First Peek: Coal Vines on Lamar

In December, a handful of restaurants popped up  next to the Omni Hotel, Coal Vines being one of them. This new development is exciting and offers more options for guests at the hotel and downtown residents and workforce. Popped in for a casual Thursday night dinner, courtesy of Coal Vines of course. Here’s a recap of my dinner date.

The area is beautiful. You’re next to the iconic Omni Hotel with a patio view of downtown and the memorable red pegasus as a back drop. Parking was easy (and freeeee) and we came hungry. I’m so glad there was a parking garage for this area. Driving in downtown is already a nightmare so I was glad this made everything super easy.


To start, we had house-made mozzarella sticks rolled with bacon inside. The mozzarella was stringy and had all the gooey goodness, but I wished it was firmer and slightly crispier.


As we continued through dinner, we learned more about their offerings. Coal Vines offers personal sized pizzas for lunch that range between $10-$13. We had their classic pepperoni and couldn’t get enough of the crust. It’s thin with the perfect crunch to it. I think $13 is a bit on the high end for such a small pizza, but may appeal to the business crowd in the area for sure. If it came with a small side salad or something, that would be awesome and feel more complete as a lunch offering.

If anything, I’d recommend coming in for dinner and taking advantage of their Pizza of the Month special. It includes a 14′ pizza with two glasses of wine for $25 bucks. For March, I had their white pizza with chicken and it was delicious! I’m usually not big on white pizzas. I’m all about the tomato sauce and cheese. The boyfriend loved it though. Wasn’t overwhelming and the mix of ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan was great.



Since we are now in April, the special this month is their tried-and-true Spicy Meatball pizza. Plus this patio weather is awesome, so I’d definitely kick your feet up, enjoy a slice and sip on some wine. Take advantage of it at any four Coal Vines location. I haven’t had a chance to try this one personally, but it’s on my list!

Spicy Meatball

Provided by Champion Mgmt.

Last, but certainly not least – dessert. The limoncello cake is AMAZING. I kid you not. The first words out of our mouths were “holy shit that’s good”. This cake was so light and spongey. It had that perfect balance of sweetness with the lemon was not overpowering at all. Perfect complement. I was sad when it was all gone. So we ordered two more to take home.


I’m hoping the area becomes livelier. Downtown is such a deadzone after work, which is a shame. The potential for this area is really cool. If you decide to do a staycation at the Omni, I like that there are more dinner options available to you. In addition to the beautiful weather ahead of us, this could be a great patio location or a casual dinner without the chaos that is Uptown (for the other location). There’s also Biergarten next door, which has the same corporate chef who does their menu. I’m coming back for that cake.


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