Need a complete mind and body reset? Here’s how I did it at The Float Spot

I recently visited The Float Spot for a much needed reset I can’t wait to tell you all about. As fun as my work is as a blogger, it’s still a business that is not without stress, anxiety, and a few sleepless nights.

I carry a lot of my stress in my shoulders and neck and I manage it as well as I can with workouts, me time, and an occasional plate of cheese. Insomnia has definitely been kicking my butt lately and I have the hardest time turning it off. Instead of dreaming about my next brunch date, I’m thinking about task lists, emails I haven’t gotten to, and upcoming deadlines I need to make. This can go all the way into the wee hours of the morning. It’s annoying as hell.

A friend suggested I try floating and I’m always up for new experiences. From some brief research, I learned it can help with physical recovery, relaxation, sleep, and stress. The second I found The Float Spot on Google, I immediately reached out. After connecting with owner Ray, he invited me and the boyfriend in for a complimentary 20 minute aqua massage and 60 minute float experience.

The Spa: The Float Spot is a tranquility spa located in Frisco and Flower Mound. They offer two services that can be enjoyed together and separately: Aqua Massages and Floating in their amazing salt pods. Unlike other spa experiences, this is great for anyone who doesn’t like to be touched by other people, but are looking for ways to relax. Here’s a not-so-brief breakdown of our experience:

Aqua Massage: We started with a 20 minute aqua massage. I chose a citrus scent and laid face down on a massage table before the cover closed down over me. Contrary to the name of the massage, you don’t actually get wet and are fully clothed. I slipped on a pair of noise canceling headphones and waited for the massage to start. It feels like a warm blanket on top while the water strikes the cover in a therapeutic way.

You have the opportunity to increase or lower the pressure, choose between a fast or slow speed and pause it on a certain area you’d like to focus. It felt amazing and I loved it on the bottoms of my feet and my back. The boyfriend lurveddd it and it got us both nice and relaxed before our float session.

Isopod Flotation Tank: These pods are filled with 300 gallons of water and 1100 lbs of magnesium sulfate or more commonly known as Epsom Salt. It’s maybe a foot or two deep. It’s supposed to have the same benefits and effects as the Dead Sea. There’s so much salt, regardless of your weight or height, you will just float. The pods looks almost other wordly. For the experience, we took a quick rinse in the shower, put in our ear plugs, slipped naked into the pods, and closed the canopy behind us. 60 minutes in the tank is the equivalent to 4 hours of REM sleep. So ready!

You can customize your experience in the pod and choose different sounds, whether or not to keep the light on, and/or to crack the canopy slightly open in case you are feeling claustrophobic.

My Experience: For my first time, it took me a while to truly relax. I came in hopeful, but also skeptical. Would it really work? Would I be able to truly relax? What if it doesn’t work for me? However, in the pod, I lost all sense of time and even space. When it went completely dark, it felt so vast and I was able to quiet my mind. I like to describe  it as floating in outer space. I did fidget a bit, but once it was over, I felt refreshed and mellowed out. That night I slept like a baby. Danny can testify as to how loud I snored.

My second session went a whole lot better. This was after a really restless night and long day. Since I knew what to expect, I chose to keep the music on the entire time and enjoyed it so much more. I actually dozed off in the pod and felt even more refreshed after the session.

The Benefits: Gosh there are so many! For physical recovery, this is an epsom salt bath on steroids. It’s great for sore bodies for those whom workout a ton and athletes and need to accelerate recovery. Even beyond that, people of all ages use this for aches and pains too. It helps your muscles release all the tension that builds up over time. After all my workouts, this is just what I needed. Secondly, it’s great for a mindful reset. We are all over stimulated with our phones and computers, it’s nice to take 60 minutes to do absolutely nothing. I hadn’t been able to shut my mind up in forever and those 60 minutes of complete silence were bliss for me.

How I felt afterward? Refreshed. Mellowed. Chill. Relaxed. I came in with so much anxiety and always ready to get to the next thing or the next task. It felt great to slow things down and not have a worry. For sleep, I slept more comfortably and didn’t wake as often as I normally did.

Favorite: It was quiet!!! For a whole hour, I was completely left alone! And no emails. Muahahahah!

Feedback: Right after getting out of the pod, you take a quick shower (there’s one in each room) and get dressed. Putting on clothes immediately after a shower sucks. I think offering a bathrobe could really elevate the spa experience since there are no locker rooms.

Things to Know: Bring as little as possible with you. I made the mistake of having all my big purses and bags and jacket and it just made my initial experience a little stressful. Before floating, make sure you use the bathroom, turn off your phones, and if you’re a lady, grab an extra towel for the post float shower. You’ll shower after floating, change and can move to the vanity area to blow dry your hair or put on make up and get on with your day. As for gratuity, since it is self-service, the range is anywhere between $2-$5.

If sanitation is a worry, I definitely asked! Much like the dead sea, with such a high salt content, bacteria and germs can’t grow in the water. After each session and every 90 minutes, all the water runs through a filtration system. The spa itself is pretty squeaky clean.

According to the staff, people come in for a variety of reasons including my case with anxiety and sleep. Some people try floating for meditation, relief from chronic pain, jet lag, relaxing during pregnancy, and more. If you’re still curious, check out their FAQs here.

Pricing: Compared to other spas, I personally think their pricing is reasonable. They currently offer an intro price of $50 which includes 20 mins of aqua massage and 30 minutes of floating. It’s $65 for 60 minutes of floating and they offer floats as long as 2 hours.

Takeaway: It was an experience I would certainly go back for again. I loved walking away knowing I benefitted physically and mentally. If you’re open minded and looking to try something new, give it a shot!

Got any questions for me about floating or The Float Spot? Drop a comment below and I’ll do my best!


  1. I’ve heard such great things about this place. I need to check it out for sure!! I feel like I am always stressed out and this would definitely help!

  2. This sounds like such a unique and FUN experience. Miiiiight have to venture out there in the near future. That “Dead Sea” -esque experience sounds too good to pass up!

  3. Thank you, Mai Lyn, for your kind words about our Aqua Massage Systems. I’ve worked for the manufacturer, Aqua Massage International, Inc., for 20 years and I never tire of hearing about experiences of the Aqua Massage. May you enjoy many more!

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