SPRAINED ANKLE! Oh the misery….

I sprained my ankle during a football practice and it sucked, but I’ve been through much worse with my ACL. I remember falling as my ankle turned inward and I heard and felt a terrible crunch and crack. I was afraid I tore or fractured something.

I immediately RICE-ed it. Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation. Made an appointment to see a podiatrist immediately. The lovely ankle doctors told me good news. I didn’t fracture it or tear any ligaments, but I did have a grade one sprain.

I am so grateful. It could’ve been a lot worse for sure and depression would have slipped in as I got fat in bed from eating myself into oblivion.

Anyway, I’ve been either crutching around, hobbling around, or semi-crawling…anything to keep off my ankle. I’m out for the next month at least from football or any hardcore physical activity. Boo.

As far as trying to learn as many tips…

…to heal up quickly…check out this video. I’ve also posted the video below too. My friend Dave sent me this link to help me on my way to a speedy recover. I have a 5K coming up in 3 weeks, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to do a light jog by then at least. I swear I’m going through running withdrawals already.

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