My 5 Favorite Fitness Essentials

Today, I’m sharing my favorite fitness essentials that have become a permanent part of my workout regimen. Busy doesn’t even begin to describe my life, but I love constantly moving. However, countless hours staring at a computer screen, my phone, or just people-ing in general can leave me drained. Hitting the gym is my time to focus on me, jam out to a sick playlist and get it done. Here are some of my favorites to make my workout efficient, comfortable, and easy.

Stay cool with Takeya ThermoFlask

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I have TONS of water bottles. Like way too many, but the Takeya thermoflask has become my absolute favorite and I never leave anywhere without it. It’s stainless steel core keeps my water cold all day long. I don’t mind lukewarm water, but after a sweaty workout in the dead heat of Texas, nothing tastes better than chugging some ice cold water. It’s also been my companion water bottle for my recent trips in California, Utah, and adult summer camp.

Eyelash Extensions from Amazing Lash Firewheel



amazinglashdallasWhen Amazing Lash in Firewheel approached me about getting a set done, I was super excited to give it a try. I have so many fit friends that get their lashes done, but now I know WHY they do it. I’m not one to wear make up to the gym, but I don’t like looking completely bare faced either. The lashes save me time getting ready and I can head to the gym, sweat it out and still look “put together” afterward when I’m rushing to my next meeting. I asked for the Cute, because I didn’t want a bird on my face and loved how they look. They don’t bother me at all and have withstood sweaty outdoor workouts, water, and more. Might not be great for daily hot yoga or daily swimming, but for my workouts, they are perfect.

Hand free workouts with the Slimclip Case


I can’t tell you how many times I complain about my iPhone armband. It’s chunky, gets dirty really easily and I often get my headphones tangled or caught on something. I just want to be able to workout without fumbling with my phone or headphones, easily change my music, and/or snap chat my workouts. haha. The Slimclip case is seriously the best invention ever. It works like a regular iPhone case. It’s thin and unobtrusive and stays put when you slip it on your workout pants. It’s perfect for normal gym workouts and even running! You can get 15% off + free shipping in the U.S. using my code DEEPFRIEDFIT.

MisFit Fitness and Activity Tracker

fitnessessentials-deepfriedfit-fitnessblogger-dallas12 fitnessessentials-deepfriedfit-fitnessblogger-dallas11 fitnessessentials-deepfriedfit-fitnessblogger-dallas10

Guys. It seems like I’m gushing about everything, but that’s how serious I am about these being my favorite workout essentials. I’ve used them all summer long and they have withstood my workouts. The MisFit is amazing! I have a FitBit and quickly lost the excitement of using it because of the inconvenience of constantly having to charge it. If I missed a Monday Challenge, I didn’t want to or care to use it for the rest of the week. Bad I know, but I’m competitive and it didn’t seem worth it since it wasn’t an accurate count for the week. lol. MisFit was recently acquired by Fossil and I think it’s a superior product to the basic FitBit. It’s stylish and created for women with lots of fun accessories and colors.

My favorite features include it being completely waterproof (so you can submerge in water and go swimming) and it uses a battery you change every 6 months, so you never have to worry about charging it. The best part are all app integrations. I can sync it to my Spotify and tap my MisFit to skip songs. So when paired withe SlimClip above, it makes my workouts super convenient. WAY better then fumbling with my phone on a run or at the gym when a song comes on I don’t like. It makes my workouts handsfree. Other fun features include an alarm clock, text, call and email notifications, reminders to move every hour, and other fun integrations with apps like My Fitness App, Nest, and more. I could keep going, but you get the jist.

Recovery made easy with the MyoBuddy Massager



You might have caught my review earlier this week,  but the MyoBuddy is definitely a game changer in my recovery routine. It’s definitely an investment piece, but a great tool to use on sore muscles, trigger points, and even on certain injuries. I have really tight hips which causes pain and discomfort all over my body from the imbalance. I’m still a fan of the spa experience, but the MyoBuddy gives me a chance to work out knots and kinks on a daily basis. It comes with three speeds and is great for deep tissue massages too. It’s awesome! I also have a special code for $50 off + free shipping at check out. Just use DEEPFRIEDFIT16.


Excited to share that I’m partnering with MisFit, Takeya and Amazing Lash Firewheel to host this giveaway of some of my fav fitness essentials I mentioned above. The giveaway ends on September 14 at 11:59pm.

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These products and services were provided to me complimentary, however all opinions are honest and my own.

Why I’m obsessed with these frozen pickle juice popsicles

pickle juice popsicles

Yep. You read that right. Frozen pickle juice popsicles. Now, before you make a face, hear me out. You can’t knock it till you try it and it’s great for anyone who isn’t into sugary or sweet electrolyte replenishers. Or for anyone as obsessed with pickles as I am. As a kid, I would eat so many I’d give myself stomach aches. It was my favorite sour treat.

So when Van Holten’s reached out to me try their electrolyte enhanced pickle ice, I was excited and curious. I thought it was the weirdest and yet, most awesome thing I’ve ever heard of. I seriously thought to myself, this is SO my product because of how much I love pickles. Then to find out there’s a fitness/health element to it too!? HELLO! GIMME GIMME!pickle juice popsiclesVan Holten’s is known for their Pickle in a Pouch products you can find at gas stations and convenience stores. Apparently, many of their customers were purchasing their pickles for the brine or juice to prevent cramps and sore muscles after strenuous workouts. They soon came out with Pickle Ice. They come in these cute 2 oz pouches you can drink warm (if that’s your thing), chilled, or frozen.

I’m totally obsessed. It was so interesting to learn all the benefits of pickle juice for fitness enthusiasts. It’s packed with electrolytes, sodium, potassium and magnesium to help replenish what’s lost during the workout. Better yet, unlike sports drinks, it has ZERO sugar. These definitely came in handy with my recent outdoor workouts. They helped me prevent cramps and dehydration. I’m personally not into sweet or sugary drinks after workouts. I tend to avoid them for the high amount of sugar, so these were great after all my workouts.

You can peruse the info sheet comparing pickle ice to other sports drinks like Gatorade, Powerade, All Sport and see the different levels of sugar, sodium, and potassium in each product. You can view the downloadable here if the image is too small.

Pickle Ice has zero calories and sugar. It’s also gluten-free. There’s definitely a popularity with pickle juice in schools for student athletes. I also think lots of runners and bikers find these little popsicle pouches useful and refreshing. Some even drink them warm during long runs or rides.

pickle ice juice popsicles

As a fitness enthusiast, I work out everywhere in Dallas. From playing sports, to spin classes, yoga, or hitting weights at the gym, my freezer is stocked with pickle ice and I love grabbing after a workout. I can literally sit there and consume three popsicles guilt free since there are no calories or sugar. Finally! An option for the salty/sour aficionados!


What do you think about pickle juice popsicles? Would you try Pickle Ice? Leave me a comment and let me know.

This post was sponsored by Van Holten’s Pickle Ice, however all opinions are my own. 

Product Review: MyoBuddy Massager Pro

myobuddy massager pro

Having a fit lifestyle is just another way to of showing your body love. It’s not just about logging in the sweaty hours, but it’s about recovery and taking much needed breaks as well. I’ve had to learn the hard way about the importance of recovery, stretching, breaks, and rest.

I recently learned about the MyoBuddy Massager Pro at a fitness blogger conference in LA. I had just done a super hard workout and needed some relief from the tension in my hips. When I stumbled upon their booth, I all but begged for someone to literally wipe the pain away. It was glorious. I experienced a similar product at a friends home a few months earlier and knew immediately I wanted to work with MyoBuddy.

myobuddy massager pro

At home, I have an assortment of rollers, ropes, bands and balls to work out knots and loosen muscles. I’ve even started to keep Epson Salt on hand. The MyoBuddy was the final tool in my arsenal of recovery. Here’s a review of the MyoBuddy:

Product: The MyoBuddy Massager Pro is a percussive massager, which means it vibrates at a high speed while “striking” at you and goes in a circular motion. The movement is so tiny you can barely see it. It’s a handheld device you plug into an outlet. It comes with a long cord so I never worry about being restricted. It’s great for relieving sore muscles after every workout and can be used for deep tissue, myofacial pain, and trigger points.

How it works: It’s pretty user friendly. There aren’t a ton of bells and whistles. You simply plug it into the wall and press the ON button. You adjust the speed and strength of the vibration by pressing the on button again. There are only 3 speeds and they are consistent. There aren’t any pulses or features like that. It’s pretty simple and straight forward. It is recommended to hold the device with both hands. The MyoBuddy Massager comes with two bonnets, which is a cloth that covers the head of the massager. One can be used over clothes or linens, the other can be used with lotion. You can view more details on their user manual here.

myobuddy massager pro

Benefits: The MyoBuddy Massager is a device I believe also is marketed to medical spas, physical therapy or perhaps chiropractor offices, but I definitely love having it in house. It’s my personal massage therapist! It’s a powerful tool I use in conjunction with my monthly massages and my active lifestyle. While scheduling a sports massage once a week would be totally lovely, I definitely can’t afford that luxury. However, taking recovery and turning it into a daily routine with the MyoBuddy is a great way for me to maintain my health and help my muscles recover on a daily basis.

I also loved the power of the different speeds. That’s definitely the key benefit to the MyoBuddy. The struggle I had with cheaper massagers was the lack of power. There’s a difference with a nice feel good massage and one that hurts so good. The different speeds are great for different things. Some for leisure and others for more therapeutic reasons.

It’s great after a hard workout to break up the lactic acid that builds up when I’m laying down or sitting. I hate the stiffness that results from a hard workout. My hips tend to get really tight and I know my calves and feet need a whole lot more TLC than I care to give and using the massager is so easy and truly blissful. I also use the edges to dig into certain areas for more of a deep tissue treatment.

myobuddy massager pro

Cons: I think the price of a MyoBuddy Massager Pro can initially be a turn off or at the very least a surprise for consumers who don’t regularly purchase personal massagers. It retails for $399. I certainly consider this an investment piece. I looked up pricing for massagers and have tried my share over the years. You definitely get what you pay for. With sports massages going for $100 a pop, skipping a few times will definitely add up and can go toward the MyoBuddy.

Another potential con, while you can get to most of your muscles alone, it does require a person to help get to hard to reach places like between the shoulder blades or the lower back. It’s definitely designed so another person can handle the massager on another person. Fortunately, my boyfriend is a big fan so we trade off giving each other massages and safely handling the MyoBuddy with care.


You can use my code DEEPFRIEDFIT16 for $50 off + free shipping! Coupon expires on September 30th.

How do you show your body love every day? Leave me a comment below and share your favorite tips.

This post was sponsored by MyoBuddy Massager Pro with a complimentary product. However, all opinions are my own.

8 Dallas Food Events to Indulge this September + Giveaway!

With all the fitness events going on this month, it’s time to  balance it out with 8 Dallas food events happening this month! As the weather is cooling down, some of these might make for a fun outing with friends and loved ones and worth adding to your calendar.

FEATURED EVENT: Gluten Free Expo, September 10-11

For anyone interested in learning more about the gluten free culture, the Gluten Free and Allergy Friendly Expo will be held at the Dallas Market Hall from 10a-4pm. Parking is free. Tickets are $15-$25 and you can grab a one day or weekend pass here. You have your pick of classes, exhibits and booths to explore.

Definitely stop by to say hi to our friends at the Freschetta at booth 200 and learn about their gluten free pizzas that can be found in the frozen section of a most grocery stores.


2. Deep Ellum Mimosa Walk – September 4, Sunday 12-3pm
Celebrate Labor Day weekend at the Deep Ellum Mimosa Walk!
The shops of Deep Ellum invite you for a Sip & Shop adventure around the neighborhood as you toast the holiday with delicious mimosas and exciting, in-store events and special promotions. Tickets are $15, $20 day of. Purchase your tickets here.

3. Dallas Chocolate Festival – Saturday, September 10, 9am-4pm
Immerse yourself in the world of craft chocolate. The finest local chocolatiers and chocolate makers, as well as nationally and globally recognized makers come to share their passion. There will be live demonstrations, lectures, an interactive kids area, food trucks and of course, samples. Yum! Parking at the Addison Conference Centre is free. Tickets start at $30. More info here.


4. Addison Oktoberfest – September 15-18
This annual event is a favorite amongst Dallasites. Head to Addison with friends to share your love of polka, German food and, of course, the same Paulaner Bier that will be served at Bavaria’s favorite festival. As a part of its award-winning tradition, Addison has timed their festival to coincide with the famed Munich Oktoberfest, and Addison Oktoberfest will also feature much of the same music, folk dancing, sing-a-longs plus great German food and entertainment. Take advantage of the free admission on Thursday, Sept 15th. Or purchase $10 tickets for the rest of the weekend here.

5. Taste of Firewheel, Saturday September 24
In the Garland area? Head to Taste of Firewheel on September 24th from 11am-3pm and enjoy scrumptious tastes of restaurants from Firewheel and around the metroplex! Tickets available for purchase now through event day Firewheel Guest Services on the second level of Building 1B. Look for the Black Firewheel Town Center awning next door to Pink. 10 Tastes for $20 or 20 Tastes for $35, VIP available for an additional $15 per wristband. VIP: Access to VIP Lounge area, swag bag, and (2) drink tickets. There will also be live music from High Definition Band and Kidszone activites with Hank FM Party Patrol, RadHatter, Explore Horizons and more! Find out who the restaurant participants here.

6. CFF Night Market – Saturday, September 24
Take a trip around the world in one magical Saturday night as Dallas goes global with Chefs for Farmers’ very first Street Food Night Market. Leave your passport at home, but bring your biggest appetite as chefs from Texas and the entire nation gather together to dish out street food favorites from the Lone Star State and around the globe, as they transform the Dallas Design District into the world’s most eclectic Night Market. Skip the line at Customs and come see how Chefs for Farmers serves the world on a plate! Tickets start at $75. More info on participating restaurants and vendors and purchase your tickets here.


7. State Fair of Texas Sept 30-Oct 23
Opening day of the Texas State Fair kicks off on Friday, September 30th! If you want to know my top 3 choices for fried foods this year, check out my blog here. This annual fair combines, food, fair rides, expos, games, live music, shows, and more. Learn about discounts for tickets and fair info here.

GIVEAWAY CLOSED: Winner is Leslie C!

Don’t these Dallas food events sound amazing? To make this post event sweeter, I’m offering a fun giveaway courtesy of Freschetta. Win a $50 VISA giftcard and 5 free pizza coupons by following 2 easy steps:

  1. Subscribe to my email list by filling out the form below.
  2. Leave a comment telling me which event you’d love to attend.
  3. Giveaway ends on September 9th, Friday at 5pm. A winner will be selected and emailed and announced here in an update.

This blog was sponsored by Freschetta, but round up picks were my own.

Adult Summer Camp is everything you imagine

Adult Summer Camp. It’s a thing and definitely an experience I can’t wait to share with you. I had the pleasure of attending Camp Our Way’s Dallas event as a media guest. I spent an entire sweaty weekend being a kid again and it was pretty awesome.


Now, as much as I love being outdoors, being active, playing games and enjoying nature, I do not like camping. I am not a fan of sleeping in tents (or crappy cabins at that). I can be outside all day long, but I need a shower at the end of it and a bed to sleep in. The city girl in me requires hot water, A/C, and real toilets. Real talk.


So as I did my research to get the deets about Adult Summer Camp, I learned that it was everything you could imagine as a kid at camp. Thinks bonfires, s’mores, team games, water sports, talent shows but…. with open bar, DJs, live bands, and dance parties. Camp Our Way provides an opportunity for adults to relive their childhood summers, take a break from the hustle and bustle of home life, and enjoy a weekend filled with activities and booze. They also promised really nice cabins. The word glamping was thrown in there somewhere and I was sold.

Camp Our Way moves around quite a bit and hosts these retreats in different cities and at different camp sites. You can find them in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. For the Dallas event, I would be attending solo, without the safety blanket of a buddy and make new friends the organic way, in person. It’s a weekend long, all-inclusive retreat. The fee is usually around $500 so that includes lodging, food, alcohol, activities, and transportation. I’d leave Thursday night and come back Sunday afternoon.

Thursday Night – And so it begins

To start, all campers met at Truckyard on Lower Greenville (suitcases in tow) to enjoy a cold one and check in. We would all be shuttled to the Camp Cullen in Trinity Texas, a three hour drive toward Houston. My friend Susie O of SusieDrinks is the one person that I knew on the trip and she was a camp counselor.


Once we got to the camp grounds, it was pitch dark. We dropped off all our stuff in the super nice cabins and headed to the party. Our welcome party brought out a live band, drinking games, and plenty of booze. It was a great way to wind down the night and decompress after the long drive.

campourway-adultsummercamp-review2 campourway-adultsummercamp-review3 campourway-adultsummercamp-review4 campourway-adultsummercamp-review5

I had the option of being in an all-female cabin or a co-ed one. I was in a co-ed one and it wasn’t a problem. I was really surprised with how nice the amenities were. Grabbed myself a bunk bed, took a quick shower and PTFO’d. For whatever reason, there weren’t enough pillows or blankets. Being a camp newb, I didn’t bring any bedding with me. I was able to cop a pillow and blanket fortunately. But seriously… don’t forget to bring yours next time.

Friday kick off day one of Camp Our Way


Friday was a free for all day. After breakfast, there were sign up sheets for all the activities you wanted to do over the weekend. I didn’t want to jam pack my weekend so I signed up for 2-3 each day. There were so many to choose from. Along the way you start to see more familiar faces and naturally become friendly with people. There were about 100 adults at this event. You’re bound to make friends fast.

I started my Friday with a go at being Katniss and tried my hand at archery.  I will say, I sucked at it. Ha! If I ever needed to hunt for food, I would just starve. There were YMCA volunteers at each activity to keep you safe, show you how it’s done and keep it fun.



Next, I went to the ropes course. It has such a Peter Pan meets Jungle Book feel. It was incredible to see all these people of different ages, shapes, and fitness level conquer the tower. There were three routes ranging from easy to hard. I told myself to go for the harder course. I workout… I should be able to do this…hopefully.

campourway-adultsummercamp-review12 campourway-adultsummercamp-review13

It was a 50 ft climb to the top with a safety harness. I was so proud of myself for making it up and in good time. There was a volunteer to help lift me down slowly and safely once I reached the top. I loved it! They called me spider monkey!


Shortly after, I went to lunch with a few friends and hung out till the next activity. The food at Camp Cullen wasn’t bad at all. Their breakfast and lunch were way better than their dinner, that’s for sure.


To conclude the afternoon activities, I attended Susie’s mixology class and learned how to make a traditional daiquiri and a whisky sour.

campourway-adultsummercamp-review19 campourway-adultsummercamp-review20 campourway-adultsummercamp-review21

At the end of the day, there’s a happy hour and free time. Everything was totally optional and there weren’t any strict schedules, which I loved. In the afternoon, I took a short hike with Susie and some others for a dip in the pool. Perfect way to cool off after a hot day.campourway-adultsummercamp-review23 campourway-adultsummercamp-review22 campourway-adultsummercamp-review24 campourway-adultsummercamp-review25

Friday was turning out to be a jam packed day, but not on purpose. Later on that night, everyone would be invited to a costume-themed dance party with a live DJ. The theme was 80’s dress. campourway-adultsummercamp-review29

I didn’t get a chance to figure out my costumes before the trip, but there were definitely some great costumes.  I had so much fun dancing the night away from great hits from the 80s.campourway-adultsummercamp-review30

Saturday: Sleepy start to the day

Let’s say this was definitely a slower morning for everyone. Haha. I’m sure there were plenty people recovering from hangovers. The beauty of the retreat is being able to create your own adventure and pretty much do whatever you want.


To start my Saturday morning, I decided to head to the zip line. The hike up was all uphill, but it was still a fun ride down.

campourway-adultsummercamp-review31Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 11.32.07 AM

Next, I went to check out some water sports. Camp Cullen is on a lake and you had so many options. You could get on water skis, kayak, swim in the lake, or whatever you wanted. I decided a quick kayak would be perfect. The camp is catered to kids, naturally, so the water wasn’t very deep where I kayaked. I wasn’t too keen on getting into the water either. Water snakes y’all!


campourway-adultsummercamp-review34 campourway-adultsummercamp-review33 campourway-adultsummercamp-review32

After a full morning and lunch, Camp Our Way asked everyone to head over to the cafeteria for the only structured part of the experience: scheduled team games and relay. Everyone was split into color teams. We all had our own Camp Our Way shirts which made it fun and competitive. We started off with some kickball and dodgeball.


campourway-adultsummercamp-review36 campourway-adultsummercamp-review37But as Texas weather goes, it began to POUR and we couldn’t continue with the rest of the games. But, it was also so perfect in a way. We just played (and drank) in the rain. We did both tug of war and slip and slide. I heard mention of mud wrestling too, but you definitely didn’t catch me doing that. Ha. I’ve never seen so many adults channel their inner kid and it was so fun to watch.campourway-adultsummercamp-review39 campourway-adultsummercamp-review40campourway-adultsummercamp-review41

Banana Scrabble!

Once the rain let up, I enjoyed just talking a walk around the lake and  jamming out to a playlist. It was truly peaceful and liberating to not have a schedule. Also, I didn’t get any service aside from wifi in the building, so I was pretty disconnected most of the time. I’m so glad I was forced to be present.

campourway-adultsummercamp-review26 campourway-adultsummercamp-review7

Later that night, we enjoyed a talent show and ended with another dance party. I’m pretty sure I clocked in 20,000+ steps each day. Plenty just from dancing my butt off. Sunday morning, we headed back to Dallas after breakfast.

Overall, I had a great time. It was easy to make friends and everyone was super friendly and nice. The concept of Camp Our Way is great. It’s a great way for couples, singles, friends, bachelorette/bachelor parties, and families (over the age of 21+ of course) to enjoy a weekend of childhood nostalgia. I think it’s actually a fun place for singles to mingle too. There was plenty of that.

Next time, I’d love to come with a group of friends. I can totally see my friends and I just having the best time of our lives acting like a bunch of dorks.

What do you think of the idea of an adult summer camp? Leave a comment below and tell me what you!

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