Chicago City Guide: Active Things to Do in Chicago

If you caught my Chicago food guide, you know it was a hefty blog with lots of food porn. Thought I’d let that soak in and create a post of fun active things to do in Chicago to mix it up while you’re there. I strive to be as active as possible in new cities. Since Chicago is definitely an active and pedestrian city, it wasn’t hard to get in my steps.

Workout dates with A Sweat Life

I LOVE these girls and they have created a pretty amazing community for fitness enthusiasts all over the city. If you’re in town and looking to sweat out all the fooding, you can find a local event to check out on their calendar here. I took my first Barry’s Bootcamp class and loved it. Chicago is a really active city and there’s something for everyone.

The Lab in West Loop

I know this falls under sweat dates, but I had to share this delicious yoga studio in the West Loop. I really hate cookie cutter yoga classes and The Lab was anything but boring. The space is beautiful and the classes are interesting, creative, and challenging. I did one chaturanga the entire class. Drop in is $19 and it’s $1 to rent a mat. Definitely bring water. It’s in the West Loop, which is walking distance to all those delicious places I mentioned in my food guide.

Be a local. Take the train.

Lyfting around Chicago can get pricey, so definitely make an effort to grab the train. You can purchase single rides for a few bucks. It’s clean and easy to navigate.

Run on the 606 in Wicker Park

The 606 is 2.7 mile recreational trail that goes through Wicker Park (which is where I was). When the weather is gorgeous, it’s a beautiful walkway for biking, running, walking, etc. After a short hike and catching some Vitamin D, I headed to Wicker Park for lunch.

Walk through downtown River Walk

The downtown River Walk is one of my favorites! It’s certainly beautiful and lively. I love the hustle and bustle of downtown Chicago. You can definitely catch boat and ferry tours, kayak and paddleboarding (I’d recommend searching Groupons for these activities). There are also numerous restaurants along the River Walk.

Hit up the Museum of Contemporary Art

Visiting museums is one of my favorite ways to explore a new city. The Takashi Murukami exhibit was in town and it was a fun one to check out. Nothing like a date with a new city! There are multiple museums in Chicago, so definitely make an effort to check out the art.

Check out the street art in West Loop and Wicker Park

I mean… speaking of art, there’s beautiful street art everywhere! There murals are amazing and creative. Saw tons of it in Wicker Park and in the West Loop near Fulton Market. Definitely snap a few pics. Below is my favorite shot of wings next to Federales (tequila and taco joint) in West Loop.

I certainly got my fair share of fooding and walking through this beautiful city. I’ve fallen in love with the liveliness and energy of Chicago and I can’t wait to come back. Hell, I might even consider moving here one day. I hope you enjoyed this post of things to do in Chicago. What are some of your favorite activities to do in Chicago? There was only so much I could cram into 2.5 days. Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. Great post! Love Chicago! My favorite was running along the lake (which look more like an ocean ha!) and doing the architectural boat tour!

  2. Great guide! I would say one of my absolutely favorite things to do in a big city is test out their public transportation! It reminds me of home back in NYC. i also love going to museums. I heard Chicago is a fun city, I hope to visit it sometime.

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