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physiclo-review-deepfriedfit-dallasfitnessblogger_3As a fitness junkie, I’m always looking for a new challenging class or workout to kick my butt. Progressing in my fitness journey is great, but that also means I have to work even harder to break a sweat. So when Physiclo reached out to me to review their compression AND resistance tights, I squealed and said “Gimme gimme gimme”!

Physiclo is a New York-based start up that creates these compression tights with built-in resistance bands around the quads and hips for that added challenge you can take to any work out. Heck, even walking was made a little harder. Think of it as the better replacement for ankle weights.

Do I have any Dragon Ball Z nerds out there? Felt like I was training to be a Super Saiyan. #dontjudgemeimanerd


Anywho, to review the pants, I took them with me to several different workouts to see how they performed. After receiving the tights, I noticed they were much heavier than any normal performance workout tights. Putting them on was somewhat of a challenge too. Here are some of the workouts I did with them:


Personal Training/Boxing: For a 45 minute session, I did your normal warm up on the treadmill, lunges and squats, and a short boxing session. It was SO fun.


I could feel the resistance bands pulling on me at every step and my legs getting exhausted faster. Knowing that I’m working out harder than normal was a great motivator.


Next, I took them to a new kickboxing studio in Plano called 9Round and did a full on kick boxing circuit. I was excited to see if I could keep up with all the kicks. Burpees, round house kicks, shuffling, wall sits, were just a few of the workouts I did in these pants.


I remember even doing the wall sits were HARD. Had a blast working harder and pushing myself to hit and kick faster with these on.


Last but on least, I took these with me to a SoulCycle class in Preston Hollow.

physiclo-review-deepfriedfit-dallasfitnessblogger_15 physiclo-review-deepfriedfit-dallasfitnessblogger_14

Wish I could’ve snapped a shot on the bike, but even at 630am, the studio was packed. Those hills are no joke in these either. Simply peddling, I could feel the resistance band pull around my quads.


It was definitely fun trying these tights with different workouts to get a feel of the bands. Here’s a quick run down of the look and feel of tights itself:


The Fit: Definitely snug since it is  compression pant, but not impossible to put on. I’m 5’1 at 106 lbs and the XS capri fit perfectly. Due to where the bands are built it (which is around the quad), it did feel kind of loose in the crouch area. I don’t have hips either, so that might have been a reason. The waist band wasn’t super comfortable either. I think it’s meant to keep the heavy material from sagging, but didn’t give it more thought once I started my workout. I liked the grey and black combo. Currently they only offer all black or the grey/black. Hopefully, they’ll come out with more colors.


The Performance: The pants are made of a heavier material. Like I said, not a light weight performance tight, but the heavier material is intentional. I think the breathability of the pant is ok, not great. However, I see a lot of runners have tried it and loved the tights. Definitely got warm wearing these, but not to a point where it was uncomfortable. Maybe consider a mesh in the back of the knee? Might be cool to actually see the resistance bands move too. Range of motion was challenging as expected, which was super cool in my opinion. I’m burning extra calories from walking!

I loved the hurt-so-good feeling after each workout. Feeling more of a fatigue in my legs definitely let me know my body was challenged during the workout. These are GREAT for leg day.

I think this is a product that would totally appeal to men and women. There is only one “difficulty level” for the bands, so I imagine you can break them in after a while. These are definitely durable and a new favorite accessory.


Had a lot of fun reviewing Physiclo and with many gym days ahead of me, I can’t wait to wear them for more leg day burnouts.

If you had a chance to try these, what workout would you try them in?

This is a sponsored post by Physiclo. All opinions remain my own.


  1. Those sound awesome! Love that they challenged your workouts even more.

    1. Author

      Thank you! Definitely fun to wear and made everything challenging!

    1. Author

      Thanks for reading! It was fun reviewing it! I love a good challenge. They are a relatively new brand.

  2. Ok, had no idea stuff like this existed! Looks like they will give you a good extra challenge with your workouts!

    1. Author

      Thank you! I was so excited to learn about these. It definitely keeps you motivated to work harder during your workouts. And you cant help but feel like a badass!

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