Deep Fried Fit’s First Workout Series at Yoga Up

UPDATE: YogaUp in Plano closed it’s doors since summer 2015.

I’m excited to announce that I will be hosting fitness events all over DFW and this was my first event to kick off the series! I am a huge fan of supporting local businesses studios. I recently visited and reviewed aerial yoga studio Yoga Up in Plano and I thought it would make for a great first event. This private event consisted of a two-hour intermediate class taught by the amazing instructor Jheni Solis and sponsored with awesome swag and goodies from Fabletics, Simply Fit Meals, and Reverie Bakeshop.

The turnout was great and I had a full class. Here’s a photo recap of the event:

Prior to the event, there was a lot of nervous chatter about attending an aerial yoga class. Most of my guests didn’t know what to expect and felt nervous about falling or not being able to physical keep up. The most rewarding part at the end of class was seeing all of those “I can’ts” turn into “I did it”. And even a few “I didn’t die!” It was amazing to see the looks on everyones faces when they were able to achieve poses that seemed impossible to them. Everyone was a lot stronger and flexible than they gave themselves credit. Knowing that everyone left feeling like they accomplished something worthwhile, and with some awesome photos as proof, reaffirmed why I love doing what I do.

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