Recovery Series: 6 Ways to show your feet love with Vital Proteins

We put our bodies through so much physically. Personally, I love to lift, cycle, and dance. I’m always moving. However, I’m also guilty of showing my feet the least amount of love considering how much I put them through. During sports massages, my feet are my least favorite to be touched. Whether you’re an avid runner, yogi, cross-fitter, or the like, I’ve partnered with Vital Proteins to share 6 ways you can take better care of your feet so you’re always ready for the next workout.

Wear the right shoes – get them fitted

I have certain shoes I wear for weight lifting, HIIT classes, and running. Everyone’s feet is shaped differently and with different workouts, you’re also moving differently. I’ve rolled my ankles more than I’d like all because I wore the wrong shoes while going ham doing different exercises.The best thing to do is visit a store like Luke’s Locker and get your feet fitted correctly. Having multiple shoes can be expensive, but invest in at least one good pair for your workouts. Same goes for flats, sandals, and high heels. You get what you pay for.

Get a Foot Massage / Pedicure

It’s a splurge yes, but one that can be so beneficial. During one of my sports massages, my therapist told me my ankles were so tight, if I’m not careful my Achilles tendon could literally pop. NOPE NOPE NOPE. And furthermore, there were knots on the bottom of my feet. Keeping up with maintenance for you feet (your whole body really), will go a long way in preventing future injuries. A lot of injuries can start with your feet and even how you stand and can radiate from the feet up.

Roll it out

I love using a hard lacrosse ball, golf ball and just rolling my feet over it daily. You can also freeze a water bottle and do that as well. Taking the time to do this while you’re sitting at your desk or watching TV is an easy, mindless activity that will do your feet wonders. I do this daily.

At Home Foot Soak

I love soaking my feet in warm water with epson salt or any kind of foot soak. The foot soak helps soothes the muscles in your feet and relieves aches and pain from standing all day or walking in uncomfortable shoes (ehem…heels… I’m looking at you!). Also helps reduce swelling and we’ve all been there. I personally like my water to run really hot and massage my feet while I’m at it for extra TLC. You can also add essential oils, epson salt, or just use soapy water.


Injuries can start from the feet up. If you have tight feet, it can lead to tight Achilles, calves, and work it’s ugly way up. Simple ankle rotations, foot stretches will keep the muscles. Foot and ankle stretches are super simple. Here are a few you can do.

  • Create circles with your foot. First clockwise and counter-clockwise.
  • Stretch your toes by kneeling (like image above).
  • Point toes and flex your foot. Repeat 10x.
  • Calve raises

Hydrate with Vital Protein’s Beauty Water.

Drink more water… blah blah blah. I know… I rolled my eyes too. Personally, I never get enough water. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people that can down 10 glasses of water a day. However, I am more conscious of my water intake and have needed to find better ways to get in my H20. Enter Vital Protein’s Beauty Water.

The Vital Protein’s Beauty Water is wonderful for hydration, keeping the skim firm and elastic, and delicious. The Beauty Water contains 10g of collagen per serving. I talked about collagen in my Recovery Series (Dynamic Stretches and Acupuncture) and how it helps with recovery and ligament repair. It’s also great for your muscles, joints, and cartilage as well as your skin, hair and nails. As we get older, we produce less collagen. With more wear and tear on our bodies, the more we need it to help our bodies recover. Finding easy ways to add collagen to your daily routine is one way to do that.

Vital Protein’s Beauty Water is slightly flavored and comes in Lavender Lemon, Melon Mint, Cucumber Aloe, and Strawberry Lemon. I loved using it in my water, smoothies, and tea. In the mornings, I’ll either make a smoothie or a cup of tea to kick start my day. Having the option to mix in Vital Proteins in either hot or cold liquids one of my favorite reasons why I use it. Plus, it’ makes drinking water way more fun.

You can learn more about Vital Protein’s Beauty Water here or find recipe inspo on their blog. Saw some cute stuff with popsicles! Hope this foot care blog was helpful. If you have any tips on how you show your feet some TLC, drop a comment below.

This blog was brought to you by Vital Proteins. Content and opinions are my own.


  1. Whenever I’d go home from college, my mom would insist on me doing a foot soak. I’m not making this up–if I fell asleep on the couch, I’d wake up to her dunking my feet into hot water with epsom salts. It’s so relaxing! Already a huge fan of Vital Proteins 🙂

  2. I definitely don’t show my feet enough love! This is a good excuse for me to tell my husband I need to add more pedicures into the budget ha! But seriously I’m all about getting fitted for the right shoes especially for running and the stretches are a great idea! I have used a tennis ball for rolling out my feet while I’m standing before too which helps. I need to try Vital Proteins! People rave about it! Great post!

  3. Aaahh, I definitely do not show my feet enough love! Certainly time to change that, given how much I put them through. These are definitely some great, easy ways of incorporating some self-care for the feetsies that I cannot wait to try out.

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