Try Caviar Review: Perfect for the lazy foodie

Recently, I’ve made it a priority to set aside time on the weekends just for myself or to spend with the boyfriend, friends or family. Having an endless laundry list of things-to-do had me seriously on the edge of burn out. The cure for that is an unplugged staycation and lazy Sundays. That means bad TV and ordering in! Redeeming my night stay at the Sheraton and trying Caviar, a food delivery service, for the first time couldn’t have come at a better time.


Staycation at the Sheraton in Dallas.

The staycation was a few weekends ago, but it was bliss to just face plant into big soft bed with 10 pillows. As always, I’m hungry. So instead of ordering room service from the hotel, we decided to check out the options on Caviar.

Nowadays, there’s an app for everything and Caviar has taken food delivery to the next level. When I think of ordering for delivery, only pizza chains, Jimmy Johns and questionable Italian places come to mind. Haha. Not too many options right? Perusing through the Caviar app, it was awesome to see more gourmet or trendy options in my neighborhood. You get more fast casual or casual restaurants to choose from rather than just fast food. For lunch, we opted for Uncle Ubers in Deep Ellum.


The app experience is pretty cool. The menu descriptions are paired with high quality photos. You don’t get full access to their menu, but there are quite a few items to choose from from each restaurant. Adding to cart and check out was easy peasy and watching the process was fun. The estimated time said 40 minutes and I was curious to see how well the food would travel. Unlike normal pizza joints, I worried a bit about how “gourmet” food would fare on the drive over. You get a play-by-play of the entire process from prep to delivery.




I was pleasantly surprise to see that they arrived earlier than expected by 15 min and the food made it nice and warm. Even delivering to a hotel, the process was flawless.


I ordered the cuban sandwich, shaved ribeye steak sandwich and a veggie salad.

So famished, we scarfed down the food.  The cuban was delicious, but the meat was bit on the dry side.


This shaved ribeye was so juicy. Luckily for me, the boyfriend gave me his half lol. And that salad was incredible for a simple salad. I rewarded myself with a 3 hour nap. It was perfection.

The next time I tried Caviar was a lazy Sunday morning. The beauty about having access to more restaurants are healthy options. Popular restaurants like HG Sply, Snap Kitchen, and even juices places are on here. Check out all their Dallas restaurants here. Instead of a heavy, gluttonous bunch, we ordered from a popular place with healthy options called Kozy Kitchen.


I ordered a build-my-bowl with ground beef and sweet potato hash, sliced avocado and 2 eggs over-easy. By the time the eggs got here, they were overcooked, but it happens. I was just happy to have a healthier option to order in when needed.


This doesn’t look super appealing, but Danny gave The Beast, a four egg omelet with grass fed beef, asparagus, onions, sun dried tomatoes topped raw cheese, a thumbs up.

In the app (or online), you can schedule future deliveries from restaurants for lunch or dinner and plan your meals that way. You can also request status updates, add tip or courier bonus to your card if you don’t have cash, and reorder favorite items. Caviar currently only delivers in the downtown Dallas/Uptown area and are expanding. Unfortunately, they don’t go as far as Addison which would’ve been super convenient for work.

Either way, whether you’re a food-delivery snob or literally too lazy to get out of bed to fend for yourself, Caviar is convenient. Some restaurants even offer free delivery. If you want try Caviar, use my affiliate link and get your first delivery fee from Caviar FREE. That code unfortunately ends on May 20th so take advantage of it soon.

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