly understanding boyfriend. There should seriously be a blog dedicated to boyfriends and husbands of bloggers. He’s been an amazing support and encouragement along this unconventional journey. Always proud of my accomplishments. He’s definitely patient and helps me take photos of all my food and never complains when I ask for help with events and/or impromptu photoshoots. Of course, he gets to enjoy some of the media perks too. Hehe.
  9. My time is valuable. Did you know I spend 5-7 researching and writing for most of my blogs (particularly the fitness blogs). There’s a lot of work that goes into my blog and I’ve had to learn to spend my time wisely. Time management is key and I’ve only gotten better at it with time.
  10. Pay it forward. For all the blogger friends I’ve made that shared what they’ve learned along their journey, I am so grateful for them. It’s all about community and collaboration, not competition. I’m glad to learn from their example and will always pay it forward. I’m definitely happy to help anyone that just wants to pick my brain.


In honor of Deep Fried Fit’s 2 year blogiversary, I’ve partnered with Preston Hollow Village to offer a fun giveaway. I’m bringing back my Deep Fried Fit Mystery Box. In this box, PHV has gifted me with four amazing prizes from the retailers in their shopping center. Prizes will be revealed one at a time this week. To enter simply complete a few actions via the Gleam widget below. A winner will be announced on Sunday, November 22nd. Good luck!

Blogiversary Mystery Box Giveaway


  1. I’m guessing this box definitely has some goodies from Trader Joe’s! Possibly the infamous cookie butter!? (To be eaten in moderation of course…)

    1. Author

      You’re too kind! Thank you for the great compliment. I’m so glad we connected via social and in person. Look forward to seeing more from you!

    1. Author

      Aww. Thank you!! Same to you too. Hope to catch a class with you whenever you come to Dallas.

    1. Author

      You’re so sweet. Thanks so much for the kind words. They really brighten my day. Cant wait to see you at the next event.

  2. This is really inspiring. I’ve had some of these same feelings recently and it is great to know that it is normal. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments!

    1. Author

      Blogger first world problems right? It is really comforting to know that it’s normal. You’re doing so amazing btw. Your blog is beautiful!

    1. Author

      Thank youuu!!!! You’ve definitely inspired me to work harder and be brave. 🙂

    1. Author

      HA! we’ll that’s definitely how I will be celebrating my blogiversary!

  3. Happy blogiversary! That’s amazingggg! I love how you’re just going out and eating food while being healthy at the same time. Love your posts (: I can’t really guess what’s in the box, because the last prize has been revealed already!

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