Ultimate Taste Test at Grub Burger Bar on Greenville

Sharing food with friends is one of my favorite ways to spend time with them. Food and drinks are such a common social event, it’s no surprise I live up the foodie life. Grub Burger Bar invited me and my friends for an ultimate taste test and it was such a fun evening.

P/C Dave Mason

Let me preface this by saying there were only six of us. It was a triple date night with the added awesomeness of a burger tasting. In addition to drinks, appetizers, and shakes, they seriously brought out 16 burgers (2 of each burger). It was an insane amount of food. And I’m totally not complaining.

Before the burgers, we ordered our drinks and  a few starters to whet our appetite.

Melon Basil Rita was my favorite! Cuervo Silver Tequila, Fresh Basil, Fresh Watermelon
Effen Martini: Effen Cucumber Vodka, Fresh Watermelon, Real Lime Juice, Agave Nectar
Black Magic Mojity: Black Cherry Rum, Mint, Sugar, Real Lime Juice

We had to remind ourselves not to get too carried away munching on the starters. I really liked the Crawfish Pistoulettes. It’s etouffee in french bread bites with a Mississippi Comeback sauce. I love french bread and really enjoyed this starter.

Crawfish Pistoulettes

Can never go wrong with cheese fries.

All the cheeseeeeee!

grubburgerbar-dallas-blogger-deepfriedfit4 grubburgerbar-dallas-blogger-deepfriedfit3 grubburgerbar-dallas-blogger-deepfriedfit10

The funniest part of the night was one when one of my friends asked if there was enough food to keep him full. Ha! Grub Burger did not fail him. I suppose the word “tasting” was misleading for all of us. It was a feast! Here are the burgers we had starting with the most popular at the table.

The Lockhart Legend is the most popular at the restaurant and we all agreed. It’s so Texas with Dr. Pepper bbq sauce, bacon, onion rings, pickles and cheese all in one bite.

grubburgerbar-dallas-blogger-deepfriedfit21 grubburgerbar-dallas-blogger-deepfriedfit12

Not the prettiest burger, but another favorite would be the VooDoo mushroom burger. It has absinthe sautéed mushrooms, swiss cheese, and a tabasco mayo. Great flavor in each bite.

Grub has some great non-beef burger options. Unlike some restaurants, there maybe one or two non-beef items. At Grub, there’s definitely something for everyone. This Jive Turkey Burger was delicious and I love anything with sprouts. Turkey can be bland if not seasoned correctly, but there was so much flavor in each bite.


Hippie Chickpea is an awesome choice for vegetarians. Instead of the usually black bean for veggie burgers, it’s made of chick peas and has a lot going on flavor wise. It didn’t crumble as much either. One of my vegetarian friends came by the following week and gave it her thumbs up!grubburgerbar-dallas-blogger-deepfriedfit15

Swimmin Up Stream is  salmon burger with black bean and corn medley, avocado, ancho chile, and onions on arugula. This was one of my favorite burgers. Loved all the flavors in the salmon. The patties are all made fresh in house.grubburgerbar-dallas-blogger-deepfriedfit16

The Front Porch is your basic, classic burger if you aren’t looking for all the frills. It’s a perfect burger to dress up with a fried egg, or add some avocado. I thought the classic was a bit bland. Not a lot of flavor in the meat.


The Guacapotle sounds like it has all the makings for a Dallas favorite. Combines my love for cheese and guac. I personally really liked it, but there were mixed opinions at the table. The cheese and guac masked the blandness of the beef.grubburgerbar-dallas-blogger-deepfriedfit8

The Thai Peanut is out there. You either love it or you hate it. I thought the flavors were interesting and one person at the table actually really enjoyed it. But, he is a peanut fanatic so that might be why.


Now, let’s get into the shakes. At this point, we were all wheezing from all the food we attempted to eat. What was I thinking wearing jeans?!

We started with a sampling of the spiked Kitchen Sink shake. It has pretzels, peanut butter, salt, butterscotch sauce, caramel sauce, chocolate chips, coffee grounds, and potato chips. You can also get it without the booze, but what’s the fun in that right? Even so, the liquor wasn’t very strong and didn’t overpower the sweet and savory complexities of each sip. Good balance of everything.

Kitchen Sink Spiked: Pretzels, Peanut Butter, Salt, Butterscotch Sauce, Caramel Sauce, Chocolate Chips, Coffee Grounds, and Potato Chips

The Worms and Dirt is a fun shake that makes you feel like a kid again. It’s simple with crushed oreos and gummy worms. I love oreos, so this was my favorite of the night.


The American Pie was simply ok. It’s not a memorable shake and probably the least favorite of the three we tried.grubburgerbar-dallas-blogger-deepfriedfit17

All in all, it was a gluttonous night and we were all full and happy. Thank goodness for goodie bags. I’m so glad we were all able to sample a good number of different burgers and take a few home for the next day. That’s not something you get to do very often at any burger joint. You stick with your one or two favs, but here we could all get a taste of something new and we all had a tasty time doing it.

Which burger would you dive into? Comment below and tell what is your fav type of burger.

This Grub Burger Bar media dinner was completely complimentary, however all opinions remain my own.

Nike Unlimited Innovations Event in New York

nike-unlimitedinnovation-newyork-olympics-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit21I had an awesome opportunity to fly to New York for a very cool Nike event last week. It marked one of the biggest highlights of my blogging journey and I’m jumping in my seat as I type this because it was SO fun. Last week was truly a whirlwind week. I flew out Tuesday morning to make an event that evening. I was in NYC for less than 24 hours before I flew back just in time to host my fun workout charity event for my readers. You can read about that here.

Myself and the twins from A Double Dose flew in together and checked into the cutest boutique hotel in Soho, New York. I knew I wouldn’t be spending much time in this cute hotel as I wanted to make the most of my experience.

nike-unlimitedinnovation-newyork-olympics-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit2 nike-unlimitedinnovation-newyork-olympics-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit3 nike-unlimitedinnovation-newyork-olympics-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit4 nike-unlimitedinnovation-newyork-olympics-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit6 nike-unlimitedinnovation-newyork-olympics-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit7

After checking in, we all headed straight to Nike’s Unlimited Innovations event space for a special moment with track and field legend Jackie Joyner Kersee. She’s won 3 Olympic gold medals, 1 silver, and 2 bronze medals.

Photo Courtesy: Charlie Brooks, Nike

How cool to hear from a legend how she prepares for her events. It’s more than just physical preparation, but also a mental one. She said she trained and performed as though it was her very last Olympic event each time.

She also talked about embracing the butterflies and that resonated so well with me. It’s about relishing in those feelings and living in the now and channeling that energy into something more. Joyner-Kersee is also known for her colorful style during these competitions. She totally validated my “Look good, feel good” motto when it comes to wearing cute workout clothes to the gym. It’s all about how you feel – whether it’s your workout, yourself, or in general – if something as simple as a new outfit can help you feel better about yourself, do it. Probably won’t bode well for my shopping addiction haha.


The Unlimited Innovations event debuted the looks all the athletes will be sporting in the Summer Olympics in Rio. So cool to get a sneak peek of what Team USA will be wearing.

W5_45 Grand St_100
Photo Courtesy: Charlie Brooks, Nike
Photo Courtesy: Charlie Brooks, Nike
Photo Courtesy: Charlie Brooks, Nike
W5_45 Grand St_17
Photo Courtesy: Charlie Brooks, Nike


Nike’s AeroSwift tape is magical. I’d love to get a few of these and test it out.


We also had the opportunity to hear from two other legends: Scottie Pippen and Michael Johnson.

Left to right: Scottie Pippen, Michael Johnson, Jackie Joyner Kersee.


While the uniforms stayed true to the red, white and blue, Nike injected a vibrant palette of colors in the shoes. You can read more about why the designers chose such a colorful spectrum of colors here. I immediately fell in love and all of them, especially the soccer cleats. Come August, these will slowly trickle into the stores.nike-unlimitedinnovation-newyork-olympics-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit16 nike-unlimitedinnovation-newyork-olympics-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit14 nike-unlimitedinnovation-newyork-olympics-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit17 nike-unlimitedinnovation-newyork-olympics-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit15Beyond just hot new apparel, we also learned about how Nike continues to innovate and make each product an essential part of athlete’s journey. Whether it’s to reduce drag, increase aerodynamics, or work in other ways to help the athlete perform at their best, it was amazing to hear more about Nike’s ideals and values when it comes to “obsessing over the athlete”. It’s an intersection of performance, design, and art.

We also got to see first hand, upcoming collaborations with Kim Jones, Ricardo Tisci and our Gyakusou collection.

W5_45 Grand St_75
Photo Courtesy: Charlie Brooks, Nike
W5_45 Grand St_79
Photo Courtesy: Charlie Brooks, Nike

If you’ve been following me, you know that I’m a huge fan of pops of color and statement pieces. Especially with my tights. I can’t wait to see the response of these collaborations.

Outside of the event, I was able to get some down time in this amazing city. I enjoyed a sit down dinner with Nike’s comm manager Heter Meyers, my friends Alexis and Samantha from A Double Dose, Ticara from CNK Daily, and Jordan from Stack. At one table, we had Dallas, Chicago, New York and Cleveland. Gilligan’s in Soho is an outdoor restaurant that takes up an alleyway next to our hotel. It has a nautical, coastal theme. Fortunately the weather held up, and we were able to enjoy a few drinks and bites.nike-unlimitedinnovation-newyork-olympics-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit11 nike-unlimitedinnovation-newyork-olympics-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit8 nike-unlimitedinnovation-newyork-olympics-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit9 nike-unlimitedinnovation-newyork-olympics-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit10Given the chance to visit one of my favorite cities, I only caught a few hours of sleep before waking up for a Soccer Skills Training at 7am. I haven’t touched a soccer ball in years!

It was my first sport and my gateway sport into football and volleyball. I was a little intimidated because I have no coordination or handling skills at all, but I was open to learning and getting in a great workout.

Photo Courtesy: Natalie Campos, Optimist

We had the opportunity to train with retired coach Alecko Eskanderian. He put us through various group drills to work on basic soccer skills. Despite being nervous, everyone was so nice and encouraging. I had a blast! And I hit my step count before 9am. WINING!

Photo Courtesy: Natalie Campos, Optimist
Photo Courtesy: Natalie Campos, Optimist
Photo Courtesy: Natalie Campos, Optimist
Photo Courtesy: Natalie Campos, Optimist

nike-unlimitedinnovation-newyork-olympics-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit23 nike-unlimitedinnovation-newyork-olympics-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit25 nike-unlimitedinnovation-newyork-olympics-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit26

Can we pause for a second to talk about these cleats? FIRE! These are Neymar x Jordan cleats and I LOVE THEM. Can’t wait for my next pick up game of flag football in Dallas to sport these babies. Aside from my gorgeous new cleats, it felt liberating to be out on the field and moving my body.

nike-unlimitedinnovation-newyork-olympics-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit28 nike-unlimitedinnovation-newyork-olympics-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit22

After the workout, I headed to the hotel, showered, packed and was ready to leave for the airport. I felt like I had been on an adrenaline rush for 2 days and couldn’t believe my trip to NYC was over.

Having the chance to learn more about one of my favorite brands was an amazing opportunity. My biggest takeaway personally is seeing that fitness is more than just being fit. There’s more to it than just looking good, or wearing the right gear for your sport. It’s a culture, a philosophy, a mentality, and an art. Till next time!


Rockin Pound Workout with Bandier and Jam Box Fitness

IMG_7671Guys, I cannot tell you about the incredible week I’ve had. It involved flying to New York the day before this event, hanging out for less than 24 hours and then hopping right back on a plane to Dallas and straight to Bandier to host this amazing event. I thank the travel gods for a trouble free trip back. Not making it was not an option. More about that trip later.

bandier-poundfit-jambox-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit1I was first introduced to Bandier last year and fell in love with the uniqueness of the store. It intersects fashion, fitness, and music with edgy, athletic and fashion forward pieces. Their crew of girls live and breathe the brand. Originally from New York, they opened their first Dallas store in the Highland Park Village.


We finally connected to host the perfect event for Bandier. This would be a charity event featuring one of my newest favorite workout formats Pound, that I discovered at Jam Box Fitness Lounge in Addison. You can read my review here and I’ve been back plenty for that endorphin inducing workout.bandier-poundfit-jambox-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit15

Dominique, Me, Liz from Bandier

Jam Box owner Dominique LaShae is also a fashion forward, dance queen. Her sneaker game is always on point and thought this would be the perfect event bringing together two very unique partners. We brought together Fashion, Fitness, and Music through a super fun, rhythmic Pound workout. I can’t stop gushing about how fun it was!


This was a ticketed event that benefitted the Movemeant Foundation and their mission to promote positive body image. One hundred percent of proceeds  and this sold out event raised $600 for the cause. Pretty cool stuff. Everyone who got a ticket were invited to Bandier in HP Village for a fun workout, followed by refreshments, treats, shopping an a special gift from Dior.



Pound is a group fitness class inspired by drumming. You get to use these cool green light weight drum sticks to make music while moving your body. It’s SO fun and you do it to the beat of the song as well.

bandier-poundfit-jambox-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit20 bandier-poundfit-jambox-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit24

We used out entire bodies to make noise in the middle of Highland Park Village. So funny to see onlookers stop to check out what all the fuss was about. We hit arms, back, legs, butt, and lots of core. After that ab segment, I did check for abs. It’s such an energizing cardio workout, you almost forget you’re working out. Almost. bandier-poundfit-jambox-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit25 bandier-poundfit-jambox-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit40 bandier-poundfit-jambox-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit43

The beauty of this format is that it’s easy to pick up and is the perfect gateway class into dance fitness. With it’s repetitive movements, the class stops being intimidating and just fun. I loved that most of the girls had never tried Pound before and only heard of it through the viral videos on social media.


There was lots of laughing and giggling and surprise at the challenge. I get all the feels when I’m able to bring people together to try new things. Their expressions showing that they accomplished something new is priceless to me. It makes me want to host 100s of events just like this.


After a quick cool down, which by the way is a slow dance instead of your typical stretches, we took some photos and headed into the store.

bandier-poundfit-jambox-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit59 bandier-poundfit-jambox-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit60 bandier-poundfit-jambox-dallasblogger-deepfriedfit65

Freshii provided some delicious light bites and juice samples for everyone. By the time I got to them, it was almost all gone. Ha! They just opened a handful of locations downtown, with their newest one in Victory Park. It’s a healthy food concept aimed at people who need a healthy food option on the go. I can’t wait to stop in for a visit. That ginger zinger was my favorite juice!


Society Bakery also hooked it up with these mini cupcakes. They were SO adorable. When everyone left, I inhaled almost have a carton, no lie. Two workouts in a one day had me running on fumes. They recently opened a new location on Preston and Royal too!


Last but not least, a huge thank you to Dior, Poundfit Corporate, Movemeant Foundation, and Bandier for donating so many prizes for the raffle. Almost half the girls were able to win something. Dior totally hooked it up by providing complimentary 45 minute facials to everyone who came. If you saw my Fleming’s post, they really glammed me up a red-carpet event.



I cannot wait to do this again! I know it won’t be the last. The response from everyone was amazing and Dallas needs to know about Pound. If you weren’t able to attend, you can always visit Jam Box in Addison. Your first class is freeeee. Otherwise, make sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook to learn about the next event!

Date Night at Flemings Steakhouse in Plano

New to the Plano restaurant scene is the arrival of California-based Flemings Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar in the Shops at Legacy. I, along with many other foodie influencers and our plus ones, were invited to the soft opening for a private media event. It was a perfect date night experience.


I was certainly looking forward to Friday night after what felt like a long week. Before heading out to Flemings, Dior in Highland Park Village invited me over for a solo pampering session to glam me up before the night. I had no idea what it all entailed, but it was so luxe and amazing. The 45 min facial followed by an all out makeover was just what the doctor ordered. I couldn’t have felt prettier for the occasion.


The boyfriend and I arrived in time to order a cocktail their beautiful oval bar. After a few toasts, we were led into a private dining area where we could partake in a wine tasting.



Only moments in and this was decidedly one of the most amazing media events I’ve ever been a part of. The wine tasting itself welcomed all guests to sample any of the 100 wines on their menu. How insane is that?! I had to tell myself not to get too carried away with the crab cake bites. Haha.


Flemings Steakhouse abides by their philosophy of great food, wine, and excellent hospitality.


The food and drinks were none stop. At one point, each person at their table had at least 2 glasses of wine, a cocktail, and a flight of champagne. Fleming’s certainly knows the meaning of wining and dining.

For our appetizer, we had a choice of the house wedge salad which came with a huge slab of bacon or the salt roasted beet salad.


It’s safe to say, everyone wanted more bacon on their salad.  It was definitely a delicious slice.


The beet salad was refreshing and bright. Loved the goat cheese and how it mellowed out the sweet and citrus of the beets and mandarin.

Next, we ordered our entrees. Our table were all steak lovers, and we either had the prime dry aged ribeye, which was absolutely delicious or the bone-in filet mignon.


I’ve rarely seen an option for a bone-in filet mignon. We were told to order it medium rare plus, since it’ll be rare toward the bone. However, my steak was more medium minus a few perfect bites at the center. Next time, I’ll just order it medium rare.flemingsplano-dior-dallas-fitness-blogger14

The prime dry ages ribeye was a good size and had a delicious crust. I’m a fan of fatty pieces of steak and loved the flavors. The sides that stood out to me the most were the mac n cheese and the scalloped  cheese potatoes.


Brace yourself for dessert. We tasted the red, black and blue cobbler, creme brulee, cheesecake, and butterscotch pie. My favorite was the cheesecake and everyone loved the creme brulee. I think the top caramel could’ve been slightly thicker. I didn’t get that satisfying crackle when you break the top.

flemingsplano-dior-dallas-fitness-blogger15 flemingsplano-dior-dallas-fitness-blogger16 flemingsplano-dior-dallas-fitness-blogger17 flemingsplano-dior-dallas-fitness-blogger19

This was hands down the most incredible media experience I’ve ever had and Fleming’s truly lived up to the expectation of providing excellent service and hospitality. It was also a pleasure being able to meet the chefs and partners behind the concept.

This is the first Fleming’s steakhouse in Dallas and they officially open June 27th. In Texas, you can find other locations in Houston, Austin and San Antonio. Next time, we hope to try the seafood options as they looked amazing too. Danny and I had a blast with my friends and fellow foodies. Definitely a great date night for us. Reminds me how much we enjoy good food, wine and company and how the three are the perfect recipe for an incredible night.

flemingsplano-dior-dallas-fitness-blogger9 flemingsplano-dior-dallas-fitness-blogger24

Have you ever been to a Fleming’s Steakhouse? Would you try it?

Train Harder with Physiclo Resistance Tights

physiclo-review-deepfriedfit-dallasfitnessblogger_3As a fitness junkie, I’m always looking for a new challenging class or workout to kick my butt. Progressing in my fitness journey is great, but that also means I have to work even harder to break a sweat. So when Physiclo reached out to me to review their compression AND resistance tights, I squealed and said “Gimme gimme gimme”!

Physiclo is a New York-based start up that creates these compression tights with built-in resistance bands around the quads and hips for that added challenge you can take to any work out. Heck, even walking was made a little harder. Think of it as the better replacement for ankle weights.

Do I have any Dragon Ball Z nerds out there? Felt like I was training to be a Super Saiyan. #dontjudgemeimanerd


Anywho, to review the pants, I took them with me to several different workouts to see how they performed. After receiving the tights, I noticed they were much heavier than any normal performance workout tights. Putting them on was somewhat of a challenge too. Here are some of the workouts I did with them:


Personal Training/Boxing: For a 45 minute session, I did your normal warm up on the treadmill, lunges and squats, and a short boxing session. It was SO fun.


I could feel the resistance bands pulling on me at every step and my legs getting exhausted faster. Knowing that I’m working out harder than normal was a great motivator.


Next, I took them to a new kickboxing studio in Plano called 9Round and did a full on kick boxing circuit. I was excited to see if I could keep up with all the kicks. Burpees, round house kicks, shuffling, wall sits, were just a few of the workouts I did in these pants.


I remember even doing the wall sits were HARD. Had a blast working harder and pushing myself to hit and kick faster with these on.


Last but on least, I took these with me to a SoulCycle class in Preston Hollow.

physiclo-review-deepfriedfit-dallasfitnessblogger_15 physiclo-review-deepfriedfit-dallasfitnessblogger_14

Wish I could’ve snapped a shot on the bike, but even at 630am, the studio was packed. Those hills are no joke in these either. Simply peddling, I could feel the resistance band pull around my quads.


It was definitely fun trying these tights with different workouts to get a feel of the bands. Here’s a quick run down of the look and feel of tights itself:


The Fit: Definitely snug since it is  compression pant, but not impossible to put on. I’m 5’1 at 106 lbs and the XS capri fit perfectly. Due to where the bands are built it (which is around the quad), it did feel kind of loose in the crouch area. I don’t have hips either, so that might have been a reason. The waist band wasn’t super comfortable either. I think it’s meant to keep the heavy material from sagging, but didn’t give it more thought once I started my workout. I liked the grey and black combo. Currently they only offer all black or the grey/black. Hopefully, they’ll come out with more colors.


The Performance: The pants are made of a heavier material. Like I said, not a light weight performance tight, but the heavier material is intentional. I think the breathability of the pant is ok, not great. However, I see a lot of runners have tried it and loved the tights. Definitely got warm wearing these, but not to a point where it was uncomfortable. Maybe consider a mesh in the back of the knee? Might be cool to actually see the resistance bands move too. Range of motion was challenging as expected, which was super cool in my opinion. I’m burning extra calories from walking!

I loved the hurt-so-good feeling after each workout. Feeling more of a fatigue in my legs definitely let me know my body was challenged during the workout. These are GREAT for leg day.

I think this is a product that would totally appeal to men and women. There is only one “difficulty level” for the bands, so I imagine you can break them in after a while. These are definitely durable and a new favorite accessory.


Had a lot of fun reviewing Physiclo and with many gym days ahead of me, I can’t wait to wear them for more leg day burnouts.

If you had a chance to try these, what workout would you try them in?

This is a sponsored post by Physiclo. All opinions remain my own.

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