SIX02 Styling Session with Giveaway Winners

A few weeks ago, I hosted an Instagram challenge and giveaway for my friends and followers. I invited everyone to join me for the All Out Trinity‘s Yoga on the Bridge for a chance to win a personal styling session with SIX:02. Five winners won a styling session and got to take home an entire outfit of their choice. How sweet is that?!


SIX:02 was kind enough to outfit me for the All Out Trinity events so I couldn’t wait for my winners to experience their own session. Elbony, store manager at the Galleria location is awesome. I love meeting people who love what they do because that passion shows.


Look! I’m a mannequin!


With the insane weather before the race, the not-so-lovely ice and snow kept everyone at home so we weren’t all able to show off our gear at the event. However, that’s not to say there aren’t photo opps wherever you go. So I decided a mini-photoshoot in the store would be a ton of fun! With everyone’s insane schedule, I split the sessions into two days. To my pleasant surprise, all of my winners had very diverse fitness interests. SIX02 touts being the destination for all fitness needs from yoga, running, cross fit, etc. along with an impressive collection of shoes. It was a fun challenge for Elbony and her team to style these amazing women. With access to anything in the store, my winners got to take home a top, bra, tights, and SHOES! A girl has gotta have her shoes.


Meet the lovely winners:

Rosario is a fan of cross fit type workouts. Weight lifting, interval training, and intensity training are her loves.


six02-styling session


Julie is a barre instructor for The Barre Code in the Design District. She will be opening her own studio soon in Plano and I can’t wait to visit her! She enjoys barre, yoga, and running!

six02-julie six02-wallsit


Savanna is an athlete and loves to challenge herself. She’s a fan of the Spartan races series, bootcamp-type classes, and is really competitive. She loves participating in runs and group exercise classes.





Fransiska does a little bit of everything. If her awesome photo didn’t tip you off, she’s a yogi, enjoys roller skating with her dogs and boyfriend, biking, kickball and a variety of other activities.

six02-giveaway-franksiska1 six02-giveaway-fransiska


Katherine is a cross fit chick through and through. She isn’t afraid to hit the weights and is total rock star!



The styling sessions were so fun and it gave me a chance to make some new friends. I love connecting with strong women. It was such a pleasure to see everyone’s unique styles. These women looked amazing in their new gear! From now on, when I want a shopping spree, it’s going to be for more fitness clothes (hint boyfriend…hint).



SIX:02 partnered with Deep Fried Fit to host this giveaway and gifted myself and my winners with clothing. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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