The Perfect 3 Ingredient Pink Lemonade + Gelato Float


It’s getting HOT in Texas and I am so ready for summer. For a fresh and super easy treat, I got together with Sprouts to bring you this fun treat. You can make this 3 ingredient dessert and kick up your feet on your home patio.

I’m not huge on super sweet sugary desserts or drinks. I tend to go for the tart or citrusy refreshments. If you’re like me, this Sparkling Pink Lemonade and Liconcello Float is just what you need.


All you need is:

  • 1 bottle of the Sprouts Sparkling Pink Lemonade
  • 1 pint Sprouts Limoncello Gelato or other Lemon gelato
  • Raspberries and lemon slices to garnish

One pint will make enough for two glasses. I put 2-3 scoops per glass and poured in the sparking pink lemonade. Then added the raspberries for flavor. You’ll need a sparkling juice in order to get that fizzy action.

limoncello-pink-lemondate-float-sprouts-deepfriedfit3 limoncello-pink-lemondate-float-sprouts-deepfriedfit4 limoncello-pink-lemondate-float-sprouts-deepfriedfit5

Add in a cute straw and you have the perfect balance of sweet and tart in a glass. Once the gelato starts to melt, it turns into a foamy-slushy.

limoncello-pink-lemondate-float-sprouts-deepfriedfit6 limoncello-pink-lemondate-float-sprouts-deepfriedfit7

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There are so many wonderful combinations you can do to make your favorite floats. You can also grab an orange soda and add it to a Honey Vanilla for a creamsicle float or use a cola and vanilla for a classic taste. Have fun with club soda, ice cream and your favorite juice. Add champagne for brunch floats too. So easy, fun, and perfect for summer.


What are your favorite combos for a fizzy float? Leave a comment below!


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  2. This looks delicious, can we replace Raspberries with strawberries?? And can you please come up with more such amazing drinks. Would love to try your recipes !!

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