Bringing more Movemeant to Dallas

Last year, I joined the an amazing group called the Movemeant Foundation to help promote active living and healthy body image. Many amazing ambassadors all over the U.S. pledged to help Movemeant change the way women felt about their bodies.

dallasblogger-daretobare-augustchallenge5 I was challenged to step outside my comfort zone by hosting events and digital challenges and hopefully encourage women in Dallas to try something new. I was their only Dallas ambassador and ultimately the recipient of the Movemeant Foundation Grant; it is one of my proudest achievements as a fitness blogger.


I’m thrilled to return as an ambassador, even though I already dubbed myself a lifetime ambassador anyway. Earlier this year, I shared the ambassador application with my blogger babes of Dallas Fitness Ambassadors. With new changes this year, only 30 ambassadors were accepted and I’m so excited to see more Dallas representation. There are now 8 Dallas ambassadors, including myself. I’m so proud of each and everyone of them for applying and taking on the challenge. We are all asked to host at least one charity event this year and these ladies are already doing some amazing things and showing incredible support for each other.

Check them out:


Chandler from The H is For Blog is a lifestyle blog that also talks about fashion, her adorable family, fitness and healthy living. She JUST celebrated her one year blogivesary with an incredible workout party. It wasn’t complete without cupcakes of course.


Jessica from Love You More Too blog is a new on the scene and talks about fitness and food. Her first event sold out and I can’t wait to go. In addition to a very lovely birthday, all of Dallas were invited to a barre and bubbly event. Dallas bloggers know how to party.


Ginger from The Ginger Marie Blog is also a lifestyle blog and she’s one of my favorite people. She cracks me up! She covers fitness, recipes and cooking, restaurants, and more. She plans on hosting a fun event at the end of May with Janna of Barre in Your Bedroom. You can RSVP to that here!


Janna of Barre in Your Bedroom offer a monthly subscription to at-home barre workouts, beauty tips and blogs about her fitness adventures. She’s a total athlete and I admire her strength and ability to kick ass at every single workout. Her event with Ginger is going to be amazing! Barre on the Bridge yall…. don’t miss it.


Brandi from Eat Love Plank talks about all things food, family and fitness. She’s already shared her thoughts about the Movemeant Foundation mission and how she aspires to reach young girls like her nieces to love and accept their bodies. I can’t wait to see what she has planned this year.


Kendra of It’s My Evolution has a truly inspiration transformation story and she’s such a huge advocate for loving your body and fueling it properly. I call her the Challenge Queen as she loves to take on different fitness and food challenges and always crushes them. She shared her announcement here.

Jacqueline-Snoderly (1)

Last, but not least, is a new blogger, Jackie of Mommy State of Mind. Originally part of the Eat Love Plank duo, Jackie has carved her own space on the internet for herself with a new blog about DIY projects, food, and fitness, and more.

It’s only the beginning and I’m already cooking up some great ideas for my charity event. Movemeant Foundation also announced their partnership with Shape Magazine and their #LoveMyShape campaign. I can’t wait to see what we can do this year and really set Dallas on the map as a fitness destination. Cali and New York can’t have all the fun, amiright?



  1. Way to go ladies!!! This is so awesome for Dallas and Mai Lyn you are such a total boss babe.

  2. Dallas is bringing it! So excited to not only be apart of Movemeant but to be doing it along side all of these lovely ladies!

  3. yay!! Girls, we are going to rock this Dallas Movemeant. So proud of each of you! Thanks for this incredible post Mai Lyn.

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