New Fav Sushi Spot: Densetsu in Plano


Densetsu is amaze balls. This was the far and long overdue destination from my home in East Dallas for an early Mother’s Day fam bam dinner and I loved it here. I’m going to apologize in advance for not taking better pictures. My excitement and stomach made me forget to document this awesome meal.

Understanding sushi and the freshness of the fish or the delicate handling of the rice has always fascinated me. Having worked as a waitress for a short period of time at one of Dallas’ better sushi restaurants, I’ve come to realize I care as much about value as I do the freshness and for the most part, you rarely get both. It’s a hard balance to find between good food, reasonable pricing and portion sizes that’ll keep me from breaking the bank. That’s usually the case with sushi.

This was only my first time at Densetsu and I’ve heard so many great things about this place. The size of the portions being huge was definitely one of them. Come on…I’m bringing my two brothers who eat like garbage disposals. The larger portion sizes is definitely a plus.

The sushi scene in Dallas is dominated by only a handful of “authentic” Japanese restaurants that boast freshness and culturally curated dishes. Among them you’ll find Teppo, Tei Tei, Tei-An, Nobu, and Sushi Sake. If you are willing to hang your sushi snob cape for a second, you’ll want to visit Densetsu. It’s Asian-owned and they offer a pretty extensive menu of rolls, fried rolls, noodle dishes and yummy things.

The restaurant is relatively small. I made a reservation a week in advance and after arriving at 6pm, the place was so packed. So glad I made that call. It’s small and cozy and lively. Despite being a bit cramped, my service was fantastic. As busy as my waiter was with to-go orders and managing other tables, he had great timing when I wanted to add on to my order. It was pretty impressive and having been in the service industry, I was definitely very grateful for his attentiveness.

Now, when they say everything is bigger in Texas, I’m so glad this place got with the program. For six people, I ordered the calamari to start, six rolls (four of which were specialty rolls), a huge ass pot of udon, and two ice creams. Sounds like nothing right? Typically, I eat about 2-3 rolls just for myself. At the end of dinner, we were all comfortably stuffed and the tab came out to $113 bucks. Between 6 people..I’d say that’s pretty cheap, especially for sushi.

Each roll could seriously be considered 2-2.5 rolls each.  And the Nabeyaki Udon…that thing came out in a friggin cauldron. I really enjoyed this place because it hit all three things I’m looking for in a sushi joint: decent quality, good pricing, big ass portions. Densetsu is probably my new favorite place for sushi and I will definitely come back.


  1. Now I wish I had a reason to be in Plano for sushi…. I love udon at sushi spots, mushaishinos over here is the top dog in my opinion and they hit that cauldron stuff too. Awesome!

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