Burn Dallas Studio Review

burn dallas review

Burn Dallas Review

The Studio: Burn Dallas is a spacious gym located in a the Preston/Forest shopping center and offers a high intensity interval training workout. It combines countless combinations of weight and cardio circuits in sweaty 50 min workout. Burn also uses My Zone heart rate monitors to guide guests along their workouts.

My Experience: I’m all about high intensity workouts and burning as many calories as possible. The format was interesting and broken up into 4 blocks. Overall it was a good workout, but nothing life changing. It does remind me of Orangetheory a bit, but with more exercise options.

burn dallas review The Space: It’s a pretty spacious gym. Upon entering, you’ll see the receptionist desk and a waiting area with cubbies. There’s only 2 bathrooms. The workout area is an open gym. In the center, you’ll see a circle of weight equipment. The weights area fits up to 10 or so people and each section has a weight machine, dumbbells, step up, bosu ball and TRX ropes. This gives the instructor the opportunity to mix it up with free weights, machine, TRX and more.

Toward the back is the cardio section. There are treadmills, rowers, and bikes in three rows. The gym is clean and tidy.


The Class: When you get to the studio, make sure to grab your heart rate monitor from the front desk. I’m a fan of analytics and seeing where my heart rate is on the monitors above is super helpful. Depending on the size of the class, you may all start in either the weights or cardio section. Or the group is split up in two.  The class begins with a quick dynamic warm up. Workouts are written out on boards and there are 4 blocks during the class. Each block is 10 minutes is usually a circuit workout (either weights or cardio) you repeat as many times as possible within the 10 minute block.

The workouts are designed so you can go at challenging pace. It’s not a race. The heart rate monitors let you know where you should be in each circuit according to different heart rate zones and how hard you should be working. It’s a great way to gauge your progress and to push yourself even harder if you’re up for the challenge.


The Instructor: Friendly and do a good job demonstrating the workouts. I do wished they had a little more enthusiasm during the workouts.

Favorite: I like the circuit workouts for weights. I also found those to be really fun. So glad they had heavy weights beyond 25 lbs. Also, a huge fan of the heart rate monitor. Love that the stats are sent to your email once you’re done with the workout. I burned over 500 calories in one of my workouts.


Feedback: Not a fan of the cardio equipment. At the beginning of class, I think it would be helpful to show guests how to adjust the bikes to their proper height and the correct form for rowing. During my visits, I didn’t get a demo to make sure I knew what I was doing on the equipment. The bikes aren’t great and the treadmills kept fritzing on me during the sprints and/or had difficulty resetting and starting.

Difficulty Level: All level class and you can go at a pace that is comfortable for you. I’ve seen mostly women in the classes. I think it might be intimidating if you are unfamiliar with how to use all of the equipment. The instructors do a good job demo-ing the exercises. Definitely show up early and get acquainted with the machines.


FYI/Costs/Parking: Your first two workouts are free and the heart rate monitor is included. Plenty of parking in the shopping center. There are only two bathrooms so keep that in mind if you’re rushing and need to change there. Bring water and a sweat towel. Don’t forget to give your heart rate monitor back when you’re done.

burn dallas reviewThe Takeaway: The workouts are great for getting in your cardio and your weightlifting in. Breaking it up into 4 blocks is a great way to keep the class going and before you know it, it’s over. The concept is good and welcomes all levels, but my experiences were lackluster. I personally wasn’t feeling the high energy I’d usually expect from an HIIT class. It is a good workout and falls short in terms of a good guest experience.

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  1. I remember trying a class from Burn Dallas a while ago and while I liked the concept, I wasn’t blown away either. It’s too bad that they don’t pay much interest to teaching you proper form on the machines, regardless of whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran. That’s a pretty important criterion in terms of overall rating, in my eyes.
    The heart rate monitors are a nice touch, though!

  2. A- your outfit is amazinng
    B- i love your reviews
    C- I have to try this place out!! 🙂

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