Pecan Lodge’s Fried Chicken Disappoints

20140203-170054.jpgI’ve raved and raved about Pecan Lodge’s amazing bbq more than once. On this blog, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, in your face. I still believe they have some incredible BBQ, but that’s probably where they should stay. I typically never veer off and try something that isn’t the restaurant’s specialty. That’s like going to a sushi place and ordering the fried rice or going to a steak house and getting the fish. You just don’t do that.

So I’ve heard the buzz that Pecan Lodge had some amazing fried chicken. I’ve always been curious, but at $9 for 2 pieces, I wasn’t exactly jumping the gun to order more overpriced chicken. I mean, seriously?? Two pieces for $9 bucks?!?! Hell no. So after a 4 mile run on Katy Trail again and some intense leg workouts, my friends and I trekked to Pecan Lodge, ready to wait for awesomeness.

At first glance, it was promising. It looked amazing. Smelled amazing. Plus, I was starving, so it should’ve been amazing, but I wasn’t very satisfied. I like my chicken crispy, but there was just too much (if that’s even possible). It took a few bites of crunchy batter just to get to the meat. Honestly, too much work. The seasoning was a bit off. I was hoping for more flavor, but overall it was kind of bland. It’s definitely not worth the wait or the $9 bucks. I’d just stick to their already amazing BBQ.

BBQ to the rescue!

BBQ to the rescue!

Good thing I had a Plan B. Nothing would be more sad than to wait for mediocre food. Heaven came in the form of their reliable two meat plate. Brisket and pork ribs with that mouthwatering jalapeño and bacon mac and cheese. I still went home happy and that’s all that matters.

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