All Out Trinity 5K and Yoga on the Bridge!

Dallas is notorious for it’s bipolar weather. It’s not uncommon to experience all four seasons in a week and with all the rain, snow, sleet, ice and cold recently, I just about had it. I’m definitely more of a sunshine kind of gal and need tons of Vitamin D. So when the weather finally pulled through and gave Dallas an absolutely gorgeous sunny day on Saturday, I was the happiest person ever. Give me Spring!!!!


Breathtaking run on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge for the Run the Trinity 5K/10K

The All Out Trinity is one of my favorite outdoor events. It’s an all day outdoor and fitness festival hosted in the Trinity Groves area and on the stunning Margaret Hunt Hill bridge designed by the famous Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava. The All Out Trinity event offers a variety of activities including 5K/10Ks, bike crawls, yoga, dog walks, boot camp classes, family activities, and much more. For this event, I decided to run the 5K, explore the neighborhood and the newly open Dallas Flea, and stretch out at Yoga on the Bridge. In addition to all the fun and  being able to share something really great about Dallas, I will also be attending as the SIX:02 reporter and I couldn’t be more thrilled.


So much love for my city and reppin Deep Fried Fit and SIX:02.

For the 11th Annual Run the Trinity 5k, I met up with a few friends bright and early. It was chilly morning, but thanks to SIX:02, I was ready to take on the 5K in my new favorite workout gear! Look good, feel good right? It totally made waking up at 6am more fun for me.  Ha. I also challenged them to outfit me in something that can seamlessly transition from running to lunch and then yoga and they did a great job. Thanks, SIX:02. I was so colorful, you couldn’t miss me and it totally matched my mood that day.


The 3.1 mile trail was one of the hardest I’ve run on. Uneven pavement, potholes, mud, ice and lots of hills and inclines made weaving around the the Trinity Groves area challenging. Boy, did my calves burn! Some of it was spent under the bridge. Whew, my ankles did not like that. I have to say though, this was my best race in time. I completed it in 30 minutes sans the few moments here and there that I stopped to take a photo or too. Friends, running a 10 min/mile for me was not something I thought I could do before. It’s been months since my last run, but I’ve been staying on top of my cardio with spin classes (which definitely helped with those darn hills) and I was really proud of myself. I was determined to run it straight without breaks and I did! I couldn’t have done it with without my amazing friend Mellissa who pushed me to keep going. My favorite phrase when going up hill from her was “On your toes!  Like fairies!” When I wanted to give up after that incredibly long incline up the bridge’s ramp, I had to really dig deep in order to sprint to the finish line. The rush felt incredible.

Seriously though... that incline.

Seriously though… that incline.

With this being the 11th annual race and my first time running it, I was expecting a more organized race. The purpose of the race is to raise funds for the Trinity Commons Foundation that promises to transform the Trinity Corridor into Dallas’ own central park. So I was perfectly fine participating and contributing.

The race by itself wasn’t the most impressive. The route was haphazard and toward the end, it collided with the 10K-ers. I wish there were a few more water stations along the course. If the weather didn’t pull through, it wouldn’t have been much of a scenic route. All in all, it was for a good cause and nothing could dampen my mood.


I crossed the finish line and learned I did my best time ever! 5K in less than 30 mins!


Post race, food trucks were feeding the masses and there were a ton of cool vendors offering freebies such as Zico coconut water, Illy caffe, mini chiropractic treatments (got a much needed hip and butt massage), protein shakes, protein bars, Kind bars, and other goodies. It was really great seeing so many vendors come out to sponsor the event.


Nice touch with the chiropractic services. Mini adjustment was what I needed!

With a few hours to kill, my friends and I checked out the Dallas Flea and grabbed lunch at Smoke Restaurant. Even with a full belly and coma setting in, I was ready for yoga on the bridge. This would be the 3rd annual Yoga On the Bridge and my second time.


Loving my Nike Lava Tights so much. From 5K to yoga, here in pigeon pose to work out the lactic acid built up after the race.


I’m obsessed with these tights and ready to for yoga!


Isn’t Mel gorgeous?

I attended the previous year where 641 people came out to participate. The final number hasn’t been confirmed, but over 1000 RSVPS were made via Facebook. In order to break the Guinness World Record for world’s largest yoga chain (currently being held by an Indian Organization with a whopping total of 3,849) 3,850 yogis needed to be out there. Whether we all broke the record or not, it was an amazing experience coming together with so many people.


Amazing to see hundreds of people come out in an effort to break a world record!

Jennifer Lawson, from Sync yoga lead the first part of the class. She did a great job leading everyone into a calm meditation. Not too long into her sequence though, a group of activists marched on the other side of the bridge in remembrance of the 50th anniversary of Selma. Lawson reminded us that the we are here to unite for the greater good and encouraged us all to take a moment to pay respects in whatever way we wished. It was followed by clapping, cheering, and even a few tears. The latter part of the class was lead by Uptown Yoga’s Janie Montague. Her style of teaching is definitely more cheeky and her commentary was out there. My favorite part of her sequence was actually forming chains. With my neighbors, when we all linked arms, shoulder-to-shoulder, and in support of one another did a few standing poses. It was really fitting to the whole theme of Yoga on the Bridge.


What better way to start spring than with a fun-filled day surrounded by friends?!

Truly an amazing day and I hope to share events like these with more friends in the future. Seeing so many friends make it out to Yoga on the Bridge was great. I’m excited to see how the All Out Trinity will grow over the next few years and I look forward to more renovations for the Trinity Grove area.


  1. Wow, too bad I missed this. The #dallasflea was ok but this looks so much cooler. Looks very peaceful and like you are on top of the world! I need to go next year. we should just make it a blogger meet up on the bridge hah!

    1. Author

      AMAZING photo ops. Lol. Yes, let’s do it next near. Making this an annual thing because it’s so amazing.

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