My Anti-Resolution with Michelob ULTRA

The New Year is here! The new year means a fresh start and clean slate for many and there’s definitely something special about hitting that reset button. This year, I held a year long partnership with one of my favorite companies, Michelob ULTRA and I want to talk about my anti-resolutions for 2018. But before I do that, I want to to take a look back at the goals I had set for myself and how working with Michelob ULTRA aligned with them. Plus, all the amazing experiences and lessons I learned along the way.

Grow as a blogger and work on my craft

One of my goals is to grow as an influencer. I wanted to work with cool brands and take part in missions I could really get behind. When Michelob ULTRA reached out, I was like HELL YES! My partnership with them has challenged me to create content around a lifestyle I am 1000% all about: living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I’ve had so much fun sharing my fitness journey and how I also enjoy my life without ridiculous restrictions. It’s all about balance y’all.

Knowing my worth and what I can bring to the table

This year, I really made it a point to only work with brands I was truly excited about it because I knew what I could offer as a content creator. I work my butt off to make sure everything is done right. It might be a millennial thing to say, but I don’t have to time to waste doing things I don’t care about. That mindset has been my moral compass when choosing the partners I want to share with you guys. And even more so, finding partners that value me and my skill set. I am one of the few Michelob ULTRA brand ambassadors in the nation and it is a title I feel really proud of. Working with Michelob ULTRA has been one of the most rewarding partnerships because they’ve allowed me to tell my Live ULTRA story my way.

Find joy in my work

I made the jump to be a full time fitness blogger and entrepreneur because I believe finding joy in my work was so important to me. I noticed that when I’m truly happy, my drive and my energy feel almost limitless. My inspiration wheel is constantly churning and I’m excited. I’m able to create things I’m proud of and it’s the best feeling in the world. I had a chance to do all the things I loved and share my experiences by attending events, collaborating with other influencers, and travel!

Travel more and travel often

Being an ambassador for Michelob ULTRA allowed multiple opportunities to travel for Live ULTRA activations all over the U.S. One of my biggest goals for 2017 was to establish myself as a travel blogger. Typically when I travel, you can find my happy butt eating, drinking and working out. Oh and sleeping in big comfy beds. LOL. I flew to New York City, Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, and Miami for incredible events that involved getting my sweat on and drinking beer. Now that’s the life.

Create fun experiences for friends

It’s no secret I love hosting events. One of my goals is creating opportunities for people to have a really fun and memorable fitness experience. I want people to walk away an unforgettable experience. I’m the first person to bring silent fitness experience to Dallas and leveraging my partnership with Michelob ULTRA allowed me to host the largest event I’ve ever done to date because who doesn’t love an ice cold beer after a sweaty workout? Over 200 people came out on super hot July day in Dallas. We all took a 60 minute yoga sculpt class followed by plenty of ice cold ULTRAs and partied on the rooftop till it was time to go home.

Make more meaningful connections

I’ve made some pretty awesome friends this year. It was like I had new friends all over the nation that I could reach out to after being insta-friends for so long. Plus you can’t beat the human connection Michelob ULTRA did a fabulous job of giving us the opportunities to meet, hang out, and have fun. It’s also been amazing seeing how everyone is telling their ULTRA story because it’s all so inspiring. I’ve also met amazing humans

My anti-resolution: Be more intentional with my time and energy.

I believe words are powerful. Whatever goals you set for yourself, write them down. Speak it into existence. I believe in putting that energy out there. I was able to shoot an anti-resolution commercial with Michelob ULTRA and it was so fun! My 2017 goal was to go out on my own and I’m still here. I’m rocking it every day and doing things that are so rewarding and fulfilling. I’ve never been a fan of superficial resolutions like “lose X lbs” or “make X money”. Those are things that will come later if you set your lifestyle up for success. For 2018, my anti-resolution is to be more intentional with my time and energy. I WILL focus on myself, people and projects that give me joy. And I’m going to have fun while I’m doing it! 

What is your anti-resolution for 2018? Drop a comment below. I’d love to know what your intentions are this year and how it’s going to be the best year yet!


  1. Ahhh this is so amazing, you are one badass chick for accomplishing so much this year ?? So much you were passionate about!!

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