Happy State Fair Holiday!

Saying hi to the new Big Tex! He even told us to hashtag him on Instagram!

Saying hi to the new Big Tex! He even told us to hashtag him on Instagram!

Yes. I consider the State Fair a holiday. It is one of my favorite things about Dallas because it’s fried food galore under all the pretty lights. I love it so much, I usually go two to three times a year because I can’t fit everything I want to eat into my stomach in one visit. Trust me, I’ve tried.

Leading up to the fair, I wasn’t as excited about the new fried foods this year. Last year, I wanted everythannngggg, but this year I was ok revisiting the old favorites to get my fried fix.

This was opening day Friday and the decision to go was really last minute. With the Dasani bottle $6 promo for the North Texas Food Bank, we decided to go. It beat paying $17 bucks on any normal day. To start I have the winner for best taste: The Fried Gulf Shrimp Boil. It’s a fried ball of corn, potato, cornmeal and one shrimp paired with a remoulade sauce. It was tasty, but the sauce is what gave it that extra tang that brought it together. Alone, it was kind of bland. I was definitely not too happy about the price. Yes, I know….the fair is expensive, but 17 coupons for two tiny balls with tiny shrimp is straight up stingy. Never again. That’s pretty much a turkey leg yo!

state-fair-fried-shrimp-boil2 state-fair-fried-shrimp-boil

I also enjoyed some other favorites including fried chicken skins, fried potato ball, fried loaded mashed potatoes, fried cuban roll, roasted corn, cotton candy, a gigantic mound of fries. I can’t wait to go back!

Here’s what’s next on my To-Eat list. It’s ambitious. Might have to go back twice.

Fried Frito Pie
Fried Pumpkin Pie
Turkey Leg
Fried Collard Greens
More cotton candy
Couple of corn dogs
Fried Bluebonnet
Fried Sriracha Balls
Chicken Fired Loaded Mashed potatoes
Funnel cake
Mango on a stick


  1. The fried pumpkin pie is so good! I’m looking forward to trying the fried bluebonnet. Me and my bf are taking a work holiday to go to the fair next Wednesday. 🙂

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