New Year, Better Me with adidas

This post was created in partnership with adidas. Photos by Maribel Morales.

I always look forward to every new year. It’s a reminder to look at how much has changed in the last 12 months and an opportunity to decide how I want the next 12 to look. I’m partnering with adidas to share how I plan on staying in alignment with my purpose, staying vigilant in maintaining my mental wellness, and an exciting announcement!

Remember your why, not your what

I recently attended a goal setting workshop and it was exactly what I needed. I was coming off of a funk and a feeling of intense burn out. During this event, I was reminded WHY I started on this crazy, wild, uncertain adventure in the first place. My WHY is being able to create an empowering and welcoming space for people who want to learn, connect, and better themselves. I started my blog to share all my favorite spots in Dallas and then I started Fitness Ambassadors to create more opportunities to find new fit friends, and do fun things!

As expected with any hustlin entrepreneur, I get caught up in my WHAT. What do I have to do in order to make that happen? It turns into an overwhelming to-do list and it’s exhausting. However, shifting that perspective to my why… it feels like my energy is limitless.

Write down your WHY. Keep it close.

Say no to good, Say yes to great.

One of the best pieces of advice I’d ever receive is to say no more often. But I’m tweaking that to, “Say no to good, say yes to great!” What that means is turning down opportunities that don’t excite you, even if it is a fit or if the financial opportunity is awesome. Obviously, do what’s right for you, but when you set the bar high for yourself and really decide what you want (in life, work, relationships, projects, etc), you will see such a huge change!

Imagine if all of your partnerships, clients, projects were things you were SO excited about all the time. Then it doesn’t feel like work. This is another way I plan on setting firmer boundaries this year. Accepting only opportunities I’m fired up about. Saying no more often leaves room for me to receive greater opportunities and to be able to focus and invest more of my talent and energy in the few.

Practice gratitude daily

The daily practice of gratitude changed my life this past year. During one of the most difficult and stressful parts of my year, I journaled every morning and reminded myself that I had a lot of great things happening and a lot to be grateful for. It’s like a muscle; gratitude is a practice you build upon. I struggle with being proud of my own accomplishments. This was how I showed love to myself daily.

We are all our own worst critics and this saved me from myself. Simply answering the prompts…

I am proud of…
I’m excited for…
Today I’m feeling…

Trust me, when I say this is the best thing anyone can do for their mental wellness. Give it a try. Do it for a few days.

Now what do I have planned this year?!

2019 was full of blessings. It was blessings upon blessings and I had so many incredible opportunities. I worked with all-star brands, I planned a whole dang fitness festival, and leveled up in all aspects of my life. But, I did get caught up in the hustle and burnt myself out. I asked myself, what can I differently this year so that doesn’t happen again?

I’m going into the new decade with more confidence in myself, who I am, and a clear direction of where I want to go. Two weeks into the new year and here’s what I’ve already done:

  • I’m accepting less brand partnerships and embracing JOMO. The joy of missing out! Instead of creating content for other brands, I want to focus on creating content for my audience and my people. It will allow me to focus on what’s important and accomplish my bigger goals.
  • I launched my online program, The Circuit. It’s an educational space for people who want to level up in the fitness space. I’m SO excited for this project because it allows me to scale my business, reach more people, and help lift the fitness influencer industry as a whole. WHAT.
  • Got myself a business coach. You guys… I prayed for this. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and burdensome. When you’re pioneering the way and making all the decisions, it’s difficult to do without a sounding board. I finally have someone to help me talk through all my ideas and execute! So pumped for this.

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