8 Active Date Ideas You Can Do in Dallas

When it comes to planning dates, the usual dinner and movie gets old, amiright? Whether you are in a relationship, dating, or just looking for something to do with a friend, I’m a firm believer that sharing new experiences can be so much more fun and memorable. Since I love being active and being outdoors, I’ve partnered with Visit Dallas to share 10 active date ideas. There’s tons to do in Dallas. You just have to think outside the box. Enjoy!

Standup Paddle Boarding with DFW Surf Club

When: Thursdays at 7pm | Where: White Rock Lake | Cost: Free for first-timers or donation-based. Dallas location only. Reserve spot on Facebook via Meetup

DFW Surf Club hosts paddle boarding classes on White Rock Lake every Thursday evening at 7pm called Rock’n Paddle. The tour coincides with live bands and music events at the Dallas Arboretum. So while your paddling with a romantic sunset in the background, you get to jam out to different sounds each week. Maybe you’ll even forget that you’re getting a really great core workout. Did I mention this is free for first timers?! If you’ve never paddled before, you will need to attend the mandatory beginner class at 6pm.

Kayaking at White Rock Lake

Where: White Rock Paddle Co.| Cost: $23 per/hr. Reserve your equipment here.

If balancing on a paddle board isn’t going to work for you, kayaking is also another fun option. You can do individual kayaks or tandem (two-person kayak). Also, there’s less likely of a chance of you falling in or flipping over. Don’t discount the arm and core workout you’ll still be getting.

Acro Yoga for Beginngers

When: Weekly | Where: The Yoga Movement, Acro Jams | Cost: Drop in rate $18. Register here

So I’ve recently become obsessed with acro yoga. I promise you, it’s SO fun and not as difficult or intimidating as it seems. It’s such a unique workout that combines yoga and acrobatics. There are plenty of beginner opportunities to learn some basic moves.Plus, the photos are SO instaworthy.

Rock climbing at Summit Gym

Where: Summit Gym | Cost: $20 for day pass and rental gear

Why not take an intro indoor rock climbing class and learn to scale the walls and conquer fear of heights? This challenging activity will get your adrenaline pumping while also helping you burn calories and has been known to be a great stress reliever too.

Self Defense Class with Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense

Where: Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense or UFC Gym White Rock | Cost:  

One of the most important thing to me, as a girl, is feeling safe. A self-defense class or a brazillian jiu jitsu class can be SO fun and empowering for both parties. Plus, it’s a workout. Duh. Chamberlain Studios offers a free self-defense workshop just for women each month and would be fun to do with a friend. Bring a date, and practice your moves on him.

Bike riding with Local Hub Bike Co in Deep Ellum

Where: Local Bike Hub Co. | Cost: $12/hr or $40/all day

Seriously, when was the last time you rode a bike? And by bike, I mean one that isn’t stationary. On a beautiful day, head over to a bike rental shop like Local Hub Bike Co in Deep Ellum and rent some bikes. The Santa Fe Trail isn’t too far away and a 20 minute bike ride will get you to White Rock Lake. I shared a previous experience on the blog here. Local Hub also hosts weekly group rides if you don’t want to go exploring on your own. Remember to bring water, sunscreen, sunnies and some snacks!

Unload at a shooting range

Where: DFW Gun Range & Academy | Cost: Varies. You can rent equipment and purchase ammo.

Ok, so I know this is kind of out there. If you don’t mind being around guns, this can be really fun and even a stress reliever. DFW Gun Range offers introductory classes for small groups that entails learning the basics and even getting some shooting time.

Shake those hips with a Salsa class!

Where: Klyde Warren Park or Studio22 | Cost: Free at Klyde Warren Park

We’ve all seen Dirty Dancing. Salsa is sexy. Why not take a class and learn the basic moves and get moving? Learning how to dance is way more fun with a friend.  Studio22 hosts free salsa classes at Klyde Warren Park and even offer other formats such as Two Step, swing, and more. You can check the KWP events calendar for upcoming dates and check it out for free! Studio22 will usually hand out free class vouchers for you to drop into their studio for a more personalized experience.

So I hope this post inspires you to get creative with your next date idea. From personal experience, I’ve had the best dates while exploring a new place or trying a new activity. It’s much easier to break the ice and get a little more comfortable. If you have any ideas or want to share your favorite active date experience, drop a comment below! Don’t forget to head over to Visit Dallas where you can find other ways to rediscover this amazing city and make #DallasBigMoments.

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