Deep Fried Fit is Growing!

Hey guys!

Ah! So much has been going on and I want to thank you all so much for bearing with me and for all the love and support. Deep Fried Fit is evolving and I’ve spent the past week figuratively putting the site through a metamorphosis.

When I started my blog in March 2013, I wasn’t sure where I was going with it. Despite my numerous food adventures, I never thought my food and fitness life was that interesting to chronicle, but here I am now! I could not have come this far without any of you.

A year and a half has past and I still feel the same excitement every time I go out to stuff my face or sweat my ass off for the sake of the blog. My own friends and family have had to adjust to my crazed picture- taking and obsessive blogging (love ya!).

Anyway, I’ve spent the last week on a crash course of web development, a few sleepless nights and one hellacious learning curve trying to figure out how to move Deep Fried Fit to a bigger sandbox. It’s pretty much complete and has been a great learning experience. This was definitely more of a backend thing than a facelift so nothing should look different. I hope you guys continue to read my posts and share my stories. I have lots of exciting things coming up that I can’t wait write about. Catch ya later!


Mai Lyn


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