5 Things to Do in Huntington Beach + a weekend with Michelob ULTRA

Beach, sunshine, and ocean views?! I’m there! Spent a weekend with Michelob ULTRA and it was the best time ever, plus I’m sharing 5 things to do in Huntington Beach if you decide to visit. If you didn’t already know, I’m a sponsored influencer this year with Michelob ULTRA and with that comes some amazing opportunities to travel and hang with the #LiveULTRA fit fam. This particular weekend, many of us (there are 18 ambassadors in the nation) would get to experience the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach. Surf city!

Being land locked in Dallas, any chance to see the ocean and bum around on a beach has my name all over it. Here’s a recap of my weekend along with things to do in Huntington Beach if you ever decide to visit. I flew into LAX and took an Uber to HB, but most people would fly into John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana. The drive from the airport to HB is around 3o minutes.

Plan your visit around main events.

Obviously with the Vans Open of Surfing, you get a chance to see men and women catch some waves. It’s an awesome spectacle and the beach is lively. There are tons of activities going including a pro skate park, shopping, and people watching. You can take a peek at their calendar of events here.

With Michelob ULTRA, we had our own Surf Deck with a sick view of the ocean and the contest that was taking place. Can’t beat people watching with a cold one in our hands either. It was such a beautiful weekend and the weather…. ugh. Perfection. Please take me back!

A part of the experience with Michelob ULTRA also included yoga on the beach that was led by my beautiful friend Mellie Cay.

Go to the beach. Duh.

Huntington Beach is a beautiful beach and I wasted no time getting my butt there to plop myself in the sand and refused to moved. With a day to myself, I took full advantage of beach life. Almost too much. Friends, do NOT underestimate the sun in Cali. I’m so used to the intense heat of Texas sun, I didn’t feel the sun in Cali would be so intense. My entire body was fried. So load up on the sunscreen. HB Beach is a very family friendly beach and alcohol is NOT allowed on the beach. You can drink at the bars/restaurants off the beach, but drinking and walking along the beach will get you fined. You can totally post up under an umbrella, play sand volleyball, ride bikes on the beach or even take up some of the group water sports.

Walk the Huntington Beach Pier

I recommend going earlier in the day as it will get packed. But it’s a short walk on the pier and you can actually get a closer look at the surfers or people watch from the pier. Great views!

Walk around Downtown Huntington Beach or Pacific City

There’s plenty of shopping, restaurants, bars in Downtown Huntington Beach. I had my Lyft driver drop me off Main Street where I grabbed a bite to eat before walking the pier. It’s a hot tourist spot so expect lots of humans.

Take a surf lesson and catch some waves

One of my favorite moments during my time in HB was taking a surf lesson with my Michelob ULTRA friends. There are plenty of surf schools that will teach groups and we went to the Clint Carroll Surf School. We put on wetsuits and headed to the beach with our boards. I loved that we each had our own instructors that took us out into the ocean, because there’s no way I could paddle out there on my own. They told when to pop up and helped us catch some smalls waves. I’m not a great swimmer and it was exhilarating and nerve-wrecking. But, I never went to far out into the ocean.

I crammed as much as possible during the 2 days I was in HB and loved my experience there. There’s so much more to check out, but you know what… if all you do is just hit the beach, that’s plenty. Here are some helpful articles if you want to learn about more things to do in Huntington Beach for free here and here.

Hope you enjoyed this quick travel post about my time in HB. There are plenty of things to do in Huntington Beach and I only scratched the surface. I would definitely go back to HB. All about that Cali beach life!

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