StudioHop Review: Visit multiple studios with one membership

StudioHop is my most recent obsession and my not-so-secret method for getting in all my sweat sessions all over Dallas. It’s a monthly membership that gives you access to over 20 different studios and gyms. You’re pretty much a member at all of these studios with unlimited access for $100 a month. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a fitness blogger and be able to visit a bunch of different studios… this is the way to do it.

Lifting hevy at Social Mechanics

Lifting heavy at Social Mechanics

StudioHop is a Dallas start-up founded by my good friend and fellow SMU alum Natalie Wolfe. Go Ponies! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her concept go from beta to full fledge awesome. I have a soft spot for my fellow entrepreneurs and girl bosses and love supporting local badasses. She built StudioHop from the ground up and also launched it in Austin as well. So it’s about dang time I reviewed this great service.studiohopstudios

How does it work? After you’ve signed up for the monthly membership online, you are able to schedule classes through their website at any of the studios. You have full access to the entire studio/gym schedule and it’s as simple as searching for a studio, finding a class, and clicking reserve. It works like any studio membership. You show up to class, check in, and sweat your butt off.

I heart my workouts at The Ride House.

I heart my workouts at The Ride House.

The Studios: There are currently over 20 studios available to choose from and you can pick from formats such as spin, barre, bootcamp, dance cardio, yoga, Pilates, and more. Natalie tells me all studios are personally vetted by her and her team. It’s not so much about getting every single studio in Dallas on the roster, but providing quality as well. I love that it’s hand selected. That also means some studios are turned away too. You have unlimited access to all the studios and can go as many times in a month as you like. I’ve even booked double classes in a day and haven’t been restricted to one a day or how many reservations I can have lined up either. There are a handful of studios that limit you to 5 visits a month, but I personally haven’t maxed out my visits at any of those places. Those studios are typically the spin studios and the Beyond studios.

Stretch therapy at Sync Yoga

Stretch therapy at Sync Yoga

My experience: The variety is great and I love being able to schedule my workouts a week in advance with full access to the entire schedule. It really does keep me accountable and less likely to skip a day or come up with an excuse to “go tomorrow.” I typically attend 3-4 classes a week and I’m able to get in my cardio at places like The Ride House or Zyn22, my strength at PerformanceGX or Beyond500, dance therapy at Jam Box or some yoga at Sync Yoga. Scheduling my workouts with a mix of cardio and strength throughout the week keeps me interested. The majority of the studios are in the central Dallas area. Since I work in Addison and live near downtown, it was definitely convenient for me to find a studio on the way home.

Cardio and kettle bells at Beyond500. One of my favorite places to sweat.

Cardio and kettle bells at Beyond500. One of my favorite places to sweat.

The Community: In addition to the membership, members are added to a community Facebook group with other members. I thought this was a great touch and an awesome way for other fitness-minded folks to connect, share their wins, ask questions and meet each other for fitness dates. It reminds me of popular fitness movements likeTone It Up and Bikini Body Guide that have a very engaged community. StudioHop also hosts free monthly events in each city for members. I love that it’s personalized and you’re able to get some facetime with the StudioHop team. During my first official month as an SH member, I attended the one year anniversary party a Zyn22 and got to meet a bunch of members. That cake though…



Things to know: Much like any studio etiquette, schedule your classes and show up. However life happens, and you do get ONE no-show/late cancel freebie. For the most part, you have a 12 hour cancel window. If you are past the 12 hour cancel window, you’ll need to call the studio directly to let them know you aren’t coming. The late cancel fee is $12, while a no show is $15.


One of the hardest workouts in Dallas can be found at PerformanceGX. No lie.

Feedback: Right now, a StudioHop membership caters to residents or people who work in the central Dallas area. It’s perfect if you live near Uptown. I see a few North Dallas studios on the list and looking forward to seeing that expand to include more. With the membership comes quite a few perks and special details for some studios. I really wish that was spelled out somewhere for me to refer back to. For example, preferred seating is only available at The Ride House or you get a free bottle of water at certain studios. Also looking forward to more features added on the website.

What’s next: Exciting news for StudioHop. They’ll be launching in San Antonio this summer and two more Texas cities later this year. A new website is rolling out soon that should give members a better online and mobile experience when booking classes. Members can expect a website facelift and will be able to easily filter and search classes, view history, and more.


Pound class at The Jambox is one of my favorite dance cardio studios. So fun!

The Takeaway: This membership is perfect for anyone looking for variety for one price and one convenient way to book classes. It’s so much fun with friends and scheduling workout dates and it certainly takes the pressure off of me to figure out where I will be working out next. The community aspect makes it really special with local events just for members and the ability to make new friends.


  1. That sounds like such a blast!! Would love to see them expand to more of the DFW area….heading into Dallas during the week just doesn’t work for my schedule. LOVE the concept of the whole service! 🙂

  2. If I didn’t have my Equinox membership, I would totally try this for maybe a month. Reason being, I love the gym environment and not too fond of fitness classes unless it’s yoga!! I LOVE yoga. lol I was looking to see if they are similar to Classpass in that there is a limit on the number of times you can visit a studio in one month. With class pass I heard you can only visit a studio 3 times in one month.

    1. Author

      I havent found a gym that I love otherwise I’d be there ALL the time. Honestly, I can’t afford to do SH and a gym and schedule all the workouts I have to review for the blog, so this was the better option for me. It’s similar to ClassPass yes, but you can visit studios a lot more often with a few exceptions of 5 visits a month for some places. I liked my experience better with the list of studios available and the closer community aspect was a selling point.

    2. Author

      I think I might actually create my own at home gym since there isnt one that is comparable with pricing or in a convenient spot for me that I’ll utilize a lot. Just bought a ton of equipment too so I’m excited to see how that works out for me!

  3. This seems like an amazing concept and you look like you had a blast! This sounds like something that would be great to try for a month or two just to get a taste of what all the city has to offer. If they had more options in my neck of the woods(Arlington/Mansfield) I would def give it a try!

    1. Author

      It’s really fun and so easy! I hope they cast a wider net of studios soon. The company is one 1.5 years old so I can’t wait to see where they’ll expand!

  4. Awesome! So excited for them to be expanding so quickly. $99 for all of those studios is the way to go!! What a great way to get in shape without getting bored.

  5. Aww yeah, congrats to Natalie and Team on the expansion!! I left Studiohop for Classpass once and came crawling back…so much more value and the studio quality can’t be beat.

  6. I signed up for studio hop about a month ago and am never going back! Seriously made me love working out and I can already tell a difference in my body and my strength level.

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