Fitness Studio Review: Plum Yoga Dallas

Plum Yoga Dallas joins the Dallas fitness community and brings with it a unique space offering yoga and strength training classes, a lovely retail space, and artisan tea shop. The new yoga studio opened this past summer on Lower Greenville and is a bright gorgeous space located right next to C’Viche. Certainly, a great addition to East Dallas.


The Space: According to owner Rose, in addition to yoga and other strength classes, the goal was to create a place where yogis and fitness enthusiasts have a place to relax and hang out before or after a class. With the large retail space, cute coffee tables, and the tea shop, Plum invites you to take your time and hang out.

When you enter, you’re welcomed into the teashop and retail space. The tea shop serves steaming cups of hot artisan teas with tons of flavors and tea types to choose from. If you take a peek at the names, they are certainly cheeky and vary in flavors and caffeine levels. Each month there is a specialty tea of the month to try. 
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Toward the back of the tea shop is where classes take place. For classes, there are two rooms. The West studio is a small square room with ceiling high mirrors and high wooden beams. This space is used for the strength classes like the Athletes Stretch, Athletic Yoga,  Abs/Glutes/Lower back or the Shoulder/Hip/Spine Mobility (which uses gymnastics rings) and more.


The East studio is much larger with a gorgeous brick wall in lieu of mirrors and small windows that let in just enough natural light to make it a zen-ful space. This room is kept mildly warm for the more traditional yoga and mediation classes.


The Classes: Almost all classes are for all-levels which is great for people like me who don’t get to practice religiously (and therefore can’t do all the crazy beautiful poses I wish I could). I had a chance to take quite a few classes in order to get a sense of the offerings. I like to describe Plum Yoga as a studio created for athletes in need of a non-intimidating yoga environment. I really enjoyed attending the Athletic stretch or gentle yoga to unwind my body after battering it through my grueling workouts. And the Open Yoga classes, while still for all levels, provide refreshing challenges the more experienced yogi would crave. I also ventured away from yoga and took the abs/glutes/lower back class. I must tell you, I hate working on core, but it’s the reason why I probably get injured so often. The class with Courtney felt more like a barre, pilates, yoga fusion, but it did the job. I’m also glad that the rooms are far enough away, that I am not disturbed by any noises from the cafe.


The class offerings of yoga and fitness classes are designed to provide balance for any yogi or fitness enthusiast. With yoga, the classes help loosen up tight muscles for athletes that run, hit the gym, play sports, or other activities that can be hard on the body. With the fitness classes, it provides yogis the opportunities to strengthen the upper body in ways you can’t do on the mat. Everything comes full circles and the options are there for any fit person looking for more.

Last, but not least, the retail space is worth perusing for any small gifts to buy for a friend. Definitely check out the workout wear. There is even a small changing room in case you’d like to try anything on.



Gifting these cutely packaged teas for friends are a great idea too.


The Instructors: I truly like all of the instructors at this studio. My personal opinion is that they all seem down-to-earth and have a great rapport during class. They also have distinct personalities and styles, which I love. If I’m in the mood for a more calm, zen experience, I take Tayor Anne’s delicious gentle yoga class or Carter’s restorative stretch and meditation. If I want something more fast paced or upbeat, Angela and Tara teach a faster paced open/vinyasa flow with fun playlists.


Difficulty Level: Most of the classes are open to all levels and is a great studio for any beginner yogis looking for a community. Since a lot of the classes cater to athletes, I wouldn’t say this is the studio to go to if you’re looking for those super fast paced yoga classes. I was pleasantly surprised to see a good amount of men in the classes I attended too. I believe Shadow Yoga is a popular class for men.

Favorite: I love the class offerings that seem to cater to athletes. I always say I need more yoga in my life and it’s a breath of fresh air when ever I can squeeze in a class. Plus, I’m constantly preaching to my guy friends that they need to take more yoga! I even created a list of deep stretch studios just for this reason. It also helps that the studio is five minutes from my house, making Saturday morning workouts super easy and convenient.


Feedback:  I really like trying the different tea offerings with their cheeky names (like Sexpot, Boobage, Big D Sweet Tea), but I think $4 for a cup of tea is on the pricey side.  Personally, I’m not in love with the West Studio room. It’s so small I actually feel somewhat claustrophobic in there. I think the room can comfortably fit eight people, maybe. The lighting is harsh. I don’t feel like it fits with the rest of the look and feel of the rest of the space.


Things to Know: Parking NOT a nightmare. Woohoo! You can find parking in the lot directly across from Plum, behind Plum and even along Greenville. Since all the classes are during the day, the lots don’t really get crowded. Mats and towels are provided and you can fill your water bottle near the tea counter. Make sure to leave your shoes outside of the room. There are cubbies inside to stow away your things.

There’s free WiFi in the cafe if you are in need of a coffee substitute and a quieter place to do some work. If you’re ordering one of their teas, you have the option to have the studio steep it for you (which is preferred), but if you are on the go, you can ask for a tea bag instead (which can be re-steeped up to three times to get the most out of it). Plum also offers juices from Tribal Juice and is opened all day for walks-in to peruse the retail offerings and relax in the cafe even when class is not in session.

Attempting the Fallen Angel. I look more like a flailing baby.

Attempting the Fallen Angel. I look more like a flailing baby.

The Takeaway: I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Plum Yoga.  There aren’t many tea shops in Dallas and this is such a unique concept and a gorgeous space. I love the idea of being able to finish class and hang out, do some work on my computer with a cup of tea before heading out. I find it to be a much more welcoming space, especially for the sporadic practitioner like myself. I’d definitely recommend Plum to all my athlete friends to check out as a place to work out kinks. It’s a studio with offerings just for ailing fitness enthusiasts.


Another thing I’d like to note is Plum Yoga’s willingness to connect with the community beyond yogis. It’s refreshing to see small businesses collaborating with neighboring businesses and working toward something greater.

To write the Plum Yoga fitness studio review, Deep Fried Fit received complimentary classes. However, all opinions are my own.



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      It’s definitely a lot easier than that one yoga class we took LOL. Let’s link up and go!

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      Agreed. It’s pricey, artisan tea or not. I think it’s perfect for a workout then some weekend fun after at any of the Greenville spots. Yum!

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