Paddleboarding at Marina Del Rey with Michelob ULTRA

Missing the Cali vibes from a recent trip to Los Angeles with Michelob ULTRA. This is my second year as a global ambassador for Michelob ULTRA and I represent Dallas. It is seriously one of the most fun brand partnerships and they flew almost all 20 of us out to California for an influencer summit.

I got the chance to meet new ambassadors and give a huge hug to my fellow veterans that were part of the program last year. It was a really cool moment to meet these bad asses from all over the nation. There’s representations for cities like Chicago, New York, Nashville, Los Angeles, Austin, Houston, Louisiana, Miami, Minnesota, Denver, Atlanta, and more.

And we kicked off a morning together with stand up paddleboarding at Marina Del Rey. I’m still a little bummed the sun didn’t peak out, but so excited to get on the water.

Here are a few things you need to know if you plan on doing any water sports at Marina Del Rey:
  • Bring sunscreen. Don’t underestimate the power of that Cali sun. I’ve been burned BAD when I thought the sun felt super mild.
  • The boards are pretty large and sturdy. You’ll strap on inflatable belts before hopping on. So if you can’t swim well, like me, this will ease your mind.
  • We were told Marina Del Rey had a lot of sting rays and to watch our step. Don’t let this deter you. Sting rays are pretty friendly and they move out of your way anyway. The instructors will tell you to shuffle your feet when walking in the water. Obviously, don’t go thrashing or stomping around carelessly. That’s a good way to piss off a sting ray.
  • The instructor will show you how to use your paddles, how to get up and down on your paddles, and you’ll practice the moves on land before heading into the water.
  • Have fun! It’s actually really relaxing.

It’s a full body workout. From legs, to core, to arms, shoulders and back. I really loved moving and floating. The marina had a ton of boats and we were also paddling alongside a bunch of kayaks as well. I’m pretty sure if the weather was brighter, the marina would be packed!

We all really enjoyed a lap or two around the marina and headed back for a few cold beers and some games. If you want to learn more about renting paddleboards or kayaks, visit this site for deets. Really awesome to meet the crew. Just missing a few folks that couldn’t make the summit. I’ll be sharing more from my weekend trip in California with Michelob ULTRA in future posts including a hike at Runyon Canyon and a golden experience in Malibu.

Photos by Sierra Prescott

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