10 Highlights from the Fitness Ambassadors’ 3 Year Anniversary Party

Photography by Bryan Chatlien

Fitness Ambassadors just turned 3. It blows my mind. Looking back, I started the company from a personal need of wanting more fit friends in my life. It has since evolved into a community that supports the kind of lifestyle I want – one that is fit, fun, and memorable. I celebrated 3 years by hosting a huge silent disco yoga block party in the heart of West Village.

Looking back, I started by hosting events through Deep Fried Fit and inviting my friends to join me for free events. Eventually, hosting events became more of a creative outlet in itself. I wanted to find ways to help people get out of their comfort zone, to try something new, to bring a friend and do something social and fun. I wanted anyone that came to an event to walk away feeling good about themselves.

It also allows me to come up with fun workouts and themes that I can to test out and that gives me so much joy. The silent disco yoga concept was something I saw in other cities. I’m proud to say I brought it to Dallas. With my friends at Silent Revolution, we’ve been able to bring such a cool experience to the Dallas community and it’s still one of my favorite ways to practice outdoors.

After a week and a half of rain and cloudy weather, the weather gods heard my prayers and gave me the most perfect day. We kicked off with a silent disco hip hop glowga class followed by a silent disco salsa lesson, and finished the night with drinks, food, dancing, and all the good vibes. Sharing 10 highlights from that night that I love reliving through these photos:

Welcomed 200 guests to our anniversary party

This was the first year I felt comfortable letting people know that Fitness Ambassadors is MY company. It took some time for me to build the confidence to really OWN what I’m doing instead of hiding behind social media. This year, I’ve practice getting in front of hundreds of people to welcome them to each event, tell them my name, and share my mission. My heart was racing speaking to everyone, but it was also SO full.

Um 200 guests came for glowga?!

I have to stop and pinch myself here. Leading up to the event, I set a really high bar for myself. I wanted 300+ folks to come, but ya know what? 200 is pretty freakin bad ass. It’s a lesson I have to remind myself constantly and that’s to not be so hard on myself. There is a lot of pressure I put on myself to deliver an amazing experience for everyone that comes as well as to make sure the brands that are coming are happy with the event. It’s a pretty amazing feat to bring that many people together in one place to practice. I loved having Deep Ellum Yoga lead the class. Bobby Candelas is incredible and hilarious. I’m picky with who I work with so I hope you enjoyed his practice.

My Ambassadors freaking rocked it!

The Fitness Ambassador group has changed so much in the last 3 years and I have to say, I love how it’s brought some many great souls into my life. They aren’t just social media influencers. They’re friends that love supporting each other and our mission to build community. I am so grateful to everyone of these baddies that came to help make this event a success. Thank you for giving me your time and for welcoming each guest. I feel so much richer with these amazing humans in my life.


I wanted to cry. West Village surprised ME with a macaron cake from Bisou Bisou Patisserie. I almost lost it. My dear friend Julius Pickenpack and I attended SMU together. We went to the same business journalism class and reconnected years after college to bring fitness activations to West Village. They were the first company to take a chance on me and I can’t tell you guys how grateful I am for that partnership. Thank you for seeing something special in me and in Fitness Ambassadors. I’ve loved building community in West Village and seeing it become the fitness hot spot it is today.

My friends showed up to support me!

With every event, it’s an hours long adrenaline rush to get things set up, to direct vendors, handle check in, make sure sound is great, and every moving part is handled. Guys, it’s a lot. But, it meant the world to see my friends there to support me. There was something very comforting in seeing a familiar face. My day ones right here. When I first started the blog and the biz, they were the ones telling me I could do anything I set my mind to.

Michelob ULTRA came thruuuu!

As many of you know, I am one of 20 national influencers for MichelobULTRA. This is my second year working with this amazing brand and they were there to celebrate such a huge milestone with me. Seriously, so freaking cool. Picking up a whole palette of beer was HILARIOUS because I’ve never seen that much before in my life. I loved having them be part of this glowga event and the new Pure Gold is seriously a favorite that I’m grateful to share with everyone that came. Seeing a glass in everyone’s hand was such a proud moment for me. I’m all about working hard and having fun and they helped me create the perfect opportunity to do just that.

There were freakin baby goats!

The best message I got was the day before from my friend Haley. “Sooo. I bought baby goats. This is Butter and this is Scotch and I’m bringing them to your party.” They were seriously the CUTEST things ever. The beauty about the event is since the headphones were noise-cancelling, the loud bleeting from the goats didn’t even effect the flow. It was such a fun surprise.

I squeeze in a salsa lesson

Look at me go! As crazy as this day was, I was able to participate and here I am learning how to salsa. I’m so uncoordinated when it comes to choreography, but it was pretty sweet seeing so many people willing to participate and try something new. Similar to the yoga class, the instructor spoke into a mic and you clearly his instruction and the music in the headphones. I can’t wait to do this again.

From instagram to real life friends!

While so much of what I do is online, I’ve always made it a point to meet people in person and get to know them in person. I love that Instagram has provided a platform to connect with people, but there’s no point in hiding behind the gram. It’s such a huge compliment when someone that does follow my account comes up and introduce themselves. It’s a blast meeting people that have supported my online and by coming to my events. It seriously makes my day! At the anniversary party, I got to meet Stephanie and countless others and it was the best feeling.Also, check out Corinne with the charcoal sketches. This was so cool and she handed them out to everyone that came.

Seeing this event come to life

Guys, this was just an idea in my head months ago. Seeing everything come to together was the most rewarding feeling. The feedback was incredible and the energy, out of this world. I’m so grateful I was able to bring this to life. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to create something new and being along this journey with me. Hope to see you at the next one!

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