Birthday Staycation: Sports Club at Four Seasons

Finally getting to share my epic birthday weekend at the Four Seasons at the end of January. I celebrated 28 in style and doing the things I love: working out, stuffing my face, and sleeping. Duh. Today, I’m sharing my experience getting fit at The Sports Club at Four Seasons.

The Four Seasons Resort in Las Colinas created the staycation of my dreams (which I’ll share in a later post). I was invited to check out the incredible Sports Club. While I was getting the grand tour of the resort, I learned the sports club was built before the hotel in the 80s. The Sports Club at Four Seasons underwent an 8 million dollar renovation almost 2 years ago and the transformation is astounding.

Photo provided by The Sports Club at Four Seasons

The sports club offers a comprehensive facility with full indoor and outdoor tennis courts, indoor heated salt water pool, indoor and outdoor running track, spin studio, group exercise rooms, fully loaded gym floor and equipment, cardio machines, racquetball and squash courts, and fitness and nutrition assessments, recovery therapies like muscle activation therapy, acupuncture and acupressure. They even have a daycare for small children! I whispered “holy sh*t” under my breath quite a few times as I explored the facilities. It’s more than just a gym. It’s the whole package.

The beginning of my experiences over the weekend, started with a fitness assessment in the Bod Pod.

The Bod Pod involved me getting down to my skivvies and sitting in what looks like a time machine or space pod while it calculated my metabolic resting rate, body fat, total mass, and more. I met with personal trainer Suzanne and she walked me through the process.  Body fat is how I like to measure my fitness and health, not weight. While I saw the results of a very indulgent holiday, I’m really grateful to have a benchmark for the year and and more gung ho than ever to work my way down. My goal is between 18-20%. My report gave me 25%. So I’ve got some work to do!

Since I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink before Bod Pod, I scarfed down a protein shake before heading to spin class.

Photo provided by The Sports Club at Four Seasons

The class had a mix of different ages and fitness levels. There was also a huge screen behind the instructor that showed calories burned based on bike number. I met with instructor Lyn who led a challenging class. She showed me the system she uses for class and all the different metrics she could show on the screen.  I’m a huge metrics girl and love seeing my actual progress.

There’s even an option for a simulated ride along a road or trail, which is exclusive to the sports club. The studio is upstairs and since the space is more of a open concept, there was running track that looped around the class. I really liked the added energy when people would run by me on the track. It wasn’t distracting at all.

Next, I also had the chance to check out their anti-gravity yoga class with Meg. I’ve taken anti-gravity or aerial yoga classes before, so I was definitely excited to get back in those silk hammocks.

It’s always a challenging class, but so fun to do things you otherwise can’t do. Meg was a very attentive instructor and gave me and another person a little extra attention to make sure we were safe and doing each movement properly. I definitely appreciated the extra she gave me for to capture these photos. Double the workout!

The Sports Club also offers other great group classes like barre, piyo, yoga, city set (like City Surf Fitness), TRX, and other HIIT classes. Their variety is pretty impressive.

Photo provided by The Sports Club at Four Seasons

During my stay, the boyfriend and I definitely took advantage of the facilities. While you can definitely get a membership to the sports club separately, we had access as guests of the hotel. After my spin class, I took a few laps on the track. The floor was beneath me and it reminded me of my days at SMU. My university had a similar set up and it helped elevate the energy of the gym. It was also cool to people on the tennis, racquetball, and squash courts giving it their all.

We also hit the weights on the gym floor and got moving playing racquetball. I loved that I could choose from group classes, to running, to sports, and weights depending on my mood. And we did them all. As a couple that loves playing flag football and volleyball, it was great that we were able to workout together and we weren’t limited to just a regular ole gym day.

four seasons sports club

Photo provided by The Sports Club at Four Seasons

Another great feature about The Sports Club are their restorative and healing therapies. As much I put my body through with intense workouts, recovery is so important!

I asked to try acupuncture which is a healing therapy using small needles to promote circulation, lessen stress, alleviate sports injuries and more. It was my first time ever experience acupuncture and I’m actually a HUGE weenie with needles. I can’t stand to look at them. Ha.

However, knowing I have been extremely stressed, I have been seeking different therapies to help with my insomnia, stress, and tension. I thought acupuncture would be a great option to explore. Before meeting Sarah, everyone I met during my visit raved about her and her apparent strength.

She’s magical and so incredibly nice. She made me feel so comfortable. I told her about my recent shoulder injuries and limited range of motion along with my higher-than-normal levels of stress, anxiety and insomnia. The needles didn’t hurt at all and I was so fascinated the entire time. I had needles in my legs to help counteract the issues in my shoulders. She also pinned me in my hands, ears and neck for stress, anxiety and sleep. 

She also ended the session with an incredible Tui Na massage, which involves pushing and pulling of muscles. I have a decently high pain tolerance so I told her to bring it. She worked out things in my back I had no idea were there. If I could rave about her more, I would. Sarah, you’re the real MVP.

Another thing that really meant the world to me was her willingness to go above and beyond. My boyfriend has been dealing with sciatica for about a year and we had no idea acupuncture could be a solution. She helped advise potential treatments and we’ll definitely be looking into acupuncture more.

Here’s a peek of their incredible spa. I wish I had had more time to take advantage of their spa amenities. There’s a hot tub (below), sauna rooms, and even an ice tub if you’re into that thing. It’s perfect for a future girls day or weekend. The spa offers a variety of massages, facials, body treatments and even and fully decked out nail salon.

Overall, I was incredible impressed with the facilities and the amenities provided to all guests and members. It’s truly a world class Sports Club. The upgrades from the recent renovation gave the whole place a more modernized and state-of-the-art quality any fitness person would want. I also loved the additional touches of having fruit infused water on almost every corner, towels, even fruit. The hospitality is second to none.

I walked in assuming I wouldn’t see anyone my age and I was wrong. There is a good mix of young professionals along with their loyal members that have been a part of club for years. I do know The Sports Club is offering special pricing for anyone under 30 to join ($260 per month) and it includes access to everything I mentioned, discounts to spa services, the hotel restaurant and more. If you compare it to a normal studio membership in Dallas, it’s actually really competitive.

Photo provided by The Sports Club at Four Seasons

There’s also the option to purchase just a membership for tennis or golf. Being all the way in Irving, The Sports Club is the one-stop-shop for everything you’d ever need. Did I mention they have daycare? I feel like that’s a game changer for any small family. You can learn more about their extensive membership options here.

Anyway, this was truly the staycation of my dreams. I loved being able to make this a wellness staycation that was great for my mind and body. I needed that recharge. Plus, exploring the Sports Club at Four Seasons and making it my playground for the weekend was the best time ever. I can’t wait to go back.

Speaking of wellness, have you ever taken a staycation just to get away? If so, where? Let me know in the comments!

This blog is brought to you by Four Seasons at Las Colinas. All services were complimentary, however all opinions are my own.


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