5 Reasons Why You Should Roller Blade on Katy Trail

This is a sponsored collaboration between me and adidas. All text and opinions are my own.

Living in Dallas and so close to Uptown, I take advantage of the Katy Trail as often as I can. It’s one of my favorite trails because it’s lively and I love seeing everyone chasing their fitness goals. Whether that’s running, biking, or just taking a casual stroll, everyone is active and it’s really motivating. Today, I’m partnering with adidas to share my new favorite reason hitting the trail: rollerblading. I recently slipped on a pair of roller blades after almost 15 years and it was like riding a bike. I was super nervous at first, because I am a klutz, but fell immediately back in love.

Here are 5 reasons why you should break out your skates too:

Feel like a kid again! It’s so nostalgic

When was the last time you put on skates? I’m determined to make this a comeback because I feel like a total giggly kid when I’m in them. It allows my mind to take a break and focus on what I’m doing and it’s seriously so fun. If you’re nervous, go with a friend, slap on some knee pads, and take it slow. Once I’m on the trail, it’s mostly smooth and perfect for skating. I’d recommend staying on the north side of the trail since it’s not as busy (and shaded) if you’re still trying to get reacquainted with the skates.

It’s great for active recovery

I work out and lift a lot during the week, but on my off days, I still want to move my body and found that this is the perfect way to do it. Instead of suffering through a 30 min stair master session, I’ve found myself grabbing my skates and getting on the trail. Don’t be fooled. It’s definitely a work out and I feel it in my legs, glutes, core and arms. Katy Trail makes it challenging and fun because if you’re headed toward the American Airline Center, you can coast since the whole trail is on a decline and then work up a sweat when you have to turn around and go uphill. Ha!

Fun way to get cardio and sunshine

Want to take your workout outside? Roller skating is still a great cardio workout and another great option when looking to get some vitamin D. Katy Trail is such a great place for people watching as well as the energy from seeing everyone doing their thang. Zooming past folks on my skates makes being on the trail a whole lot more fun now. Adding more variety to my list of outdoor activities is definitely a plus. Plus, when you pick up on that breeze… it’s awesome. I would recommend hitting the trail in the early mornings or late evenings when it’s not so hot and I’d definitely wear something comfortable. Here I’m opted for bright and colorful look with adidas. I’m wearing the Four Inch Short Tights in Collegiate Navy, the Don’t Rest Alphaskin Sports Bra and the Performer Open Back Tank Top in Frozen Yellow.

Perfect sweat date

I’m encouraging more of my friends to get skates and join me. Aside from paying for skates (mine are from Amazon!), the activity is FREE! I loved catching up with a girlfriend and it’s also fun with a significant other too. Totally trying to start a roller skating squad to join me. Who’s with me?!

Uplift your spirits

When I need to relieve work stress or decompress, I always seek out some me-time on the trail. Roller blading is a total mood booster and uplifts my spirits. Perfect way to unwind and have some fun while I’m at it. I love that I can do this solo or with friends and still have a great time.

This is a sponsored collaboration between me and adidas. All text and opinions are my own. Photography by Maribel Morales.

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