MONI5K Recap + 5 Reasons Why You Should Run This Fall

Did you guys know that running was what got me started in fitness writing? It wasn’t until I joined my friends run group every Saturday morning on Katy Trail that turned into group race sign ups, and eventually stumbling upon other cool fitness concepts. Running the MONI5K was a sweet reminder of how far I’ve come in the blogging (and fitness) world. It took me back to basics and I had a blast!

MONI Smart Security is a Carrolton-based home security company and they sponsored their 2nd annual 5K to raise funds for Mission500. With everything that happened this year, a portion of those proceeds also went to providing schools supplies for Farmer’s Branch Elementary as well as those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston. It was a great cause and one I was happy to support. A local one too!

I woke up early Saturday morning and made my way to Carrolton and took an easy 3.1 miles with my friend Rosario. We ran, we jogged, we walked and we just caught up on life while enjoying the gorgeous morning. After running so many 5Ks in the past, I was really impressed with how well organized everything was.

It was complete with DJ, trophies, participation medals, goodies, t-shirts for everyone, and good vibes. There were plenty of security to make sure our trail was safe and overall well organized. Which is much more than most of the races I’ve attended. Ha!

At the end of the day, MONI raised over 30K for Mission500 and that was an amazing feat to be part of. That leads to sharing 5 reasons why you should run this fall:

Running is free

There are a handful of trails around Dallas that are great for walking, jogging, running and people watching. It’s free to run guys. So whether you’re starting your fitness journey or looking for a way to mix it up, through in some cardio. No ones asking you to run a marathon, but moving your body is always good for the soul.

The weather is going to be amazing.

Dallas has those few golden weeks where the fall weather is absolutely perfect. Cool breeze and lower temps gives us all a nice break from the heat and humidity to enjoy being outside. Soak it and enjoy it. If anything, get some Vitamin D because winter is coming…

Run for a cause

There are so many fun races out there with amazing causes like the MONI5K. Registrations are inexpensive (unless you’re going for those half- or full marathons) and usually comes with some sort of swag, treat, or goodies at the end of the race. Plus, it feels good to know you spent your time doing something good for the community and for your body.

Sweat with Friends

The beauty about the fitness scene in Dallas is that it’s also a very social scene. It’s a no brainer to invite a friend or two to run and sweat with you. Making it a group activity is fun and encouraging. Why not crush your run, then go and crush brunch? Sounds like a no brainer to me.

Accomplish something good for you.

You’re being active. You’re moving. The endorphins are there and you feel great overall for the work you did. It’s an accomplishment to run any race (5K or other). Be proud for making the time and for finishing a race. Plus, medals like the one below are also nice too! Thank yourself for doing something good for your body.

This post was brought to you in partnership with MONI Smart Security. The experience and my opinions are my own.


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