New Orleans Food Guide: What We Ate

I’m so glad I’m not Deep Fried Fit in New Orleans, because there would definitely be no fit. There’s so much good food and I’d fall victim to Popeye’s binges probably everyday. I think the only green thing I had was one pitiful house salad and it had cheese on it. Anyway, sharing my New Orleans food guide today and details of everything I ate during this trip.

Pat O’Briens Bar

So this is a bar on Bourbon Street and I was SO surprised by their jambalaya. Danny and I flew in late on Monday and met up our friends, but we also needed food before we could even touch a drop of alcohol. We got a $8 bowl of jambalaya and it was so so so so good and hit the spot. I couldn’t tell you if it was “authentic jambalaya” but it sure was damn tasty. I don’t know if it was a fluke, exhaustion, hunger, but at least you know you can grab a bite to eat here during the later hours.

718 St Peter St, New Orleans, LA 70116

Felix’s Oyster Bar

So a local told me about this place when I went to New Orleans for the first time. Instead of waiting in line at Acme’s, head across the street to Felix’s and order their char-grilled oysters. It’s SO good and is still so good. I wouldn’t bother getting anything else. Their regular food is mediocre, but the oysters are off the chain! We got in right when it opened, but it seems the words gotten out too. The line was insane. Plan accordingly otherwise plan to wait.

739 Iberville St, New Orleans, LA 70130

Cafe Du Monde

You can’t come to New Orleans without getting some beignets. It’s definitely a touristy spot and can be super busy with never ending lines during the day. My best tip is to go during odd hours since it’s open 24/7. Get two orders to share and some coffee. BUT, if the long line looks defeating, go to Morning Call Coffee Stand and grab some beignets and coffee to go. It’s a local spot.

800 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116

My face waiting for beignets and coffee…

District Donuts

I love Magazine St. There are so many cool shops and restaurants. Definitely worth walking around. You should stop in District Donuts for some coffee and a sweet bite. They have 10 custom donut offerings daily in addition to sliders and other things on their menu. We got the limoncello poppyseed, dirt cake donut, and a chocolate glazed. It’s pretty thick and kind of fluffy. I pretty denser donuts, so I’d recommended getting one with filling. I loved the coffee that was on tap.

Sucre is also another popular spot with special King Cakes a lot of people go to. So hit them all up in one go!

2209 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 70130

Mulate’s Cajun Restaurant

We only went to Mulate’s because Cochon was closed. See defeated, hungry, tired face below.

So this spot was a second choice. Mulate’s was recommended to us from friends and was rated pretty high as a good cajun spot. I thought it was ok and this is after a long day with too much walking. Even famished, it was alright. Some of the dishes were hit and miss. I’d skip this one.

201 Julia Street, New Orleans LA 70130

St Roch Market

Definitely a must! I love everything about St. Roch Market. On our very last night, we didn’t know what we were in the mood for so this is a perfect place to solve just that. Inside are multiple mini-restaurants to choose from. We had our choice of oyster bars, asian cuisine, haitian food, cajun, bbq, and wine bar and more. My good friend Shanna tells it’s great for a big group to go and get something different and have a “cajun family style dim sum” if you want to sample tons. We got more char-broiled oysters from Elysian and some Haitian food from another vendor. There are also happy hour specials from 5-7p. They also rotate our different restaurants so it’s always changing. Love the concept!

2381 St. Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117

Hot Tin Rooftop Bar in Pontchartrain Hotel

For a very chill night cap, we went to the Hot Tin which is a roof top bar inside the Pontchartrain Hotel in the Garden District. It was the perfect end to an amazing week of eating and partying. I ordered my usual scotch and we enjoyed a view of Crescent City. You should also check out my friend Susie’s amazing drink blog for more bars to check out. And this view is just breathtaking!!!

2031 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

Popeyes on Canal St.

Ended our trip with some fried chicken because…duh. Family styled it and then hit the pillows with the perfect food coma before our trip out.

621 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70130

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And that’s a wrap of my New Orleans food guide folks! Needed a real fooding vacation and time off to relax with friends. Don’t forget to read Part 1 of my travel guide to New Orleans. It’ll come in handy on an upcoming trip. Let me know what I missed and where I should visit on my next trip to NOLA!


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