My Favorite Fried Foods from the State Fair of Texas + Insider Tips

It’s no secret that I absolutely love the State Fair of Texas. Hellooooo…. it’s fried food heaven for me! One of my biggest highlights in my life was judging the Big Tex Choice Awards last year. *ugly cries* Being a local, it’s a tradition to check out the new fried foods. See all of them here. Thanks so Visit Dallas, I was able to splurge a bit this year and try some of the latest fried goodness. I decided to go the savory route since I’m not a huge desserts person. Here are my thoughts:

Funnel cake bacon queso burger

Try to say that five times really fast. This one won Best Taste in Savory and Most Creative. Heck yea… it looks like someone took all of our favorite things at the fair and made it into a burger. There’s a whole lot going on here. It’s a mouthful of sweet, cheesy, savory, salty goodness. I think this alone could put you out in a coma stat! It was 24 coupons ($12) and was a pretty sizable. Good one to share.

Tamale Donut

I was really excited to try this one. It’s tamale shaped into a donut. Nothing out of the ordinary and it’s not sweet. I really liked the sauce that’s drizzled on top. It’s a little dry (like most tamales) so ask for extra sauce. Solid choice. This one was 12 coupons ($6).

Fried Froot Loops

These will give you one heck of a sugar rush. Inside the food court, there are two rolls per order. I personally think it’s TOO sweet. You got the fried froot loops, the sweet cream, and the powdered sugar. I had one or two bites. I’d skip this one. I think this was 16 ($8) coupons.

Gulf Coast Fish Bowl

The fish bowl won Best Taste for Sweet. When I think of fish bowls, I think BIG. It’s cute. Fits in my hand. And one of those drinks that will definitely creep up on you. I thought I was just sipping a weak ass drink, but I definitely felt it and this was after eating a good amount of food. There are candies in the bottom and it’s rimmed with a pineapple slice and nerds. 24 coupons ($12).

Fried Chicken Noodle Soup on a Stick.

This was hands down my FAVORITE of the day. I cannot believe this didn’t win best in savory. I was tired, sleepy, and grumpy by the time we got this. Also located in the food court and is 16 coupons ($8) I think. Mind is a bit fuzzy after all the sodium and sugar overload. But one bite in and I was in love! If you are getting anything, get the fried chicken noodle soup on a stick. It’s bomb!

I’ll definitely be back with a fresh appetite to get all my favorite: turkey leg, cotton candy, and other Big Tex winners from previous years. If you’re headed there this year, here are a few insider tips:

  • Go during the week right after work. It’s much less crowded during the week and definitely cooler. I never go on the weekends, especially not on TX/OU weekend.
  • Dress in comfy clothes and shoes. I prefer loose fitting athletic wear to wick away sweat and keep you cool. Plus, sneakers make walking all over the fair in search for these foods much more comfortable.
  • Bring hand sanitizer and hand wipes. Everything is pretty much covered in powdered sugar. My wet wipes were THE best things ever. Nothing worse than sticky fingers and a sticky face.
  • Conquer the fair in multiple trips or in a small group. Taste test without breaking the banks and split different items with friends. It’s marathon of tasting. Not a sprint. You don’t want to tap out before you even get to the good stuff.

Hope you enjoyed my first peek at the fair’s fried food’s this year along with my tips. What are you most excited to try at the State Fair of Texas? Leave me comment and let me know! Don’t forget to head over to Visit Dallas where you can find other ways to rediscover this amazing city and make #DallasBigMoments.


  1. Great review?? I can’t wait to try all of the above! Especially the tamale donut!!

    1. Author

      It’s surprisingly good!! Get extra sauce and have so much fun!!!

    1. Author

      wuttttt?!?!?! It’s definitely going to have to be a cheat night. haha.

  2. I would have never have thought about Chicken noodle soup on a stick. How awesome! Is it crazy I have never been to the TX state Fair?! I am so glad you posted the price break down. I had no clue everything was ticket based. This totally helps me plan how many tickets I will need as well as how much money I will be spending if we go.


    Everyone’s raving about the funnel cake queso cheeseburger thing but that chicken noodle soup on a stick definitely has my attention. *insert drooling emoji here*

  4. I just love the fair so much. It’s such a fun tradition full of yummy and oh so bad for you food. I took that queso burger down by myself. haha.

  5. Favorite part of this post- the tips! SO GREAT. I never thought to bring wipes and hand san. as a must. Now when I have friends who ask me about it I can direct them here! Thanks Mai.

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