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By day, I’m a marketing guru. Outside of my usual 9 to 5, I’m a blogging, sweaty, fitness addict with an insane appetite for foods that make fitness professionals cringe. Last week, I used my blogging super powers to do good for my work fam. I partnered with CubeFit Yoga to host my company’s first ever corporate wellness yoga class. Office yoga goes hard.

In addition to my marketing duties, I also head the culture committee at my company. Our mission is to improve our culture through fun activities, new policies, and lots of positive energy. So having the opportunity to combine work with my passion for sharing fitness was really cool.


Many of my company’s traditional events are food events. Think potlucks, cookouts, salsa dip contests, ice cream socials, etc. One of my goals is to get the people in my company to get more active and participate in healthier activities. My office has a long open lobby with lots of windows and I thought it would be the perfect space to host a small class. Here’s a recap of the event:


The Class: For a mid week workout, all employees were invited to take a beginner friendly 45 min yoga class and 11 people attended! The class is catered for people who have your typical sedentary ailments such as neck, back, hip issues and tightness and is open to all levels. I typically sit all day and know my posture has suffered from crouching over my computer and phone. Hosting a class was so refreshing. We were really fortunate to have an open space to host a class. Usually, most offices do not, but CubeFit Yoga can teach people at their desks or cubicles and even in conference rooms too.


The Instructor: Shanna Lee is the principle of this start up and worked in corporate america before transitioning to this really awesome venture full time. She’s practiced yoga for almost 10 years and has been teaching for two. Her classes are taught with the Baptiste method, so music and mirrors are not used and she said most people don’t even notice. She did an amazing job teaching the class and breaking down the movements.


Loved: I loved that most of the people in attendance had never tried yoga before. Their feedback was priceless and I’m so glad to here that many are looking forward to future fitness classes. I also loved that it wasn’t a hippie dippy class with too much yoga jargon. It was truly approachable to all levels and was easy to follow along.


Feedback: I would like a little more demonstration of some of the movements. I could tell a lot of the newbies weren’t sure if they were doing things correctly. Shanna did a great job walking around and adjusting when necessary.

Difficulty Level: No experience required and beginner friendly for all ages.


FYI/Costs: To host a class of 10, the rate is $175. Shanna is really flexible and can host the class anywhere. It can be indoors, outdoors in the parking lot, or even in a conference room. She also brings her own mats and blocks. However, if you have more than 10 people, I would encourage bringing your own mats. Scheduling a class is easy. Just email Shanna at


The Takeaway: It was truly amazing to see my work fam participate in something new to them. It was fun and we laughed at ourselves. Many of us also surprised ourselves being able to accomplish moves we haven’t tried since we were all probably kids. There was plenty of giggling. Corporate wellness is something that I hope I can continue to bring to my workplace. I’d definitely recommend bringing fitness to the office. You can keep up with CubeFit Yoga on instagram.




  1. LOVE this!!! I would love to see my company offer something like this…I’m sure it was also a fun way to take time to connect with coworkers too. You’re awesome!!!

    1. Author

      You have the ability to do it! Use your blogging super powers to host an after work workout session. Anything is possible.

  2. This is so cool! Mary Kay has a gym on the 9th floor and has regular fitness classes that goes on during the work hrs and after work and they even have personal trainers come in to train employes (I train people though because I am an employee 🙁 ) ! I need to find out how I can host one of those classes up there!!

    1. Author

      That would be so fun and a great way to use your fitness super powers haha.

    1. Author

      Thank you Dixya! Me too. It would be great if all the smaller companies made fitness and health a priority. Healthy employees = happy employees

  3. So fun!! What a cool business. 🙂 I bet my teachers here would love something like this!

    1. Author

      Absolutely. It’s such a fun experience. If you cant take them to a workout, bring the workout to them!

  4. What a blessing it is to be able to bring this culture to your workplace! I love that people were willing to give new things a try, especially fitness classes. I can’t wait to see what you bring to your workplace next!

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