Sunset Flow with CorePower Yoga + 2 Upcoming Events to Know About

Last week, Dallas Fitness Ambassadors hosted an amazing sunset flow with CorePower Yoga at Northpark Center. It turned out to be one of the most beautiful days in March. Gorgeous blue sky, sunshine, and the perfect breeze. I definitely prayed to the weather gods to push back any potential rain while planning this event.

Over 70 yogis joined in on an all-levels flow with Jay and Caitlyn from CorePower Yoga. After the week I had, I NEEDED this class. I needed to take an hour for myself and just move my body, take a extra deep breaths, and hope I was lucky enough to get a mini neck rub at the end of savasannah. Which I did. SCORE!! CorePower has 3 locations in Dallas and your first week is free if you’re a new student. Walk-ins only. They are the only studio that doesn’t require booking your class in advance.

All members in Dallas Fitness Ambassadors are pretty amazing. I feel incredibly blessed to know so many amazing people all thanks to common interests and social media. The community is so warm, welcoming, and light hearted. It gives me all the feels to see new and old friends join together for this beautiful practice. So many positive vibes!

My favorite about creating events like these is the reward waiting for you at the end of all your hard work. Work hard, play hard! Northpark Center has so many great retailers, so we couldn’t help but reach out to some of our favorites.

Green House Market is a tucked away behind the Urban Outfitters on the second level and they came through with some delicious bites. They were gone before anyone could reach for seconds! Green House Market provided these amazing chia pudding samples. If you live in Uptown, they are opening a second location near the Crescent! How exciting is that?!

The Juice Bar also provided refreshing green juices after class. It was the perfect thirst quencher.

Pampering was wonderfully provided by Miniluxe, Drybar, and Make Up Forever. Our yogis beelined to get express manis, their hair braided, and to try out some fun lipstick shades before ending the evening. I was pretty stoked about my braided top knot. Felt super cool!

More than anything, this gave us all an excuse to catch up and mingle while also taking care of our bodies. It was a flawless event with amazing tunes from my friend DJ Blake Ward.

Don’t take my word for it, check out some of the event recaps from these awesome bloggers.

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And speaking of Dallas Fitness Ambassador events, here are two you shouldn’t miss:

Silent disco yoga is happening in West Village this Thursday!! Here’s a peek from the last event if you’re interested. Tickets are $20 and you can register here.

On April 8th, join DFA for a beginner’s acro yoga class at The Grove in Harwood. It’s a charity event that will benefit a local animal rescue shelter. Swag bags provided by Outdoor Voices. Tickets are $10 and that also includes food and drink. And hopefully, puppies!! Guys, it’s going to be so awesome! You can sign up here.

Spring is finally here and I cannot wait for more gorgeous weather! Let me know if you’ll be at any of these DFA events. I can’t wait to meet you.

New Orleans Travel Diary: Living up Mardi Gras

After a few days of catching up on sleep, I finally rolled my lazy butt out of bed and got to writing. Finally ready to share my travel diary for Mardi Gras in New Orleans and all the things you can do. This would be my second time in New Orleans and my first Mardi Gras. I was a little nervous, but so excited to escape work for a few days.

If you aren’t familiar with Mardi Gras, it’s a series of celebrations condensed mostly within two weeks in February before Ash Wednesday. Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday, and symbolizes eating richer and being more indulgent before Ash Wednesday or when Lent finally starts. But of course, leave it up to Louisiana to make it an incredible over the top celebration and indulgent is just putting it lightly.

Walking through the French Quarters in the morning

We spent two full days exploring the city, eating our way through it, watching parades, and ending the night with hand grenades and dancing. Here are some things you need to know before heading to NOLA for Mardi Gras:

What to Wear

Unless you are going all out in a badass costume, go with comfy-casual. Especially for a trip for an event like Mardi Gras or any large festival, you do a lot of walking. Pack your beat up pair of comfy shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. Walking through the French Quarter and/or Bourbon Street at night is not where you want to wear your finest. I lived in shorts, t-shirts and sneakers for most of it. Of course, if you plan on visiting a few nicer restaurants and want to dress up, pack accordingly. But my friends and I mostly lived in comfortable clothing.

Key Essentials to Bring:

  • Mini-portable charger: Total must!! As many photos and snaps you’ll be taking, a dead phone is the worse. Plus, if you get lost or separated, being stranded in a new city isn’t ideal.
  • Cash, cards, ID. Duh.
  • Cross-body purse. Ladies, you’re not going to want to carry a ton on you and you aren’t going to want to carry a clutch or chunky purse in the crowded streets either. Get a small cross body purse and keep it in front of you. I warned about pick-pockets more than once before my trip.
  • Hand sanitizer. Because good hygiene is always key.
  • This isn’t an item, but having Lyft or Uber on your phone is always key.

Now that you know what to bring and a little of what to expect, I’ll dive into some of the things you can do in New Orleans. We checked into our AirBnb on Monday and were ready to hit the streets.

We spent most of the day walking around the French Quarter, eating our way through the city (which I’ll share all about in a separate post), and being tourists. Even in the early morning, it’s already hustling and bustling and people are out in costumed. Pretty cool to see. We ran into an acapella group and they sang for us!

French Quarter

The French Quarter is the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans and there are so many unique and beautiful buildings that give the city so much character. There’s so much history here! You should definitely take a walk through the quarter. It’s definitely a main tourist spot, but there are plenty of shops and restaurants.

Even in the morning, once you get to the center of it all, it’s already busy. We loved seeing all the fun costumes. The energy is vibrant and you know everyone is here to have a good time. Of course, if you want to start drinking early, you can walk and sip with your beverage of choice. The daiquiris are delicious.

Jackson Square

After a quick lunch, we walked toward Jackson Square. It’s a cool touristy spot. You’ll see artists selling their paintings or knick knacks, street shows, musicians, and people from all over the world. I once saw a really bad ass violinist playing covers of Coldplay and other big hits. It was the coolest thing.

The cathedral is a popular landmark and there are tons going on around the square. We took a quick break and just people watched.

One of our friends was actually a volunteer in a street show! See below. He’s the dude in the red shirt. The performers asked a number of people where they were from. Many hailed from Australia, London, Alaska, and other different states and countries. It was so cool.

And of course, this is where the famous Cafe du Monde is for those delicious beignets. There’s usually a huge line during the day. It’s open 24 hours so go during the off hours like around dinner time or as a late night snack when no one is in the mood for coffee and sweets. We lucked out and got our fix around noon when there was no line. Insane!

Mardi Gras Parades

There are multiple parades that happen almost daily and they definitely stop traffic. We caught the main Mardi Gras parade on Canal Street. The procession took almost four hours just to get to where we were. My friend Claire used the Mardi Gras Parade Tracker to check on its status and to help us navigate around the traffic. It goes without saying that driving in the city during Mardi Gras SUCKS. You can be stuck for hours. You’re better off walking as much as possible. That’s where we saw amazing marching bands and beautiful floats that were throwing out beads.

I was right in front and had so much fun watching all the beautifully decorated floats and catching beads, cups, coins, and other prizes. Look at our spoils and I didn’t have to flash for them. Muahaha. As a short person, I got most of mine by seeing what fell on the floor. No luck jumping up for beads. Play to your strengths!

Harrah’s Casino

If you’re in the mood for gambling (and let’s be honest, air conditioning), drop in the Harrahs Casino. It’s right on Canal Street and you can decide to get into some trouble here.

Audobon Aquarium of the America’s

Best photo-bombing moray eels

I love their aquarium. This is a great spot for families and is something to do during the day if you just don’t feel like drinking from sun up to sun down. I went a few years back and you can catch my post for that trip here.

Tour the City

There are tons of attractions and stands everywhere available to book a tour of the swamp, New Orleans, voodoo tours, haunted house tours and more. My friends decided to do a swamp tour and were able to hold baby alligators!

Bourbon Street

The infamous Bourbon Street. It’s complete madness, but a rite of passage for anyone visiting New Orleans. We all dressed pretty casual for the night and started hitting the bars. A hand grenade is a must. It’s sweet and doesn’t taste like much, but it WILL sneak up on you. One was enough for me.

There is a “cover fee” if you want to be on the balconies. You’ll see rachetness at its finest. As a group nearing our 30s, we played it a little safer. Being in an unfamiliar city, no one wanted to be “that guy” who got lost or ended up in jail for being drunk and stupid. Had an amazing time dancing off all the booze on the dance floor. The music was pretty lit.

I was really glad we had a good group with us. There was 7 of us total. It made it feel a little safer in a large group. When you go to Bourbon, just be wary. Have food in your tummy and imbibe safely. I say this since days before I got there, a drunk driver drove a car into a crowd on Bourbon Street and there were a lot of injuries and a couple of casualties. Drink safely guys!!

One of the larger bars, The Beach.

It’s kind of insane some of the sights you’ll see. For full disclosure, you’ll see people passed out on the ground, being carried away, puking, and the occasional naked person. Drinks are relatively cheap, but you cant go wrong with a hand grenade. We went to Pat O’Briens to start, Saints and Sinners, a few more on the way and ended up at the Beach last. Pro tip: don’t buy shots from any of the shot girls in those gross little tubes. There’s no liquor in them and it’s gross. Probably expensive. And gross.

Frenchman Street

Frenchman Street is small bar area where “the locals” frequent. It’s has a more casual Deep Ellum-esque vibe and is a lot more chill than Bourbon Street. We started off one of our nights here with casual beers while listening to some amazing live music before walking over to Bourbon. Frenchman Street is pretty small and spans about 3 blocks. Definitely worth checking out.

Hope you guys enjoyed this New Orleans recap. It was such a blast and something worth checking off your bucket list and who you go with makes all the difference. Couldn’t have asked for a better crew to explore the city. It’s so colorful and has tons of character. I cannot wait to come back and get to know the city even better. I’ll be sharing my food round up later this week. So stay tuned for that!

Did I miss anything? Where should I go on my next visit that is a local’s favorite? Leave me a comment below.

30+ March Fitness Events to Check Out This Month

I’m SO excited for March. It’s one of the best months of the year to be outside and also when there are tonsssss of amazing fitness events. Got a great variety of events for you to check out, including two from Dallas Fitness Ambassadors. Grab a friend and get moving!

Featured Event: Silent Disco Yoga and Pop Up with Dallas Fitness Ambassadors

Date:  Thu., March 23rd  | Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm | Location: Mural in West Village | Cost: $20. Sign up here.

Head to the Mural in West Village on March 23rd at 6:30pm for Silent Disco Yoga and Pop Up. Put on noise-cancelling headphones and get lost in the music during your flow with MJ Jackson. We’ll have wonderful partners there for post-workout festivities including braid bar from Avalon Salon, goodies from Muscle Milk, and even tastings from the new Pok The Raw Bar and more. Bring your own mat and water bottle. The photo opps are going to be awesome.

Free Yoga Classes with The Mat Yoga Studio at Athleta Preston Oaks

Date:  March 1, 10, 22, 29  | Time: 9am or 7pm | Location: Athleta Preston Oaks | Cost: FREE.

The Mat Yoga Studio is  Athleta Preston Oaks studio of the month and are offering 4 chances to take 4 free classes in-store. with their studio of the month, The Mat Yoga Studio. Bring your own mat and water bottle.

Wed., March 1 @ 9am – sign up here
Fri., March 10 @ 9am – sign up here
Wed., March 22 @ 7pm – sign up here
Fri., March 29 @ 7pm – sign up here

All Out Trinity

Date:  Sat. March 4th | Time: All day | Location: Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Cost: Varies.

The All Out Trinity is one of the largest outdoor fitness festivals in Dallas. Choose from running the Trinity Levee 5K, gravelthon, cycle drag races, yoga on the bridge, and more. This is a wonderful family friendly event with most events taking place on the iconic Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.

Yoga on the Bridge

Date:  Sat. March 4th | Time: 12pm | Location: Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Cost: $15. Register here.

Yoga on the Bridge is back and is one of my favorite events of the year. Grab your friends and enjoy a 60 min flow taught by instructors from Sync Yoga, The Mat Yoga Studio, and Dallas Yoga Center. There will be thousands of yoga in practice with a breathtaking view. You won’t want to miss it.

Outdoor Voices x Equinox Express Tuesdays

Date:  Tues., March 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th | Time: 630AM | Location: Outdoor Voices Cost: FREE.

Hey early risers! Every Tuesday in March OV Dallas and Equinox are are offering a free express workout from 630a-730a to get your day started. Kick off with a quick 30 minute workout followed by a brief meditation. After class, stick around for some refreshing I Am The Juice Place samples!

Athleta Turtle Creek: Free VBarre Burn Classes

Date:  Every Sat in March | Time: Every Sat 8:30-9:30am | Location: Athleta at Turtle Creek Village Cost: FREE. Sign up here.

Every Saturday in March, take a free Vbarre Burn class from Classic Pilates from 830a-930a.  All participants will be entered into their monthly sweepstakes, where you could win an Athleta shopcard! Bring a mat and a friend.

Athleta Turtle Creek: Free CorePower Yoga Classes

Date:  Every Sun in March | Time: 10am | Location: Athleta at Turtle Creek Village Cost: FREE. Sign up here.

Every Sunday in March, a complimentary CorePower yoga class at 10a in store. Bring a mat and a friend and sign up now.  All participants will be entered into their monthly sweepstakes, where you could win an Athleta shopcard!

Free Yoga in CityLine Plaza

cityline yoga

Date:  Every Sat in March | Time: 9am-10am | Location: CityLine Plaza 1150 State Street | Cost: Donation-based classes.

Join Reef Point Yoga as they take yoga practice to the great outdoors. Bring a mat and a friend! Children are welcome to attend as well. Classes are weather permitting, so be sure to check the CityLine and Reef Point Yoga Facebook pages for updates. Arrive 15 minutes early and enjoy free parking in the CityLine garages.

REP:30 Free Fitness Class

Date:  Every Sat in March | Time: 9am-12pm | Location: 2600 W Mockingbird Ln | Cost: FREE. Register here.

Get your body sweating, your mind clear and your muscles pumping with this heart-pounding, personal trainer led circuit workout. 9 workouts that are 3 minutes each with active rest in between exercises! Every single workout will be different and each session totally unique!

V3 at The Eye with Vital Fitness Studio

Date:  Sat., March 11th  | Time: 11:30am | Location: The Eye | Cost: $25. Register here.

Grab your mat and join Vital Fitness Studio outdoors at The Eye for a special V3 class on Saturday, March 11 at 11:30 a.m. Three VITAL instructors will lead a 60-minute class featuring their signature blend of HIIT, strength-training and vinyasa yoga. Gates open at 11 a.m. Water provided. Complimentary valet at The Joule.

CycleBar Preston Forest: Private Ride with Athleta Preston Oaks

Date:  Sun., March 12th  | Time: 12:45-1:45pm | Location: Athleta Preston Oaks | Cost: FREE. Register here.

Make sure to go to the Athleta store at Preston Oaks to sign up for CycleBar’s free ride with Athleta. After your ride, you can go to Athleta Preston Oaks for a special shopping surprise!

Free Class with Title Boxing Allen at Athleta Stonebriar

Date:  Mon., March 13th  | Time: 9-10am | Location: Athleta Stonebriar | Cost: FREE. Register here.

Enjoy a free high energy class in Athleta Stonebriar. Athleta has partnered with Title Boxing to bring you a full body workout you’ll love! Stay afterwards to enjoy the refreshments and browse their Spring Collection & receive an invite to their Friends and Family shopping event.

Free CorePower Sunset Yoga with Dallas Fitness Ambassadors

Date:  Wed., March 15th  | Time: 630pm | Location: CenterPark Garden at NorthPark Center | Cost: Free. RSVP required. Sign up here.

Join Dallas Fitness Ambassadors for a free CorePower yoga class at NorthPark Center on March 15th at 630p. Enjoy a complimentary sunset 60 min flow with Jay in the CenterPark Garden featuring tunes from DJ Blake Ward. After class, hang out for a post namaslay soiree with amazing NorthPark retailers including Sugarfina, Make Up Forever, Green House Market, DryBar and more. Bring your own mat and water. All levels welcome. RSVP is required. Space is limited!

Vital Fitness Studio: Bike + Brunch

Date:  Sat., March 18th  | Time: 11:15am | Location: Vital Fitness Studio | Cost: $40. Pre-registration required here.

Starting March 18 at 11:15 a.m., Bike + Brunch will be offered the third Saturday of every month. Enjoy a calorie-blasting 45-minute performance ride in the VITAL cycling studio immediately followed by a delicious brunch with Americano’s house-made nutella donuts, coffee and a mimosa and your choice of entree from a prixe fixe menu. Space is limited. Complimentary valet provided by The Joule.

Yoga at the Brewery with Cubefit Yoga

Date:  Sat., March 18th  | Time: 10am | Location: Community Beer Co. | Cost: $15. Pre-registration required here.

Experience an all-levels yoga class led by Cubefit Yoga at Community Beer Co. Bring your mat and water. Your ticket also includes a pint of beer and a tour of the brewery.

Nike Dallas Sweat Saturdays with Oakfit

Date:  Sat., March 18th  | Time: 930am | Location: Nike at Northpark Center | Cost: Free. Pre-registration required here.

Join Nike Dallas for their Sweat Saturday series featuring Oakfit as the partner gym of the month. The event is free. Sign up online and get your fit on.

Reggae Yoga at Jade and Clover

Date:  Sat., March 18th  | Time: 10am | Location: Jade & Clover in Deep Ellum | Cost: Donation based class. No sign ups required.

Jade & Clover hosts free yoga classes with super fun themes every Saturday at 10am. Follow them on Facebook to find out the new themes each week. Past themes include gangster rap yoga, beyonce yoga, drake yoga, and more.

Yoga for a Cause with V12 Yoga

Date:  Sun., March 19th  | Time: 12:15pm | Location: V12 Yoga studio. | Cost: $15 suggested donation. Walk-ins welcomed.

Join V12 Yoga for an all-levels donation based class benefitting the Genesis Woman’s Shelter. Suggested donation is $15.

Pugh Training Open House

Date:  Fri., March 25th  | Time: 9am-2pm | Location: Pugh Training | Cost: FREE. RSVP here.

Meet NFL veteran Jordan Pugh and his staff Friday, March 25th. Learn about their Sports Training Philosophy, meet some of their sponsors, and participate in live demonstrations. RSVP for a chance to win a pair of Powerhandz training gloves!

Yoga Under the Rainforest

Date:  Sat., March 25th  | Time: 9am | Location: SEA LIFE Grapevine Aquarium | Cost: $30. RSVP here.

Experience yoga like never before under the canopy of the rainforest at SEA LIFE Grapevine Aquarium on Saturday, March 25 at 9 a.m. led by The Yoga Retreat. Bring a mat and water for class.

Dallas Vert Mile

Date:  Sat., March 25th  | Time: Starting at 7am | Location: Reunion Tower | Cost: $60-80. Register here.

Take the Dallas Vertical Mile challenge. Register for the sprint race or fun climb and all complete 50 stories of the reunion tower. Don’t worry, you can take the elevator down. Portion of proceeds go to benefit 10+ charities. Learn more about the Dallas Vert Mile here.

For more events in North Dallas, check out Love You More Too’s post here. She’s got a great list of events.

Hope you enjoyed this round up of amazing events this month. Will definitely be updating throughout the month with more. There’s always more! Let me know where you’ll be headed!

Football Workout You Can Do On Your Own with Pugh Training

As a kid, playing sports was a huge part of my childhood. I loved joining the school’s soccer team and volleyball team and keeping myself busy. Eventually I discovered flag football in college and was hooked! I’m by no means a great player, but it was definitely fun and gave me something to bond over with new friends. Today, I’m partnering with Pugh Training to bring you a football workout you can do on your next sweat date at the gym or on a field.

You’re probably giving me stank face and mumbling something to yourself like “I don’t play sports.” or”If balls are involved, I’m not coordinated and good bye”. Hold up! Don’t leave. In any sport, training to get stronger and better isn’t always about playing the actual game. There’s a lot that goes into strengthening and conditioning the body in ways a normal gym session won’t.

Check out this sick video of my most recent training session:

I had the opportunity to workout with Jordan Pugh, NFL veteran and former Saints and Redskins player and man… I could not walk right for days. There were muscles firing I didn’t even know I had. Anyway, a Dallas-native, he recently opened his training facility in Richardson where he trains young athletes that want to make it to the big leagues everything they need to know physically and mentally. He also offers fitness classes too.

I was able to bring two of my friends for an early morning workout. And it was challenging, fun, and different from what we are all used to experiencing!

Dynamic Warm Up

If you caught my previous blog, I talked about my favorite warm ups and this is one you’ll love and hate. Put the resistance band around your ankles. Face the side, butt down, chest up and start walking. Push off the back leg. We went down 10 yards and back and did this 4 times. We did this going forward, backward, and diagonally. The purpose of this is to fire up and strengthen all the little muscles in your hips and legs. It’s a challenging warm up indeed, but so good for you, especially before such an intense workout.

Warm up – back and forth 10 yard. Repeat 4x.
1. Side ways
2. Forward and backward
3. Lateral (Face forward, but take wider diagonal steps)

Speed Exercise 1 ( Footwork)

Speed Exercise 1: Quick Foot Ladder: Here you’ll run through the ladder.
1 foot each hole: 2 reps
2 feet each hole: 2 reps
Repeat 4x

Speed Exercise 2 (Footwork)
Quick Foot Ladder (sideways):
Instead of running straight through like you did in the previous exercise, turn side ways.  Your hip should face the ladder. You’ll quickly side step through the ladder.

Lateral: 2 feet each hole: 2 reps
Lateral: Ali Shuffle: 2 reps
Repeat 4x

Lifting Workout:

Push Up Circuit
5 reps (5 sec rest)
10 reps (10 sec Rest)
15 Reps (15 se rest)
20 Reps (20 sec Rest)
25 Reps (25 sec Rest)

Go all the way up to 25 then back down to 5 with the same rest time and repeat that twice. I went on my knees because I tried this at the gym and it burned sooo good.

And done. Just so you know, in the video, we definitely went through a whole lot more drills than the workout provided in this post. I wanted to give you all an idea of what an agility/speed workout would be like without all the bells and whistles. If you dont have a ladder, you section off about 15 long. Some gyms have it and you can always use it. You can do this on turf (if your gym has it) or any open area. If you can’t find space inside your gym, take it outside!

Activewear Details: Top (similar) | Bra | Bottoms | Shoes | Water Bottle

Photos: Danny Mai  //  Video: Respario Digital

Let me know what you think of this football workout in the comments or if you have any questions!

Disclaimer: This workout is brought to you by Pugh Training. I am not a certified trainer or instructor. I’m sharing workouts I’m comfortable practicing on my own and in partnership with Pugh Training. So if you happen to trip over your feet and bust your face, please don’t sue me.

30+ Fit Things to Do This February

Sharing over 30 fitness events you should check out this month. February is stacked with amazing events to do with a friend, a family member, or your boo. Got a great mix of yoga, barre, spin, bootcamps and more.

Nutrition Workshop at Oakfit

Date:  Wed., February 1st  | Time: 630pm-7pm | Location: Oakfit | Cost: Free for members. $10 at the door for non-members.

Join their resident dietitian-nutritionist as she discusses strategic decisions you can make at home and at the grocery store to maximize performance in the gym. These lifestyle changes provide success beyond the month of resolutions. A 30-minute workout to follow.

Athleta Preston Oaks: Free Corepower Yoga Classes

Date:  Wed, February 1, 8, 15, 22.  | Time: 9am / 7pm | Location: Athleta Preston Oaks | Cost: Free. RSVP here.

Head over to Athleta Preston Oaks for free Corepower Yoga classes every Wednesday in February. There are alternating times. Bring a friend, mat and water for this in-store event.

StudioHop’s 2nd Birthday at Lululemon Knox

Date:  Thu., February 2nd  | Time: 6pm-8pm | Location: Lululemon Athletica Knox Street | Cost: Free. RSVP here.

Celebrate with StudioHop as they turn TWO! There’s cake provided by Unrefined Bakery, cocktails from Dulce Vida Tequila, prizes to raffle off & the store will be open to shop. Bring your friends! Everyone is welcome.

Burn Empower Hour with Brittany Harrington-Smith

Date:  Sat, February 4th  | Time: 2pm | Location: Burn Dallas | Cost: Free. Sign up online.

Join Brittany Harrington-Smith at Burn Dallas for a free bootcamp style class at 2 pm.  It’s a good vibes only fun event where you’ll just sweat it out.  Great way to start your weekend!

Sweaty Saturday: Nike x Beyond500 at Northpark Center 

Date:  Every Sat in February  | Time: 930a – 1015a | Location: Center Park Garden at North Park Center | Cost: Free for members. Sign up online.

Every Saturday morning in Feb, head over to Nike Dallas for a free workout. This month’s featured studio is Beyond500. Attendees will also have the opportunity to trial the brand new Metcon DSX Flyknit. Sign up online. Bring your a friend and your water.

AcroYoga Jam at NorthPark Center

Date:  Sat., February 4  | Time: 2-5p | Location: Center Park Garden at North Park Center | Cost: Free. RSVP here.

Open to all levels and partners are not required. Try something new and check out AcroYoga at NorthPark for a fun beginners class. Feel free to bring a friend, your mats/blankets and water.

Athleta Turtle Creek Mash-Up Fitness Class

Date:  Sat., February 4th  | Time: 9-10am | Location: Athleta Turtle Creek | Cost: FREE. Register here.

Join Athleta Turtle Creek for an extra fun fusion fitness class that will mix together fan favorites: Barre, Crossfit and Pilates! All participants will be entered to win a free pair of Sonar or Sculptek capris. Bring your mat and water.

Fast Feet, Furious Footwork at Pugh Training

Date:  Sat., February 4th  | Time: 9-11am | Location: Pugh Training | Cost: $25. Register here.

If you’re looking for a fun football-inspired athletic workout, check out this event with my friend Jordan Pugh. You’ll learn the secrets to quick hips & feet, the keys to stopping & starting, change of direct techniques, integration of skills into your game and more!

9am-10am: 6th-8th Grades
10am-11am: 9th-12th Grades

Brawl-Barre-Dio Mashup with Barre Code Plano

Date:  Sat., February 4th  | Time: 11am | Location: The Barre Code Plano | Cost: $20 autopay members. $30 non-autopay members. Register here.

Join this fun class with lots of Jabs, Kick, & Hair Flips.  They will be mashing up some of their favorite class formats to benefit Wheel to Survive, which funds Ovarian Cancer research and programs. Sponsored by Athleta Stonebriar. Refreshments and Raw Rev bars will be served after class.

V12 Yoga & Breakfast at Dallas Farmers Market

Date:  Every Saturday in February | Time: 8-10am | Location: Dallas Farmers Market | Cost: $30. No refunds. Call 214.664.9110, ext 304 to reserve your spot.

Stretch your health regime in 2017 by joining the Dallas Farmers Market for Fitness February EACH SATURDAY! Start your morning with V12 Yoga at 8-9am and breakfast will follow. Pre-registration with payment required. Each week will be held inside the Market so no need to worry about the weather. Space is limited.

Barre and Bites Mini Series at Alexan West Dallas

Date: Sun, Feb 5th, 19th | Time: 10am | Location: Alexan West Dallas. | Cost: Free. RSVP here.
Barre and Bites founders host a mini series at the Alexan West Dallas. Get your sweat on with a complimentary barre class followed by refreshments after class. Bring your mat, sticky socks if you have them and a friend!
Yoga at Community Beer Company

Date:  Sat., February 11th  | Time: 10am-1230pm | Location: Community Beer Company | Cost: $15. Purchase here.

Yoga and Craft Beer anyone? CubeFit Yoga and Community Beer Company are teaming up to bring you both! Attend their “morning” yoga class at the brewery, and receive a complimentary pint & behind the scenes brewery tour following the yoga session! Doors open at 10 am with class beginning at 10:30 am. All levels & abilities of Yogis and Beer Drinkers are welcome- it’s the best way to spend your Saturday morning!

Athleta Stonebriar Studio of the Month: Flybarre

Date:  Sun., February 12th and 19th  | Time: 11am | Location: Athleta Stonebriar Cost: Free. Sign up for classes on the 12th and 19th here and here.

Head to Athleta at Stonebriar mall for a complimentary in-store Flybarre class. FlyBarre is a fun, high-energy workout that quickly tones and strengthens muscles. We switch up our routines frequently, so even though we always concentrate on arms, core, thighs, and glutes, we guarantee you won’t get bored. Bring your mat, water, and grippy socks. RSVP to save your spot.

Couple’s Crunch N’ Brunch: Valentine Edition at Oakfit

Date:  Sun., February 12th  | Time: 10-1130am | Location: Oakfit Cost: $30 per couple. RSVP to (required).

Get your sweat on with your sweetheart! Bring your Valentine, partner or friend for a 30 minute partner HIIT workout led by David Case followed by a heart-healthy brunch. LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE.

Shake Shack Community Run

Date:  Tues, February 14| Time: 7pm | Location: Shake Shack Uptown Cost: Free. Sign up here.

Shake Shack and Track hosts fun community runs on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7pm. Join in on the fun and refuel with a burger or cold beer after. The best part is your first drink back is on Shake Shack. Sounds like my kind of event.

Barre3 Frisco 3 Year Anniversary Party

Date:  Fri, February 17| Time: All day | Location: Barre3 Frisco Cost: Free. Sign up here.

Barre3 Frisco is turning 3 and they are celebrating with free classes all day Friday. Reserve your spot ASAP!

Partner Yoga + Chocolate with North Texas Yoga

Date:  Sat, February 18 | Time: 2-4p | Location: North Texas Yoga in McKinney Cost: $35/couple or $20/individual. Sign up here.

Bring your partner for 2 hour practice of poses designed to bring you closer together through partner-based stretching and beginner acroyoga. Taste locally-made chocolates and wrap up with basic Thai massage. This one is not to be missed! Individuals will be partnered or may partner with instructor.

Free demo classes at Club Pilates in Frisco

Date:  Fri-Sun., February 24-26th  | Time: 9am | Location: Club Pilates Frisco | Cost: Free Buy tickets here.

Get a peek of the new Club Pilates studio by signing up for one of their free demo classes. Club Pilates utilizes reformers, chairs, springboards, and more in their workouts for a variety of classes.

Uptown Fitness Series: Football Workout with Pugh Training


Date:  Sat., February 25th  | Time: 10am | Location: Griggs Parkk Uptown | Cost: Free. Must RSVP here.
Dallas Fitness Ambassadors presents Uptown Fitness Series, a new community workout series in partnership with West Village and Uptown Dallas Inc. Head to Griggs Park, Feb 25th at 10am for a football inspired workout lead by NFL Veteran Jordan Pugh of Pugh Training. The workout includes a series of speed/agility drills and more. All levels welcome. Grab a friend and come out for a sweat with Dallas Fitness Ambassadors. Bring your water and wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes. Spaces are limited!

Sun Yoga Center Grand Opening

Date:  Fri, February 24th  | Time: 6-830p | Location: Sun Yoga in Richardson | Cost: Free Buy tickets here.

Join Sun Yoga for an all levels class from 6:15-7:15p, reception to follow. Pop up retail, raffle, meet the instructors, see the space and sign up for discounted membership!

Dash for the Beads

Date:  Sat., February 25th  | Time: 9am | Location: Kidd Springs Park | Cost: $25 (1 mile walk), $40 (5k run), or $70 (10k run). Buy tickets here.

This event will be benefitting local children in Oak Cliff Schools. Choose from 1- mile fun walk 5K or 10K. Registration includes your timed entry and a 2017 Good Space Dash for the Beads shirt. They offer discounts for large groups and school children and educators.  Contact them here for more information.

Definitely check back in 2 weeks. I update mid-month with new fitness events. Let me know in the comments which one you’re going to and/or if there’s an event I need to add.

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