How are you celebrating National Grilled Cheese Day?

National Grilled Cheese Day is this Saturday. So to commemorate a childhood fav, I decided to make a fancy-not-so-fancy grilled cheese sandwich. Lo and behold: Hickory smoked cheddar and American cheddar on french bread. All ingredients I got from Wal-Mart’s market department and it didn’t cost me more than $5 bucks since I made 4 of these bad boys. As outrageous as some grilled cheese sammiches can be (gold-infused grilled cheese?), I thought it best to keep it simple and yummy. Maybe, next time I’ll add bacon.

If you aren’t in the mood to make your own GCS, what better day than today to get one for free? Norma’s is giving away free cheese melted happiness today. Find out here.

And a quick and handy tip from  Albert Nguyen, contributing writer for Fresh Patrol, on how to make a really good grilled cheese when you need it most:

There are a few things I eat when I’m drunk at 3 AM, that I don’t normally eat when I’m sober.

1. Jack in the Box
2. Multiple packets of instant ramen + egg + a slice of cheese + lunch meat + dumplings + chicken nuggets (you can ask my roommate if you don’t believe that I actually put all this together)
3. The “work with what you have” grilled cheese sandwich

What is the “work with what you have” grilled cheese sandwich you ask? It’s very simple. Again, please remember this only happens when I’m drunk and it’s 3 AM.
First, take two slices of bread and put a slice of cheese on top of each, then stick them in the toaster oven. Right before the cheese melts, add some tabasco sauce on top of the cheese and put the bread back into the oven. When the cheese finally does melt, the tabasco sauce will fuse itself into your sandwich, giving each bite the perfect consistency of taste and flavor.
Tabasco sauce works better than sriracha because it’s in more of a liquid form, which allows it to penetrate the cheese much easier. Sometimes when I’m feeling extra adventurous, I put tabasco sauce on one slice of bread and cholula sauce on the other. Not everyone is ready for this, so please pace yourselves. Only the most experienced “work with what you have” grilled cheese sandwich connoisseur can even attempt something like this.

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