Fitness Studio Review: Super Yoga Palace in East Dallas

Yoga is my happy place and I love invigorating and creative practices. Super Yoga Palace has been on my radar for some time and I wanted to experience a new space and practice. Today, I’m sharing my experience review of the studio along with everything you need to know about this adorable and eccentric studio.

The Studio

Super Yoga Palace is definitely one of those gems that’s off the beaten path. Located in the heat of East Dallas, the studio is inside a gift/record shop The Good Pagoda. I drove passed it a few times before realizing, Super Yoga Palace was actually inside the storefront. Definitely different. After walking into the store, I walked up the stairs and into a quaint and cozy space. It looks like an apartment converted into a yoga space which is SO cool. So different. Welcoming and warm.

The Instructors

I had a chance to practice with 4 different and instructors and each practice was different, refreshing, and not-at-all cookie cutter. Everyone is super chill, friendly, and easy going. They’ll chat you up if you have questions, greet regulars and are really welcoming.

The Space

Aside from the cool mix of knick knacks in the store below, the space is really homey. Walking up the stairs and through the glass door, you enter what probably used to be a living room. There are creaky wooden floors which adds to the coziness and a kitchen space toward the back. The island is used as a check in point and you’re welcome to grab a snack!

The Classes

Totally loved the invigorating Vinyasa Flow on Saturdays. I got to try grasshopper 2 for the first time. It was challenging and different. When I say cookie cutter, most classes push you to do crow, but there’s just so much more to try! Anyway, I’ve attended four different classes and really enjoyed all of them. On Tuesdays, they host their super vinyl class where you can bring a vinyl or record and play it during class. You can even grab one from the store downstairs. Pretty cool idea. The classes haven’t been super packed. Comfortable amount of people and it’s anywhere from 5 to 15 people with space to spare. Another thing I liked that’s more of a personal preference, the instruction wasn’t riddled with a bunch of yoga speak. Pretty easy, straightforward and simple. I’ve never been into that and not a fan when instructors start speaking in a different language just for the sake of saying it.


I love the bright space. The windows are invite so much natural light, so practice during the day time is wonderful. I love how laid back and easy going the vibe is at SPY. I also LOVE all the cool events SPY hosts. I’ve seen Ayurveda workshops, essential oil workouts, and special classes with awesome guest instructors. Make sure to follow their facebook page to keep up with those events.


There are some distracting noises in the building. I noticed a beeping that went off from the back of the studio during one of the classes. It didn’t happen during every class, but I suppose an old building will have it’s creaks and groans. Since then, the noise has been fixed!

FYI/Things to Know/Cost

The studio is located inside The Good Pagoda so look for that colorful storefront when you’re driving. It’s in the same retail section as Dickey’s BBQ. Parking is a pain in the ass. I’ve parking around the corner in a Church parking lot, but don’t love the idea of walking that far when it’s dark. There are a few spots out front and some in the back. Definitely bring your own mat and water. There are some you can rent and water bottles in the fridge if you need them. If you’re new, you can do the whole week unlimited for $18. After that, it’s $18 to drop-in per class.

The Takeaway

If you’re looking for a different atmosphere, chill vibe, laid back, and awesome…definitely check out Super Yoga Palace. It’s not pretentious and it’s low key for sure. I love this space and the classes that are offered here.


  1. What a cuute plaace! I’d never heard of it! I’m going to have to try the unlimited week for $18 🙂

  2. It’s so cute!!! I love it!! This sounds like a great place.

  3. This place actually sounds really cool. It looks like somewhere I could actually zone out and enjoy the class. I’m always drawn to eclectic places.

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