Silent Disco Yoga and Outdoor Cycling Event

November has been amazing in so many ways. As a fitness blogger, I’m always on the lookout for cool fitness events or new studio news. When I do find a unique event, I get so giddy seeing studios or groups pushing the envelop on what it means to “do fitness” in Dallas.

silent disco yoga

In September, I celebrated Dallas Fitness Ambassadors 1 year with a private blogger event featuring silent disco yoga. It was so well received, I wanted to share it with fitness enthusiasts all over Dallas. This lead me to host a community Silent Disco Yoga Event + Pop Up in West Village. Guests slipped on these noise canceling headphones for a great yoga sculpt taught by MJ Jackson. You only hear the music and the instructors voice while blocking out the distraction of other people and outside noise.silent disco yoga

Some described it as a personal or private yoga experience that gave them the ability to focus on their breath without the distraction of others. It is a cool way to activate any space and still provide a great workout experience. You couldn’t even hear the airplanes, the car noise from traffic, birds, or the people around you.

It was such a cool experience to see it all over again. I’m stoked to be the first to do a silent fitness event. I’ve seen it in so many other cities, it was about time something this cool happened in Dallas.

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West Village really came through and we had special tenants pop up at the event. Soulcycle gave away free class vouchers for their upcoming studio opening mid December, Simply Fit Meals passed out samples of their delicious food and juices, Muscle Milk gave away free product, Avalon Salon posted up a braid bar, and Lorna Jane hosted a trunk show.


Yummy drinks courtesy of Simply Fit Meals

Yummy drinks courtesy of Simply Fit Meals


It was incredibly rewarding to see this dream become a reality. Thanks to Silent Revolution for making this happen. Good news, there WILL be more just like this come 2017. Stay tuned!


As if, the silent disco event wasn’t enough of an adrenaline rush, I signed up for Dallas’ first ever large scale spin event at the Eye downtown the following day.  It was a collaboration with VITAL Fitness, The Ride House and lululemon.


Photo credit: Vital Fitness Studio


I knew if I didn’t go, I’d have the biggest FOMO ever and I’m SO glad I did. 150 people hopped on bikes for the ride of their life in front of the EYE for a one of a kind experience. Michelle Morris of VITAL and Jasmine Zutter of the Ride House battled it out and curated an incredible playlist. They brought amazing energy and I sweated my ass off. Cycling outside with the added humidity made it challenging and refreshing. And what better, all proceeds went to benefit Spokes for Folks. Best money I’ve ever spent.


Photo credit: Vital Fitness Studio


There were two classes and I’m so glad I took the evening class. The experience was most like a studio room when it got darker. Without glow necklaces and the sweet lululemon sweat bottles, it was a cool experience.


Photo credit: Vital Fitness Studio


Photo credit: Vital Fitness Studio


Photo credit: Vital Fitness Studio


Photo credit: Vital Fitness Studio

VITAL, The Ride House, Lululemon and the Joule did an amazing joh bringing this event to life. It was definitely a huge effort and I can only image the production that went into hauling out all the bikes.


Love seeing my city and the fitness community continue to evolve. The possibilities are limitless and I know Dallas is ready for more. Can’t wait to see what else is in store.

What was the most unique fitness event you’ve ever attended? Leave a comment below. I might make it happen in Dallas.

VITAL photos provided by Vital Fitness.


  1. Well I don’t think you can make this happen in Dallas, but once I took a yoga class on the beach. It was breathtaking and beautiful! But I would love to try SUP Yoga, so we should make that happen!

    1. Author

      This is still possible!! I know some of the lakes around here offer SUP.

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