Food Always Brings Us Together

It had been so long since I’ve seen all my SMU friends together I forgot how hard it was to get us all to agree on a date. Fourteen people and 14 schedules. That’s no joke when it comes to coordinating dinner plans. Being the usual “planner” in the group, I wanted to go somewhere that was reasonably priced, accommodating, and delicious. For this post-holiday get together, I decided on Terilli’s on Greenville.

The food never disappoints and I always leave in a food coma. Happy belly, happy me. The servings are generous and the atmosphere is wonderful. The restaurant aesthetically is beautiful. Dimmed lighting with live instrumental performances during dinner, Terrilli’s is a three floor restaurant with a rooftop terrace and provided a lovely place for dinner with some of my favorite people. If only it wasn’t so darn cold outside, the rooftop would’ve been a awesome spot to migrate to for a nightcap.

To start, I ordered calamari for the table. I honestly think their calamari and marinara sauce is probably one of the best I’ve had in Dallas so far.  The squid is battered and fried lightly and with the dipping sauce, I think it really brings out the flavors.

I’ve always heard about the jalepeno cream soup so I decided to indulge a bit. It certainly had a kick and was pretty savory, but I wasn’t in love as I expected to be. I think next time, I’ll try their lobster bisque. For my entree, I went with the staple: spaghetti and meatballs. The serving itself is huge. I couldn’t make a dent, but it was delicious and I had no problem with taking it home. I think I was probably more excited about having leftovers for later than when I had the meal right in front of me.

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