Spotlight Series: Shanna of CubeFit Yoga

Today, I’m spotlighting my newest friend and fellow boss girl, Shanna Lee of CubeFit Yoga. It was only a month or so ago when I reached out to her on social media and thought she could help me bring fitness to my work place. You can read about that experience here. It was amazing how quickly we just clicked and began supporting each other as new friends.

Instagram has become my new favorite place to meet like minded people and hear their stories and Shanna has a great one that inspires me everyday. She quit the corporate world and is now teaching yoga in corporate settings to people who need it most.  Check out her interview below!


FullName: Shanna Lee
Company: CubeFit Yoga

Short About Me:
I am originally from Louisiana. After graduating from Louisiana Tech, I moved to Dallas to begin a career in sales and marketing. After more than 10 years calling Dallas home I launched a business and am now expanding into my 2nd market, which took me back to Louisiana. Now I spend half my time in Dallas and half in New Orleans, which is great as I am all about eating and drinking (which is why I fell in love with Deep Fried Fit!). A few of my favorite things are live music, patios/outdoors and animals – I am a dog mom to a Newfoundland named Big Easy and a pug named Aretha Franklin (Frankie for short). I am a avid sports fan, and while I am loyal to the New Orleans Saints, I have an adopted love for my (non NFL) Dallas teams and love going to cheer on the Mavs, Rangers and Stars whenever I can!


Tell me about you CubeFit Yoga and How you got started?
I spent the majority of my career in corporate America working primarily in finance and technology consulting and recruiting. Somewhere along the way I began practicing yoga to stay fit (see eating habits!) and reduce the stress associated with working behind a desk 5 days a week. After practicing yoga for over 5 years, I signed up for yoga teacher training, not intending to teach, but only to deepen my knowledge about the practice. One thing led to another, and I ended up teaching at a couple yoga studios in Dallas. On a whim, a coworker asked me to teach a class in our office, and the rest is history!

What has it been like running your own business?
Fun! Empowering. Terrifying! Haha I’m still new at it, so I’m learning every day. But it’s exciting to have an idea and see it come to fruition. It’s amazing to think that you can unhinge from the norm and blaze your own path.  It does give you an appreciation for all your former bosses/owners as well.

What makes you passionate about fitness and health?
I feel like a lot of people have this misconception that they can’t do certain things. Whether it’s related to their age, size or fitness level, I think the historical idea of going to a gym and working out (or walking into a yoga studio for the first time) has prevented people from being active. I chose to take yoga, something a lot of people are intimidated by, into an office setting where people are overworked and stressed out and probably not moving their bodies a whole lot. Seeing people have that aha moment after accomplishing something they would never have tried before is extremely motivating and I want to share it with everyone.
CubeFit Yoga is still so new and has grown so much. Where do you see CubeFit going a year from now?
It’s hard to think about a year from now – even though I started CubeFit a year ago (in June!) I have really only been full time since January when I left my “day job” for this entrepreneurial circus ride. I’m continuing to add more clients and broaden our offerings and I hope to continue to convince companies that spending money on the front end to take care of their employees is a much better investment than playing catch up with the rising cost of benefits/caring for illness and injury.

When you indulge, what do you normally crave?
My #1 favorite thing in the whole wide world is fried chicken. I am a comfort food girl, so things like fried chicken and mac and cheese are my downfall. But my friends will tell you that I can be won with pizza and I will find the best burger place in every town.


Current favorite song you like to workout to?
I am pretty old school when it comes to music, every workout playlist I have will include some MJ – usually Don’t Stop til You Get Enough.

Some silly questions for fun:
If you had to choose, would you rather workout without a sports bra or wear see through leggings when you bend over?
For sure see through pants – I am a big boob girl and going braless in a workout is not an option! Besides, as a yoga instructor I have seen a TON of butts and the good news is they all look the same!

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Would you rather workout and have incredibly bad B.O. or sweat so profusely, no medical antiperspirant will help?
Sweat. I don’t mind dripping from every pore but I would die if I smelled bad!

Have something in your eye OR need to sneeze but never be able to, for a year? 
I have an immense aversion to eyeballs (could never wear contacts or use eyedrops) so would have to go with needing to sneeze.

Would you rather give up your favorite beverage (coffee/beer/wine) or your favorite snack or indulgence (tacos/dessert/cheese)?
This is a very unfair question but I think I could live without drinking but I could never live without snacking! But I shud
der to think of cheese without wine!


  1. Bahaha the silly question you asked cracked me up. Personally, I hate bras anyways and hardly ever wear them so bye bye sporty!

    1. Author

      Hehehe most interviews are so boring and formal. Dont get to see the true personality of the interviewee. Shanna is amazing and I adore her!

  2. Um I just came here to look for a photo that I thought I used here and couldn’t find elsewhere, and saw these sweet comments. You guyyyys!! Thanks, I’m blushing! xxoo

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