Freshii Dallas serves up affordable healthy options


Finally made a stop into Freshii in the Victory Park for a lunch date. I had a taste of their yummy juices and bites at one of my fitness events and had to drop in for the full experience. Finding healthy spots for lunch is becoming easier in Dallas thanks to Freshii.

Freshii started as a Canadian salad eatery and has grown to have over 300 locations all over the world. It’s a healthy fast casual restaurant with a focus on locally sourced, wholesome foods, with a philanthropic mission. They goal is to decrease their carbon footprint with recyclable materials, and a help the less fortunate around the world. Freshii provides millennials and health conscious foodies an easy, convenient, and affordable option for meals.

So much positivity happening in one place!


Yummy bites at one of my events!

Walking into the newest of the four Freshii locations in Dallas, I was welcomed into a beautiful minimalist space with white walls, wooden tables, and greenery. They’ve created this indoor garden vibe and I love it.

My friend Lauren and I had a chance to sample some of the popular dishes served at Freshii. There were so many options of different flavors and influences, I was quite impressed with the variety. You can choose from Asian, Mediterranean, and Mexican flavors on the menu. You can have your pick of wraps, bowls, salads, burritos, juices, soups, and even froyo. Here we sampled mini Metaboost salad bowl and Pangoa bowl. I loved the Pangoa. This warm rice bowl with corn, black beans, tomatoes, cheese, avocado, and brown rice was gone in seconds.


Metaboost on the left, Pangoa on the right. These are mini, not full size.

Next we re-juiced with this Red Power Juice. My friend Lauren is all about the juice. She practically has it running in her veins. Ha! Definitely refreshing and I love it when I can sneak beets into my diet.


Red Power Juice: beet, lemon, ginger, carrot

This Oaxaca Bowl is such a pretty bowl. It has brown rice & kale, avocado, beet slaw, black beans, corn, salsa fresca, crispy wontons, lime wedge, spicy yogurt sauce. Look at how colorful that bowl is.

The beauty about Freshii is that everything is customizable. You can literally build your own bowl or wrap or burrito, which I think is great for people with specific dietary restrictions. I think some of the meals are carb heavy, so don’t hesitate to sub out rice for lettuce or just go for a salad. I wish there were more indicators of which entree or menu item was gluten free, Vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, etc. However, every thing listed on the menu description is all there is.

During lunch, I had the opportunity to chat with Area Manager Robert Packer. Love his enthusiasm for the brand. He tells me that there’s no added sugar or salt to any of the menu items outside of what the ingredients naturally have. He also mentioned there’s a designated nutritionist to answer any questions or field any concerns regarding the food. Her name is Andie Shapira and you can email her any questions at


Aren’t the samples of froyo seven different ways the cutest? We ended our little lunch with the perfect treat. They are currently having a Froyo Happy Hour special. Make sure to stop in and cool off in this heat.

Freshii is also available for delivery via Cavier, UBEReats, PostMates, and Favor. Next, I’m going to check out their prepared meal boxes. To make chowing down on a meal from Freshii even more satisfying, order any of the items on the flier below and know that a portion of your proceeds will go toward building communities in other countries. I love that!

Find your nearest Freshii at Victory Park, Baylor Medical, Plaza de Americas and the Adolphus Tower. There will be more locations opening up North soon!


Have you ever been to Freshii? What are some of your favorite items? Comment below!

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