Football Workout You Can Do On Your Own with Pugh Training

As a kid, playing sports was a huge part of my childhood. I loved joining the school’s soccer team and volleyball team and keeping myself busy. Eventually I discovered flag football in college and was hooked! I’m by no means a great player, but it was definitely fun and gave me something to bond over with new friends. Today, I’m partnering with Pugh Training to bring you a football workout you can do on your next sweat date at the gym or on a field.

You’re probably giving me stank face and mumbling something to yourself like “I don’t play sports.” or”If balls are involved, I’m not coordinated and good bye”. Hold up! Don’t leave. In any sport, training to get stronger and better isn’t always about playing the actual game. There’s a lot that goes into strengthening and conditioning the body in ways a normal gym session won’t.

Check out this sick video of my most recent training session:

I had the opportunity to workout with Jordan Pugh, NFL veteran and former Saints and Redskins player and man… I could not walk right for days. There were muscles firing I didn’t even know I had. Anyway, a Dallas-native, he recently opened his training facility in Richardson where he trains young athletes that want to make it to the big leagues everything they need to know physically and mentally. He also offers fitness classes too.

I was able to bring two of my friends for an early morning workout. And it was challenging, fun, and different from what we are all used to experiencing!

Dynamic Warm Up

If you caught my previous blog, I talked about my favorite warm ups and this is one you’ll love and hate. Put the resistance band around your ankles. Face the side, butt down, chest up and start walking. Push off the back leg. We went down 10 yards and back and did this 4 times. We did this going forward, backward, and diagonally. The purpose of this is to fire up and strengthen all the little muscles in your hips and legs. It’s a challenging warm up indeed, but so good for you, especially before such an intense workout.

Warm up – back and forth 10 yard. Repeat 4x.
1. Side ways
2. Forward and backward
3. Lateral (Face forward, but take wider diagonal steps)

Speed Exercise 1 ( Footwork)

Speed Exercise 1: Quick Foot Ladder: Here you’ll run through the ladder.
1 foot each hole: 2 reps
2 feet each hole: 2 reps
Repeat 4x

Speed Exercise 2 (Footwork)
Quick Foot Ladder (sideways):
Instead of running straight through like you did in the previous exercise, turn side ways.  Your hip should face the ladder. You’ll quickly side step through the ladder.

Lateral: 2 feet each hole: 2 reps
Lateral: Ali Shuffle: 2 reps
Repeat 4x

Lifting Workout:

Push Up Circuit
5 reps (5 sec rest)
10 reps (10 sec Rest)
15 Reps (15 se rest)
20 Reps (20 sec Rest)
25 Reps (25 sec Rest)

Go all the way up to 25 then back down to 5 with the same rest time and repeat that twice. I went on my knees because I tried this at the gym and it burned sooo good.

And done. Just so you know, in the video, we definitely went through a whole lot more drills than the workout provided in this post. I wanted to give you all an idea of what an agility/speed workout would be like without all the bells and whistles. If you dont have a ladder, you section off about 15 long. Some gyms have it and you can always use it. You can do this on turf (if your gym has it) or any open area. If you can’t find space inside your gym, take it outside!

Activewear Details: Top (similar) | Bra | Bottoms | Shoes | Water Bottle

Photos: Danny Mai  //  Video: Respario Digital

Let me know what you think of this football workout in the comments or if you have any questions!

Disclaimer: This workout is brought to you by Pugh Training. I am not a certified trainer or instructor. I’m sharing workouts I’m comfortable practicing on my own and in partnership with Pugh Training. So if you happen to trip over your feet and bust your face, please don’t sue me.

Easy Meal Prep: Mason Jar Salads

Is it strange to say I have zero skills in creating delicious salads?? So far, everything I’ve learned has been from Buzzfeed Tasty. Not exaggerating even a little bit. So when one of my favorite Dallas food bloggers, Dixya from Food Pleasure & Health had the opportunity to host a DIY Salad Jar workshop, I was so excited. I had to go! She’s also a registered dietician so I knew I could ask all the questions and get solid info.

It was hosted at the Alexan West Dallas in their gorgeous kitchen space and she shared tips on building a better salad and how to make a salad in a jar.

Apparently there is a right and wrong way of doing it. Here’s how we built our salad jars:

Step 1: Make your vinaigrette

Using basic ingredients in your home, it’s actually quite easy and much healthier. We made a basic vinaigrette with:

  • 3 TB Olive Oil
  • 1 TB Vinegar (apple cider, red wine, or white)
  • Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Optional: add garlic powder, Italian seasoning, or anything favorite seasonings
  • Add all ingredients and whisk well. And voila! If it’s too tangy, you can also add a little honey.
  • Pro tip: Add 3 TB of plain yogurt to this and whisk if you want a creamier dressing.
Step 2: Grab your mason jar

With your mason jar (we used a 16 oz jar and you can purchase these in a 12 pack from most grocery stores), add 2-3 TB first. This will be the base.

Step 3: It’s veggie time

Add all your chopped hard veggies. So think cucumbers, bell peppers, grape tomatoes. Followed by soft veggies: chopped tomatoes, muchrooms, onions, cabbage.You don’t need a ton, since the jar will fill up quickly. I added 1-2 spoonfuls or scoops of desired chopped veggies. This time we used bell peppers, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded carrots.

Step 4: Protein

Add your protein. This can be diced chicken breast, tuna, or chick peas (for a vegetarian option). I did both. I only needed a small handful of the protein. I did get a little over zealous though. My eyes are bigger than my stomach.

Step 5: Garnishes

Add smaller toppings like cheese or nuts. Remember, mo’ cheese means mo’ calories.

Step 6: More greens!

Lastly, add the greens and as much as you can fit in that jar. These will always go at the very top of any mason jar salad so they don’t get soggy.

Step 7: Put away till later

Refrigerate till it’s time to eat. When you’re ready, dump it on a plate! You’ll be surprised by how much food you can actually fit into one jar.

Totally fell in love with the idea of prepping all my salads in a jar. It’s something you see and hear about often or you may see it on Pinterest, but to actually do it. It’s a no brainer and a method that works.

Also, my friend shared how she is able to make different meals with the same simplicity of jar salads. Think stir frys, omelettes, and more. Check out my friend Ginger’s post here.

What are some of your favorite combinations for salads? Drop a comment below because I need all the food inspo for my next meal prep!

My Favorite Warm Up Exercises with Vital Proteins

Ever promise yourself you’ll stretch more but never do? Guilty! Then I learned the hard way through injuries and do my best to make it a priority. Today I’ve partnered with Vital Proteins to bring you my favorite way to warm up for intense gym sessions, runs, activities, and/or sports, plus how Vital Proteins helps with muscle and joint recovery.

My favorite way to warm up is with dynamic movements, meaning you’re moving to warm up. When you’re just holding a stretch, those are called static stretches and I prefer to do those at the end of a workout. Before a hardcore gym day, here’s what I do:

High Knee Pulls

As you’re walking, pull your knee toward your chest and alternate as you continue marching. Some people take a step or two in between each knee pull.

Inch Worms

I have super tight hams and love Inchworms. Start standing tall, bend over forward and walk your hands out into a plank. Then slowly inch your feet toward your hands, inches at a time, until your feet are at your hands while keeping your legs straight. Hard for me to keep them straight, which shows how tight my hams are. Then walk your hands out back to a plank and repeat.

Toy Soldier

While marching, touch your fingers to your toes, alternate sides. So left hand, right toes, right hands, left toes. So good for your hams too. Walk as you do this.

Forward and reverse lunges

Basic but effective. Walking lunges forward and backwards. It challenges your balance and warms up your legs. Add dumbbell curls to warm up your arms.

High Knees

With quick feet, you’ll kick your knees up and alternate with your arms while traveling. It looks like an exaggerated run. You can do this in place or high knee down a few meters. If you’re not comfortable moving your arms, I put my hands out hip height, and try to get my knees up high enough to touch my hands.

Butt Kicks

You’re literally kicking your own butt. Do a light jog, but make contact with your tookus.

Resistance bands

Anyone have tight hips? **everyone nod yes** Don’t underestimate the power of these suckers. You’ll feel muscle you never knew existed! I add two bands; one around my ankles and one right under my knees. You can just stick to one if that makes you comfortable. I’ll get low in a squat position and walk forward, then backward and then sideways. Stay in your squat position and keep your knees pushing outward. Feel the burn.

Yes, it does seem like a lot, but it’s worth it especially if you’re about to do something intense and care about your body. Nothing is worse than being out of commission for weeks or even months. You want to be loose and warmed before jumping into anything heavy and avoid hurting yourself.

What is Vital Proteins?

I was first introduced to Vital Proteins at Blogfest last year and this has become one of my favorite products to incorporate into my health regimen. What makes this product special is that it helps with recovery and ligament repair in ways normal protein shakes and meats can’t. Their products contain collagen which is good for your muscles, joints, and cartilage, in addition to skin, hair and nails. As we age, we produce less collagen and the more workouts we put our bodies through, the more we need it for our bodies to heal.

I had the chance to sample numerous products. My favorite part is that most of them are tasteless and dissolve in hot and cold water. For their collagen peptides (blue), I add this stuff to anything hot just to get my protein and collagen in an super easy way. It beats having a coffee AND a protein shake in the morning. I hate chugging regular protein shakes. It gets old. So this has been the answer to my woes. I love adding it to my coffee.

The collagen whey protein is a favorite to add to smoothies. Alone, it has an almost almond milky texture. I add one scoop with water and a banana and it’s a winner.

The beef gelatin I love adding to crockpot meals, soups, stews, or anything hot. It’s unflavored as well, which masks it in every meal. Lots of people use these products to make anything from waffles, cookies, cocktails, and more. They are way more creative than I am. Their blog has tons of ideas if you’re curious.

While things like coffee, tea, and crockpot meals are easy, I also add to low-protein meals too like instant ramen or pho. I get cravings for noodles at night and since it’s all carbs and sodium, adding a scoop makes me feel better. Totally my life hack.

Activewear Details: Top & Bottoms – Outdoor Voices | Shoes | Fitness Tracker | Water Bottle (similar)

How do you commit to taking better care of your body? Leave comments and suggestions below!

Disclaimer: This blog is sponsored by Vital Proteins. All opinions are my own. I am not a certified trainer or instructor. I’m sharing workouts I’m comfortable practicing on my own. So if you happen to trip on a twig and bust your face, please don’t sue me.

Back to Basics: Take Your Workout Outside

Excited to share a new series on blog that includes workouts brought to you by me and other studio partners and a sprinkle of my love for activewear. I mentioned in my goals post here, that I plan on expanding the scope of Deep Fried Fit to include a little more lifestyle.

With the start of a new year, fitness resolutions are definitely a common one. Whether you hate or love the word, “resolution”, I’m a fan. I love the idea of making a change, especially when it’s for the better. I even have my own fitness resolutions. With all the membership options out there, I sometimes feel overwhelmed and like going back to basics if I have no clue where to start. Maybe you can relate!

Sports and running were my gateway drug into fitness.  Plus. running is free! However, I’m not a huge fan of running super long distances. A 3 or 5 miler is about all I like to do. I’m also the type that gets bored easily. Here’s what I like to during my runs to make it more of a strength and cardio workout.

There are so many things you can do on a bench. It’s the perfect prop and are usually common on trails or parks. You can also use sturdy tables, stone benches or any other sturdy platform. I like using my Nike Training Club app to go through a quick routine during my stops.

Box jumps are an easy one I like to do. Stand with both feet, hips distance apart. When you launch, make sure both feet are planted on the bench and your knees don’t cave in. Don’t let your heels hang off the edge either.

Tricep dips. With my shoulder still recovering, my range of motion is still limited, so I did a modified tricep dip here. For something more challenging, extend your legs.

Push Ups: Take it to the floor or do them off the bench if you need less of a challenge.

Lunges: I prefer reverse lunges over forward lunges. I’m able to keep my knee at a 90 degree angle and I feel more stable. For a little more, I also like adding in split lunges on the bench.

Planks: Can’t forget those abs and there are so many variations depending on your fitness level. You can hold it in the plank, lift a leg, add an ab crunch, or do shoulder taps. Get creative.

Here’s what I like to do:

  • 1 mile walk/job warm up
  • 12-15 box jumps
  • 15-20 tricep dips
  • 12-14 push ups
  • 15-20 alternating reverse lunges AND/OR pulse lunges on bench, 10 on each side
  • 60 second planks. Lift the leg for more of a challenge. I also like adding shoulder taps to give my core a shock.

Repeat 2x-3x. You can break this up in between running or do it all at once and then finish your run. I prefer getting it done all at once and then finishing my workout with cardio. I also like to recommend downloading free apps like NTC if you need a guide. There are a ton of demo videos within the app, including all the ones mentioned here.

Bonus: Take advantage of stairs.

Whether you are sprinting up and down steps, it’s definitely a great way to get that heart rate up.

Activewear Details: Top Sold out but linked a black and purple. | Bra | Tights | Shoes | Water Bottle

I’m decked out in Nike today. This is part of their winter collection, but since Dallas is Dallas, it was warm enough for me to take it outside without a jacket. Ha! I love loose training tanks like this one, especially for running and in the gym. I actually have a few just like this in different colors and perfect for short runs. Not a fan of tight tops that hug in the wrong places. I think my signature look always includes fun colored tights. I’m all about flashy pops of color. And these shoes! The Zoom Strongs were inspired by Dallas Wings basketball player Skylar Diggins. These are meant more for gym action with the grippy bottoms and over-the-foot strap that’s supposed to help keep your feet in place. Had a few goes at the gym in these and I love them. Super comfy.

Get creative and feel inspired when you’re outside. What are some of your favorite outdoor workouts?


Disclaimer: This look is sponsored by Nike. All opinions are my own. I am not a certified trainer or instructor. I’m sharing workouts I’m comfortable practicing on my own. So if you happen to trip on a twig and bust your face, please don’t sue me.

10 Most Memorable Moments in 2016 + New Year’s Goals

The New Year holds a special meaning to me. It’s a promise for a fresh start and a new chapter. 2016 was amazing for me for many reasons. I went through a lot of personal growth and feel that I’m in a much better place mind and body. 2017 is going to be amazing because I said so. Speaking it into existence now!

Deep Fried Fit has been a way for me chronicle my life. It’s fun to look back just to see how far I’ve come and everything I’ve accomplished beyond my imagination. I remember looking at blogs years ago and wondering what it would be like to live that life. Hard to believe I’m actually living it! Felt a little nostalgic when I read my highlights from 2015 and wanted to share some of my favorite accomplishments this year:

Deep Fried Fit 3 Year Blogiversary

Finally hosted my first football event in celebration of Deep Fried Fit’s 3 year anniversary. And there were donuts!

Celebrated Dallas Fitness Ambassadors’ 1 Year Anniversary

My business Dallas Fitness Ambassadors reached one year in September and I celebrated by hosting Dallas’ first ever silent disco yoga event at the Hilton Anatole for friends and in West Village for the entire community. So cool.

Glamping with my Blogger Babes

In such desperate need of getaway and I agreed to go camping with my blogger friends one hour outside of Dallas. Not an avid camping fan, but lived to tell the tale.  And didn’t hate it. Win in my book!

Adventures in Zion National Park

One of my favorite travel experiences this year. The timing of this girls trip was to right after I quit my corporate job and went full time blogging! This trip was set months before to make sure I stuck to my promise and not chicken out. You can read all about the travel experiences hiking and canyoning here and here.

Judge for Big Tex Choice Awards 2016

Talk about a dream come true! I LOVE the State Fair of Texas and it was an amazing honor to judge the fried foods this year. Shared that experience here.

First Blogger Conference in Los Angeles

Never thought I’d ever be the type to go on a blog conference. This ended up being an incredible learning experience from a blog stand point, and wonderful bonding one with fellow blogger badasses. One of my favorite memories are with these ladies.

Working with my dream brand Nike

Nike is definitely one of my top dream brands I’ve always wanted to work with. Got to meet with the Nike Team and was flown to New York and back in less than 24 hours. It was unreal! So are these Neymar cleats.

Collaborations with Sprouts

Another dream brand I got to work with was Sprouts. Probably one of the best experiences to date in influencer collaborations. This summer splash party was everything and so was this Pimp Your Prosecco Bar.

Rappelled 50 Stories for a Cause

Gosh this was such a cool experience. I rappelled 50 stories down the Reunion Tower to create more awareness about an organization called Shatterproof. You can read about that here.

Co-hosted an Instagram Workshop WITH Instagram

Instagram came to Dallas to host an amazing workshop with local fitness influencers at Toasted. Such a fun day learning cool tips and tricks from Instagram. There was definitely a double take/disbelief when the email came in. Haha. Super cool.

This is just the highlight reel however there were so many other memorable moments that made 2016 wonderful. I went full time with the blog, met some incredible people, have a much stronger relationship with my loved ones, and eliminated a lot of negativity and stress from my life. So…

What’s Next for 2017?

The beauty about blogs is that they grow with their writers. There are quite a few changes I’m hoping to make this year. I even created a vision board for 2017 based on 4 major categories: work, travel, fitness, and feel good. Here are some of the goals I’ve made for myself:

Boss Life:

Fitness and food reviews will always be a huge part of Deep Fried Fit. Those are my great loves. But I also enjoy travel, a bit of fitness fashion, and trying new experiences. There’s already a sprinkling of that this year and you’ll see even more in 2017. I hope you’ll like what I have in store for you. And if I can squeeze in a few hours, maybe a facelift for the blog too.

I also want to grow Dallas Fitness Ambassadors. Hopefully expanding to other cities will be in my cards this year.

Fitness Goals

I miss having a set routine. I’ve always been a gym rat and will definitely be putting in more time in the gym. This means finding new ways to bring you fitness content and I’m excited for that! As much as I love fried foods, most of the time I’m eating healthy. I definitely want to do a better job of cooking and prepping my meals.

Travel to new places

So far I have Mardi Gras in New Orleans on my 2017 travel horizon.
I made a promise many years ago that I’d travel to one new place a year. I’ve kept it this long and I have my eyes set on Mexico. Other places I’m hoping to travel to this year is Las Vegas, New York and D.C.. I’m making this happen.

Feel Good

This is a broader category that encompasses overall happiness. I want to read more, take more time for myself, and do things that make me happy. Time is a limited thing and I’ve become more protective of how I spend it. Maybe less Netflix binging and more living?

Have you ever made a vision board? How do you plan to reach your goals and wishes for 2017?

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