Foodie Recap: New Eats at Del Friscos’s Grille Uptown

Mid week dinner dates are the best. I love catching up with my friend Jennifer over food and drinks and we decided to go to Del Friscos Grille in Uptown to try some new menu items. Double win.

dallasfoodblogger-delfriscosgrilleuptown2As always, the service is friendly and knowledgeable and even on a week day, the scene was poppin. After being in a friggid office all day, we grabbed a seat outside and ordered enough to stuff our bellies.

The guac isn’t a new item, but a classic that I was a big fan of munching on. Pretty sure I wolfed it down.  It was chunky and had a great balance of lime and salt.


For our entrees, we ordered two new menu items to taste. We were really sad about the smoked pork chop was out (will be back for that next time), but were not the least disappointed with the meatloaf. Our server was kind enough to split it for us, so if you’re making a face at the portion size, it’s only a half portion. The meatloaf was so good and comforting. Each bite with a bit of mashed potatoes and mushroom was delicious. To be honest, the half portion was actually quite perfect for me.


Next, we tried the veggie burger. It’s handmade and is mostly a mix of beans and rice with a soy glaze. I believe they are still perfecting the patty as it doesn’t hold up very well. It felt more like a sloppy joe, veggie burger. It was a bit on the sweet side for me and can’t say I was totally in love with it. The burger was a good size and I liked the toasted bun.

Since it was warm outside, we cooled down with some adult milkshakes (also split for two) for dessert. It was the perfect end to the meal. The balance was awesome and while you can taste the liquor, it wasn’t overpowering. Subtle enough to where you know it can be dangerous, but altogether delicious. If you’re not a fan of adult milkshakes, I highly recommend the lemon doberge cake. Trust me, it’s delicious.


Great time at Del Friscos Grille. While I wish my stomach had more room to try other items, some of their other new menu items include the kale and quinoa salad, baby back ribs, chicken pot pie, spicy pork meatball flatbread, simply roasted chicken, mesquite smoked pork chop, and more.

In order to write about the experience, Deep Fried Fit’s meal was complimentary. However, all opinions are her own.

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