Foodie Recap: Mi Dia from Scratch Plano + Giveaway

The best thing about blogger perks is being able to share those experiences with friends. So I’m always graciously appreciative when I get to bring a plus one for a private media tasting. I was invited to check out Mi Dia from Scratch in Plano and my friend and I were looking forward to an evening of good food, drinks, and patio weather.


You know that feeling leaving work, seeing the sun for the first time in hours? It’s like walking into a big ole hug when the warm air hits your face. And the evening couldn’t have been more perfect. When we got to Mi Dia, we copped a high table on the patio. The restaurant is definitely much larger than you’d think, and it’s so pretty and welcoming.


My beautiful drink was a hibiscus champagne margarita. SO COOL!

With so many great options (and for the sake of the ‘gram), we decided to start with table-side guacamole. The server brought out a huge cart and started making it right in front of us. It was a gigantic portion to say the least.


It was probably one of the best guacs I’ve had. Perfect balance of salt, citrus, sweetness in the mix. I love a good chunky guac too. I went to another Tex-mex restaurant a week later and instantly recalled the deliciousness of Mi Dia’s guac. It paled in comparison and made me want to go back for Mi Dia’s immediately.


My friend is Mexican and it was cool to get her input on what she thought of the cuisine. Mi Dia is a fusion  restaurant with influences and flavors from traditional Mexico, Sante Fe and Tex Mex. Everything is made from scratch. From the ingredients in the drinks, the tortillas, and even the desserts. It’s a thumbs up when your hispanic friends says it reminds her of grandma’s cooking. Then I visualized a bunch of crotchety grandmas in the kitchen, cooking up magic!


For my entree, I ordered the Cochinita Pibil from the traditional Mexican menu. It’s a pork shank rubbed in achiote, wrapped in banana leaf and roasted. They unraveled it at the table and it smelled SO good. It comes with corn, a special salsa, and black beans.


With tortillas, I made my little pockets of tasty heaven. And the portions are a good size to share.


The tortillas looked like they were just made and pressed. I wolfed down two of these and was starting to hit my limit. The pork is so tender. It fell apart easily with my fork. I definitely liked adding the corn and beans for extra texture in my bite.


From the Sante Fe section of the menu, my friend ordered the New Mexico Tampequena. It’s skirt steak, with blue corn tortillas and cheese and onion enchiladas layered on top. It comes with special red and green chile sauces and guac. Sides are guajillo rice and refried beans. The steak was cooked well and had lots of flavor. Glad it wasn’t overdone.


We shared the plates and realized it was way more food than we could consume alone. But it definitely reminds me of childhood memories, when my friends mom’s or grandmothers would feed me and continue to offer me more food even when I was full. The homeyness of latin households is that food is love. And there’s plenty to go around. If it’s one thing I dislike about most new world or trendy Mexican restaurants are the skimpy portion sizes. I usually avoid trendy latin places because of this. However, that wasn’t the case here. Mi Dia does it right.


We hardly made a dent with all the food, although our tummy’s made a valiant effort. There was still at least half of each dish. So when our server asked what we wanted for dessert, I was ready to tap out. BUT…. there’s always room for dessert. Since our meals were quite heavy, we opted for the light sorbet.


This was the absolute perfect end to our meal. The dark pink scoop is a lemongrass hibiscus, the lighter pink is guava, and the white scoop is coconut. It’s three scoops per order and you can get one of each flavor like we did or just get all of one. I’m usually a huge fan of coconut, but thought it was on the sweet side to me. It was quite creamy. I loved the guava and thought it was the most refreshing. The lemongrass was good too and my friend’s favorite. Slightly tart, but great balance of sweet.

Had such a great time at Mi Dia. Can’t wait to come back. With Cinco de Mayo this week, Mi Dia is celebrating with margarita specials. $5 Mi Dia Frozen Over, the house frozen margarita featuring Sauza Blue Silver, Triple Sec, lemon juice and agave nectar, $5 Mi Dia Rita Rocks, the house rocks margarita, and a discounted Margarita of the Month, a monthly margarita special including seasonal and fresh ingredients. And to make this recap even sweeter…

FLASH GIVEAWAY ALERT! Being such a fan of Mi Dia, they’ve given me a $25 gift card to raffle off. Entering is super easy and you can do so below. Giveaway starts now and ends tomorrow, May 2rd at 11:59pm. Good luck!

Mi Dia Giveaway


  1. Lemongrass ice cream? Seriously? I might drive past 635 for lemongrass ice cream, haha!

  2. I love pork rubbed with achiote and that guac looks amazeballs, I’ll have to check this place out.

  3. Green chiles on anything is my favorite food and they have a sauce with it. Channeling my New Mexico trips next time I’m here!

  4. Great post!!! We’re dying to try the cochinita pibil and the guac!!! ??

  5. You are right, tableside quac makes the prettiest pictures! I love trying the Margarita of the Month at Mi Dia!

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